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Three friends gather to talk about the newest Star Wars books with the world.

Three friends gather to talk about the newest Star Wars books with the world.
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Three friends gather to talk about the newest Star Wars books with the world.




SWNCBC: Episode 33 - Phasma

After a contentious review of The Last Jedi, the boys return to discuss the book Phasma. A simple tale about a post apocalyptic hellscape, religious droid miners, lizard surfers, a thunderdome that makes cloth, a beetle bearded sand guardian, and a thousand other totally insane things. Or maybe it didn't happen at all!? Who knows!? Prepare for one of the most inventive additions to the Star Wars saga, and something that literally broke their minds. Jesse, Alex, and Davis all attempt to...



After seeing Star Wars: The Last Jedi numerous times, the boys have gathered together to discuss the latest installment of the new trilogy. What does The Last Jedi mean for the franchise? Has it changed everything forever!? As the internet responds to the film, where will they stand? Will this film divide them? There is so much to discuss - everything the podcast has focused on for the last 2 years has led to this! Curious about their let's play of Star Wars Battlefront II? Check it out...


SWNCBC: Episode 31 - Inferno Squad

The boys are back to talk about the latest offering to the Star Wars expanded universe, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad. The biggest event in the run up to the movie so far - featuring a game and book tie-in. What possible implications could it have for the franchise? Could there be any tie-ins with other books? Will any of it matter at all!? All this and more, on this episode of the Star Wars New Canon Book Club!


SWNCBC: Episode 30 - Dark Disciple

The Star Wars book club returns, this time with one of the very first canonical books of the refreshed franchise - Dark Disciple, by Christie Golden. Taking place after the events of Clone Wars, the story deals with the relationship between fan favorites Quinlan Vos and Asajj Ventress. it also gets into some really dark subjects, when a Jedi is asked to assassinate someone. We have MANY thoughts on this one, so sit back, relax, and let's rap about the wars!


SWNCBC: Episode 29 - Last Jedi Update

The following was filmed shortly after the final trailers release, but due to traveling, it wasn't uploaded til now. My apologies - Jesse The Star Wars New Canon Book Club us back! Having gathered together to talk about the final trailer for Last Jedi and all the wacky crazy theories they can come up with. It's time to take a deep dive into the story, the lore, and all the information they can muster to decipher where the trilogy is headed. Push up your glasses, this ones going full nerd....


SWNCBC: Episode 28 - Clones Wars Season 6

In this episode, the boys discuss the final season of Star Wars: Clone Wars. Did it finally pay off for Alex? Was the Yoda episodes as hype as Jesse said? And has Davis discovered a secret Sith in the Jedi order?! All this talk and more, about the clone episodes, the Jar Jar episodes, and the way too much time spent on banking clans episodes... Let's get back into it! NEXT TIME: Dark Disciple Please leave a comment or review on our itunes page, it would mean the world!


SWNCBC: Episode 27 - Vader Down

Darth Vader has been shot down and marooned on a planet surrounded by the rebel alliance. Of course he's going to kick their ass - but apparently that's not all the story Vader Down tells. In this special comic cross over, we learn more about Dr. Aphra, Luke's flirtation with the force, and Han and Leia's ever expanding relationship. It's pretty great - for something called Vader Down that doesn't feature much of Vader. They boys discuss all this and more in the newest SWNCBC! Please leave...


SWNCBC: Episode 26 - Thrawn

The boys return to finally tackle Timothy Zahn's newest addition to Star Wars and his first crack the new expanded universe - Thrawn. Will the story behind Grand Admiral Thrawn's rise up the imperial ranks thrill the boys or will they find the new take on his character distracting? Tune in, back, and fall into the force. The Star Wars New Canon Book Club is a fan podcast dedicated to three guys love of Star Wars, the new books, and their desire to get maximum enjoyment out of the new...


SWNCBC: Episode 25 - Last Jedi Trailer Talk

The boys return to discuss the Last Jedi Trailer, their thoughts, theories, and things they suspect might be coming down the pipeline - as well as how it all fits into the books and shows they've watched so far! Come, theorycraft with us! ALSO if you are listening on itunes, please leave a review of the show! We would love to hear your thoughts :)


SWNCBC: Episode 24 - Clone Wars Season 5

We've finally come to it! Clone Wars Season 5! Will Alex like it?! Will Jesse and Davis be vindicated?! Will they completely ignore the droid episodes?! All this, and too much talk about rolling grenades under droids in this episode of Star Wars New Canon Book Club!


SWNCBC: Episode 23 - Empire's End

Note: Early into this episode for roughly 10 minutes, Alex's audio cuts out. We tried to make some fixes, but it's still not the best. Just know it doesn't last long. The finale of Aftermath is here! What revelations will we be uncovered that lead into the new movies? What will we learn about the foundations of the First Order? About Ben? About the Republic? But more importantly, do the boys finally like our main characters?! Find out all this and more in the newest SWNCBC episode!


SWNCBC: Episode 21 - Heir to the Jedi

The boys are back to talk about one of the first books to be created in Star Wars canon AND one of the few first person books written in the Star Wars universe, Heir to the Jedi. Will they enjoy the different take on Luke Skywalker or will they obsess over Jogan Fruit once again. I think we all know the answer to that...


SWNCBC: Episode 20 - Rogue One

Rogue One is finally here! Not only did we manage to watch it more than once, but watched it again right before recording. It was after midnight, but we needed to talk The Wars, so we decided to record at Alex's house into the wee hours of the morning. We have so many thoughts and opinions on this film and more importantly some interesting new feelings about Catalyst.


SWNCBC: Episode 19 - Rogue One Catalyst

Rogue One is just a a day or so away, so it's the perfect time to discuss the book that takes place just before it: Catalyst. What were Jyn's parents like? Who is Orson Krennic and how does he know Galen, Jyn's father? Who else is connected to their origin story?! All this and our thoughts on what this will add to the movie, if anything, in a new Star Wars Book Club!


SWNCBC: Episode 15 - Shattered Empire and Vader 7-12

The boys are back, and this time covering the Star Wars comics "Shattered Empire" and "Vader" issues 7-12. What are our thoughts on the backstory of Poe Dameron's parents? What about the return of the amazing Dr. Aphra? All this and a whole bunch of joking around, in a brand new episode.


SWNCBC: Episode 13 - Movie Updates

This episode we take a look at some of the recently released news about Rogue One and Episode 8. There may be some spoilers in here, but since no one really knows anything, consider them just very good predictions.


SWNCBC: Episode 8 - Clone Wars Season 1

After slogging their way through the good and the bad, season one of the Clone Wars (and that god awful movie) have been watched. The boys have opinions and actually found much more to love watching the series again from the start. Except for that time Jar Jar was a Jedi....


SWNCBC - Episode 5: Lost Stars

This episode the boys sit down to discuss the young adult novel Lost Stars. Clearly not the intended audience, all three have differing opinions on the book. Besides the love, romance, and doin it, what other nuggets can we find deep with in this story of Imperial cadets turned lovers?


SWNCBC - Episode 3: Lords of the Sith

The boys return to talk about their newest pick, Lords of the Sith. Not only do they discover Alex hates what they've done to the Emperor, but Jesse finds he now LOVES the jedi lore. Davis digs Moff Mors, and they talk their way to discovering the real main character in the book. This, and all the nonsense you've gotten used to in the newest episode of the Book Club!