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Plans for the Future

Hey everybody! Important announcement contained in this episode regarding the future of Starguments. Or, more accurately, the future of Hero Mode Productions. Stick with us for the next phase in the adventure, and we'll have even better product in the future.

Duration: 00:03:35

Ep 18 - Don't Give a Damn Bout a Bad Reputation, Holocron 6

Ep 18 - Don't Give a Damn Bout a Bad Reputation, Holocron 6 by A Hero Mode Production

Duration: 00:40:46

Ep 17 - Don't Give a Damn Bout a Bad Reputation, Holocron 6

The crew leave the Hive with more than they got there with, and finally get on track with The Rebels. Ferral and Reno deal with their injuries, and cross paths with a much talked about being along the way.

Duration: 00:47:21

Ep 16 - Don't Give A Damn Bout a Bad Reputation, Holocron 5

Ep 16 - Don't Give A Damn Bout a Bad Reputation, Holocron 5 by A Hero Mode Production

Duration: 00:51:48

Ep15 - Don't Give A Damn Bout a Bad Reputation, Holocron 4

Now that the crew has what basically amounts to a small army of "friends," it's time to put them to work. But first, a job must be found. Sohki resolves some issues with Zay, Reno reveals he's a little trickier than he seems, and Raz and Ferral get on that creep.

Duration: 00:43:53

Ep14 - Don't Give A Damn Bout a Bad Reputation, Holocron 3

We've got a smooth new sound! Welcome to the new Age of Starguments. In this episode, we start the trip back to Center Point Station to deliver our "cargo." We make new friends and meet old ones along the way.

Duration: 00:51:37

Ep13 - Dont Give A Damn Bout a Bad Reputation Holocron 2

Back at it again. In this episode, our heroes get a feel for their new ship, and speak to their new surprise crew. An alternate reality with Davin is considered. Most of this episode will speak for itself...

Duration: 00:52:15

Ep12 - Don't Give A Damn Bout a Bad Reputation, Holocron 1

Recovering from their stint on the Jungle Planet of Death, our heroes find out that specific luxury isn't available to them. Raz finds out he's secretly made of steel, and Reno shows a side of himself that hasn't quite been seen yet.

Duration: 01:02:08

S01 Ep11 - Escape The Apes

This episode marks the end of our run in the jungle, and what a finale it is. Not much to say here except we went a little hard on the special effects in honor of May the 4th and the last episode on this planet. We hope you enjoy it, and as always, thanks for listening.

Duration: 00:37:49

S01 Ep10 - Crouching Wookie Hidden Duros

This is a juicy one. Exxo scouts, Sohki hacks, Raz Razzes and Reno is definitely there. Much progress is made exploring the Base on Tierfan as the group finds a treasure at the end of the rainbow that nobody bargained for. Next episode will be the exciting conclusion of our stint on Tierfan if all goes to plan. Catch us at CPAC in Hoboken this Sunday, April 30th for some good (relatively) clean comedy fun.

Duration: 00:44:09

S01 Ep09 - Hot Fresh Delvery

The group reaches their destination, but clearly aren't ready for what they find. Some indecision and logistical issues pop up. A serious situation is uncovered, and a missing person is found.

Duration: 00:46:58

S01 E08 - Bungling the Jungle

Happy one month anniversary Starguments! In honor of everyone's support and friendship, here's a bonus episode. It's a little shorter than usual, but that bite's got a lot of flavor. We spend a restless night in the jungle, and find a real spooky situation.

Duration: 00:31:52

S01 Ep07 - A Lesson In Mamianatomy

As is tradition, the group takes a well thought out plan and shatters it to pieces. Barely holding on, the crew begins their trek through the jungle of Tierfon. A brief debate over Mamian classification takes place, but is interrupted.

Duration: 00:52:37

S01 Ep06 - Docking up for a Trip

Alt-title, Pickup artists: The group picks up a mission. The group picks up a ton of supplies. The group picks up a couple doctors. @StargumentsHM | Twitter | Facebook

Duration: 00:55:13

S01 Ep05 - Deep Voices and Bold Choices

The group finds the Contact they're searching for and, in typical fashion, turn his life on its head. Sohki is confronted with her past and takes it out on beautiful blue fabric. Ferrel Exxo is sick, and poor Raz has nothing to punch. We all know the true hero of this show is our ridiculous post production wizard Danilo. @Lena_Mag_ for our Graphics @Daniflo45 for our special effects @StargumentsHM if you want follow us on Twitter or Instagram... we're AT LEAST as cool as those guys.... I...

Duration: 00:47:48

S01 Ep04 - Toon Bibby In The House

You guessed it! Another Bonus episode. This is the last one for awhile, we'll just be doing weekly releases after this, but that's already scheduled for Thursday so keep an eye out. This episode is packed pretty tight. We get to know our Chadra Fan Friend Tar-Tar, Sohki makes an important discovery, and we make a mess of a fancy bar.

Duration: 00:44:17

S01 Ep03 - Ships On The Barbie

Bonus weekend episode! We've had such strong responses to our Week 1 and 2 release that we've decided to ride the momentum. We hope you enjoy this bonus episode. Finally finding their way to Kartohm, our group discovers that sometimes stuff is expensive. Sohki has a run in with a young lad, and Reno makes an enemy in yellow dice.

Duration: 00:34:42

S01 Ep02 - Lightenell My Life

With the fierce Traksh out of the way, the group struggles with how to collect on his bounty. Licking their wounds they find medical treatment from a self medicator.

Duration: 00:50:36

Welcome to Corellia

We meet our heroes on the surface of the Planet Corellia. They quickly derail on their plans to find a suitable ship, and chaos ensues.

Duration: 00:49:45