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Episode 26 - Paul Hart

Paul talks about his backyard wrestling days followed by his stint in the amateur wrestling scene. Seriously. In the second hour our comic book discussion somehow veers into the stellar cast of the movie Buffy The Vampire Slayer. This is a weird one, folks. Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by

Duration: 01:28:59

Episode 25 - Rod Claerbout

Rod and I defy the Skype gods and battle our way through robotics and strange pauses only to emerge victorious on the other side where we talk comics, movies and other random bullshit. Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by

Duration: 03:37:45

Episode 24 - Dan West

I talk with Dan West for nearly four hours. Need I say anymore? Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by

Duration: 03:11:57

Episode 23 - Jordan Lekan, Sturdy, Eric Wade

The first group discussion StarkCast episode has landed! I talk conspiracy theories with Jordan Lekan, Sturdy, and Eric Wade. In typical StarkCast fashion we go off the rails a lot; politics, religion, offended peoples, all sorts of stuff! We had a lot of laughs and I had a great time talking with these guys. I'm really looking forward to doing more episodes like this one! Also at the end of the podcast, Jordan and I talk about our side-podcast, The Comic Cast, potentially ending. It was...

Duration: 02:27:39

Episode 22 - Old Man Schuette

Old Man Schuette talks about the lessons he's learned and the importance of character. I had a really excellent time and could've easily talked with the old man for several hours! We push through some Skype issues in the first hour before getting it straightened out a bit. And the audio on my side of the recording has some strange skips. So, yeah, more IT issues. Bear with me; I'll get it figured out eventually. Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email:...

Duration: 04:32:20

Episode 21 - Brooke Daugherty

I talk with Brooke Daugherty about comic cons, creativity, heart ache, and moving on. I had a really great time getting to know Brooke and of course we had a lot of laughs! We encountered a few Skype issues along the way so enjoy the new Technical Difficulties bumper I threw together. Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by

Duration: 03:24:38

Episode 20 - Jordan Lekan

I talk with my soul brother Jordan Lekan from The Supercast. As usual when Jordan and I get together we talk about some pretty weird shit, but Jordan also talks about some heavy stuff he went through in his past. It was really great to talk with Jordan and just let the conversation go wherever. And of course we talk about comic books a bit. We really can't help it! Forgive me for some weirdness in the sound quality at times. My IT department is me (and I'm an idiot) so it's still a work...

Duration: 02:00:28

Episode 19 - Leftover Brian

I talk with Brian from Pop Culture Leftovers and boy do we talk on this one! Brian now holds the record for longest StarkCast episode. Topics range from serious to silly on this one! I had a great time talking with him and I hope you enjoy listening. Facebook: StarkCast Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email:

Duration: 07:02:27

Episode 18 - Paul Hart

I talk with Paul Hart from The Animated Batcast about his experiences in teaching and life. Paul is such a cool guy and so easy to talk to. I had a blast and I hope you enjoy listening! Facebook: StarkCast Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email:

Duration: 01:42:09

Episode 17 - Clara Soh

I talk climbing with all-around badass Clara Soh about her journey into climbing and the places it has taken her. Fair warning: We use lots of climbing jargon in this episode so be prepared for minor confusion when we talk about things like crimpy projects, thank-god-jugs, heinous slopers, burly sends and gnarly whippers. Facebook: StarkCast Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email:

Duration: 02:32:00

Episode 16 - Jacob Harman

I talk with Jacob Harman about everything from D&D to why vinyl just sounds better. Facebook: StarkCast Email: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja This podcast is powered by

Duration: 02:47:40

Episode 15 - Ty Purvis

I talk with Ty Purvis about his perspective on living in Utah. And he tells me about the best claw game in the state! Fair warning: I think I'm more scatterbrained than usual in this episode! Facebook: StarkCast Email: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja

Duration: 02:35:09

Episode 14 - Jared Gafford

I talk with Jared Gafford from The Joe Schmoe Comic Show! He talks about his journey from musician to comic book creator. Then we spend over two hours talking random pop culture topics. I had blast talking with Jared and I hope you enjoy what ended up as the longest episode of StarkCast to date! Facebook: StarkCast Email: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja

Duration: 06:03:45

Episode 13 - Rod Claerbout

Facebook: StarkCast Email: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja

Duration: 04:14:26

Episode 12 - Dan West

I talk with Leftover Army Podcaster and all-around awesome guy Dan West! We manage to just scratch the surface on a multitude of topics. I'm already looking forward to our next chat! Facebook: StarkCast Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email:

Duration: 02:31:40

Episode 11 - Joe Vitale

I'm talking with Joe Vitale from The Supercast! And boy do we talk! We get into all sorts of subjects. I had a great time and I'm already looking forwd to having him on agin! Check out The Supercast on Facebook! For more info on StarkCast check us out on Facebook at StarkCast. Email: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja

Duration: 02:15:03

Episode 10 - Dr. James Wetzel

Episode ten! The big 1-0. The episode where James and I talk current and divisive issues and likely (inetivably) piss people off. Facebook: StarkCast Email: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja

Duration: 03:37:24

Episode 9 - Skyler's Travels

Episode 9 of StarkCast is up!! I talk with a guy named Skyler that is currently walking across the United States; 3400 miles into a 5000 mile journey!! Links: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Facebook: Email: Skyler on Reddit: Skyler on Instagram: @skylerstravels Skyler's Go Fund Me:

Duration: 01:55:38

Episode 8 - Dub - Trollhunters

I've got James 'Dub' Heslinga on the show today and we are recapping the Netfx show Trollhunters. This is a first for StarkCast and I had a good time sitting down with Dub and recapping this show! Email: Facebook: StarkCast Twitter: @thetubbyninja

Duration: 03:49:20

Episode 7 - Rebekah Dahling

I've got Rebecca Dahling on episode 7 of StarkCast! You've heard her on Ladies of the Leftover Army Podcast and if not, look that up!! She's great on that show and the many others I've heard her on. So naturally I was very excited to have her on StarkCast. We talk about all sorts of stuff here and Rebekah earns the distinction of being on my longest episode to date. She was so easy to talk to and I can't wait to have her on again! I hope you enjoy! Email StarkCast:...

Duration: 03:44:43

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