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Episode 47 - Doug Wagner

I talk with comic book creator Doug Wagner! Plastic and The Hard Place are two of my favorite mini-series and it was an absolute joy getting to discuss them with the writer, himself. We get into all sorts of comic book talk; from conventions to our favorite ongoing books. I also ask Doug about his creative process and the beginnings of 12 Gauge Comics. Doug is a really cool guy! I had a blast recording with him and I hope you enjoy listening! Don’t forget to check out Doug latest books:...


Episode 46 - John Hawxby

I had an awesome time getting to know Hawxby! John and I talk MMA, cats, pinball, and beards before tackling the idiotic worlds of Alex Jones and flat earthers. John tells me all about his research and trolling of their internet groups. It is seriously pretty, damn funny and at the same time tragic that people believe this stuff! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro &...


Episode 45 - Comic Talk - Frostbite

Rod and I are joined by Paul Hart to talk Frostbite. A six-issue Vertigo comic by Joshua Williamson and Jason Shawn Alexander. It's a Comic Talk episode so it goes without saying that this episode is full of spoilers! Frostbite is a great book and I had a lot of fun discussing it with Rod and Paul. We go into the weeds a lot on this one so bear with us! We also talk Vengeance, Nevada #1, an independent comic by B.J. Mendelson, as well as a handful of other...


Episode 44 - Kevin Shanks

I talk science with Kevin Shanks, a forensic toxicologist. We get into all sorts of weird, interesting stuff! He shares some wild stories of cases he was involved in before we get into an epic conversation about psychedelics, "toxins", and the opioid epidemic. I'm not gonna lie- this was one of my all time favorite episodes! Kevins blog - The Dose Makes The Poison: Website: Facebook:...


Episode 43 - Comic Talk - Men of Wrath

Rod and I talk comics and other random topics for nearly two hours before discussing the advertised content, Men of Wrath, an Icon book by Jason Aaron and Ron Carney. And by discussing I mean spoiling the hell out of it! If you haven't read Men of Wrath, I highly recommend you check it out!! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel Break...


I Become Death - Bonus Content!

I read the first chapter of my book, I Become Death. "Several years after a zombie apocalypse, people have figured out how to deal with the undead and have started clearing cities for rehabitation. I Become Death follows a team of professionals tasked with escorting a young assassin through uncleared territory. His target: a brutal warlord that has been holding a small town hostage." I Become Death on Amazon: Website: Facebook:...


Episode 42 - Bridget

I talk with Bridget, a friend from The Leftover Army, about Wicca, Tarot readings, and fan fiction among other things. Bridget is really funny and she had me cracking up the whole episode! I had an awesome time getting to know her better and I hope you enjoy listening! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This podcast is powered by...


Episode 41 - Comic Talk - Nemesis

I talk Nemesis, an Icon comic created by Mark Millar & Steve McNiven, with Rod Claerbout and Rebekah Dahling. Rebekah talks a little about Kill Or Be Killed and Rod tells us about Men Of Wrath. These are some crazy comics and we get into some equally weird territory on this episode! Nemesis: Kill Or Be Killed: Men Of Wrath:...


Episode 40 - Game of Thrones Discussion

I talk Game of Thrones / A Song of Ice & Fire with Hanan, Arayo, and Benji. So... Spoiler Alert! We get into all sorts of fun stuff: Our favorite characters, moments, shocks, etc. We also get into Westerorsi history and Hanan and I, being non-book readers for the most part, ask Arayo and Benji a host of questions about how things went down in the books versus the show. This was a very educational show full of laughs and I had a really great time getting to know Hanan, Arayo, and...


Episode 39 - Bernie Ortiz

I talk with fellow podcaster, Bernie Ortiz, about some of the Hollywood sexual misconduct allegations that have been in the headlines recently. We also go into the allegations against Aziz Ansari and some of the differences in that case of public opinion. We really skate on thin ice through here and even end up discussing the difficulty in openly talking about these topics. OK, still with me? If nothing else hang on until Bernie's story about going through the New York judicial system....


Episode 38 - Matt Kirby

Matt Kirby and I ramble on about family, accidents in the workplace, woodworking, comic books, and idiots in supermarkets. I go on to drink too many strawberitas and we take a record amount of breaks! But seriously, I had a wonderful time talking with Matt and I hope you all enjoy listening! Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel Break Music: Cold Funk - Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod from...


Episode 37 - Adam Cornette

I talk with YouTuber Adam Cornette about a plethora of topics. His love of songs from Hamilton, Porgs, comic cons, and what it's like living with LCHAD deficiency. We go on some weird tangents on this one, too. I even find myself talking about homemade marinara sauce at one point. But we finish strong and I learn that Audible, though unaffiliated with StarkCast, is actually pretty affordable! LOL Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email:...


Episode 36 - Basel Tarabishi, Rebekah Dahling

I go on a fun ride with Basel and Rebekah talking about a variety of topics. The Alamo, Informer, some random 90's stuff. But then things get serious and we talk about xenophobia in America and Basel shares his perspective of being an American Muslim in 2018. Then we switch gears and talk about Basel's love of mafia movies before finishing off the episode talking comics. Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered...


Episode 35 - Jesse Candelori

Jesse tells me about her journey into rock climbing before diving into travel and craft beers. She also tells me all about her profession as a massage therapist and we finish off the episode by talking football. Well she talks about it anyway! She also goes into what it means to be a sports fan in Philly. Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by


Episode 34 - David Isaac, Eric Marable, Kyle Kohl

This was a fun one! We start off talking Ancient Aliens, reptilians, and magic crystals before diving into some serious talk about the current state of America as it's depicted in the media. Then we finish with drinking stories. Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by


Episode 33 - Simeon Heimowitz

I talk with climbing guide Simeon Heimowitz about his rock climbing guiding business in Mexico. Simeon is super passionate about climbing and using the sport as a way to bolster the economy in rural Mexico. Check out the link below for more information on obtaining his services as guide! Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by


Episode 32 - Dante Serrecchia, Tim Arnold, Mike Darlan

I talk with Dante Serrecchia, Tim Arnold, and Mike Darlan about all things supeheroes. We share our introductions to superhero media and discuss our favorite characters and story arcs. The show really devolves and goes off the rails in the last 30 to 40 minutes. So if you make it that far, kudos to you. Maybe don't even listen to whole episode. You've been warned... Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by...


Episode 31 - James Hopp

I talk with James Hopp from the Rock With Hopp podcast! We talk the great outdoors, hiking, Batman, comic books, permanent male birth control... All sorts of random talk in this one! We get into some mild spoiler territory on Batman Rebirth and The Last Jedi; so consider yourself warned! Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This podcast is powered by


Episode 30 - Rod Claerbout

Spoiler pussies beware! Rod and I talk Plastic, an Image comic by Doug Wagner. This was originally gonna be a group discussion episode, but we had some cancellations. So Rod and I pressed on regardless and spent an hour discussing this fantastic five-issue miniseries. I highly recommend this book to anybody that is a fan of twisted serial killer books, and boy does this one have a twist! Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: This...


Episode 29 - Dr. James Wetzel

James and I talk about the current state of America for the first hour before diving into a science Q & A where James answers questions submitted by The Leftover Army. Lightsabers? Foldspace travel? Star Trek tech? We discuss the possibility of these things and more. I always learn so much when I talk with James! NOTE: There is a slight echo that occasionally sneaks in and out of the episode. Because, FML, of course there is. Facebook: Twitter:...


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