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How do you start a business when you have no money? No experience? No credibility? Or even no idea? This podcast will show you how. Every week successful entrepreneurs share the strategies of how they built their businesses entirely from scratch. No silver spoons. No magic bullets. No monkey business. Just hustling and using strategies that work. And the best part?




SFN227: How to Grow Your Investments & Leverage Your Time - with Matt Bodnar

Matt Bodnar is a partner at early stage investment firm Fresh Hospitality, who are on a mission to help entrepreneurs grow by providing financial and intellectual capital to growing businesses in the food service value chain. He’s also the creator and host of The Science of Success podcast, which is focused on improving decision-making and understanding psychology. Matt’s work earned him a spot on the Forbes “30 Under 30”, called a “Rising Restaurateur Star” by the National Restaurant...

Duration: 00:36:31

SFN226: The SaaS Cheat Code - with Dan Schwartz

If you are a non-technical person, you can still start (and grow) a successful software company. Dan Schwartz is the Founder & CEO of InvestorFuse, a bootstrapped SaaS company that just hit $1M in annual revenue. However, Dan isn’t a developer and he hasn’t written any code. Dan also wrote one of The Foundation’s most successful guest blog posts, “The SaaS Cheat Code," and today he’s going to share the cheat code with you. In This Interview I Ask: 1:40 - How did Dan get started,...

Duration: 00:23:49

SFN225: How Entrepreneurs Can Solve Large-Scale Problems - with James Schmatenberger

Do you really understand how to address large-scale problems? James Schmachtenberger has a unique education emphasizing the interconnected nature of large-scale problems, and this drives James to approach societal and health challenges with solutions that account for the entirety of a problem, rather than solving for one issue while creating another. This mission recently led James to Founding the Neurohacker Collective, an applied neuroscience company that has assembled some of the...

Duration: 00:39:15

SFN224: How to Leverage the Science of Succeeding with People - with Vanessa Van Edwards

Do you know how to captivate people? Today, you’ll find out how science can help make every social interaction more successful. Vanessa Van Edwards is a national best selling author and the lead investigator at her human behavior research lab, ScienceofPeople.com. She is a professional people watcher and her goal is to crack the code of interesting human behavior. She shares her research with audiences around the world, and in her book Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with...

Duration: 00:47:09

SFN223: How to Give Yourself Limitless Job Security - with Caitlin Pyle

Don’t listen to self-doubt – anyone can live an abundant life. Caitlin Pyle is an entrepreneur who started out as a freelance proofreader and, just three years ago, had zero knowledge about marketing and product creation. Now Caitlin and her husband Ben (also a Foundation alumni) manage BCP Media, a multi-million dollar media company with multiple blogs and digital products, including the site that started it all, Proofread Anywhere. Caitlin’s life mission is to help hardworking people...

Duration: 00:32:52

SFN222: Overcoming the Trials and Tribulations of Entrepreneurship (and Life)

If you are trying to start a business, you’ve probably been through some trials and tribulations along the way… and today we’re talking to someone who triumphed over their year of hell and came out stronger on the other side. Kyle Racki is the CEO of Proposify, a seven-figure software business with $250k MRR after only three years. We discuss the start of his entrepreneurial journey, some of the challenges he had to overcome, and how he is growing Proposify. Click here to learn more...

Duration: 00:42:21

SFN221: How to Bootstrap a Business with a Full-Time Job & Family to Feed

We all know starting a business is hard – and it’s even harder when you have a full-time job and a family to feed. Balancing all of these priorities is extremely difficult… but it’s not impossible. Today’s guests, Dean Collura and Eliot Dill, were facing that exact challenge when they started TitleTap. However, they still managed to grow the company from nothing to hundreds of customers and hundreds of thousands dollars of revenue in just a few years. In this episode, they will share...

Duration: 00:40:51

SFN220: Writing, Relationships, & The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck - with Mark Manson

Entrepreneurs and high achievers often struggle with the simple parts of living a good life, like relationships. Today’s guest, Mark Manson, is the New York Times bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, a blogger, and an internet entrepreneur – plus he’s hilarious, insightful, and wise. We explore how he grows his business as an independent writer, why romance is an overrated aspect of relationships, and his plans for...

Duration: 00:46:01

SFN219: Using Fear as a Compass & Embracing the Energetic Side of Business

Raj Jana scaled JavaPresse Coffee Co. to six figures of monthly revenue in just one year, and it’s only picking up steam. Raj is the Founder and Chief Brewing Officer of JavaPresse Coffee Co., a company that creates innovative products that make coffee fun. He JUST left his day job (after working out an incredible deal to receive severance) and is gearing up to invest in the business full-time. Click here to learn more and read the blog post at TheFoundation.com Resources Connect...

Duration: 00:35:33

SFN218: Generating Press & Changing Behaviors - with Maneesh Sethi, Founder & CEO of Pavlok

Do you struggle with generating attention when you start a new project? Maneesh Sethi is one of the most eclectic, interesting, and written-about guests we’ve had on the show. He authored an international bestselling book when he was 14, trekked across the world for a Travel Channel show, and created Pavlok – the world’s first wearable that actually changes behavior. Whether he’s becoming a famous DJ in 90 days or hiring a woman from Craigslist to slap him when he uses Facebook, Maneesh...

Duration: 00:42:16

SFN217: From Deer Piss to Software in Just Six Months: Building for Growth with Dave Rogenmoser, Co-Founder & CEO of Proof

Dave Rogenmoser is the Co-Founder of Proof, a software product designed to double the conversion rate on your landing page or website by displaying recent customer activity. Proof is achieving a milestone of growth that we’ve seen very few software companies reach before. After just three months, Proof is generating $20,000 MRR. Wow. Dave also Co-Founded the Entrepreneur Alliance, a fast-growing global club of digital entrepreneurs coming together to create recurring revenue...

Duration: 00:38:08

SFN216: How to Get Started in Content Marketing & Cure Imposter Syndrome

Are you overwhelmed by the world of content marketing? There’s so many voices that it can sometimes be hard to know where yours fits into it all, but there is a niche for everyone. Sonia Simone is a Founding Partner and the Chief Content Officer at Copyblogger Media (now Rainmaker Digital). She’s been online since 1989, and she has some incredible insight into the evolving world of content marketing. Click here to learn more and read the blog post at...

Duration: 00:24:29

SFN215: Why Entrepreneurs Need to Invest in Soft Skills - with Jordan Harbinger

Today’s guest, Jordan Harbinger, is an entrepreneur, talk show host, and world-renowned social dynamics expert. He is committed to helping others thrive in every area of their life through the study of simple (but subtle) social dynamics. As co-founder of The Art of Charm, Jordan helped develop one of the leading self-development programs in the world, with a special expertise in social capital, relationship-building, and authentic rapport. As host of The Art of Charm podcast, he teaches...

Duration: 00:46:37

SFN214: Learning the Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results Firsthand, with Geoff Woods, VP of The ONE Thing

Do you ever wonder if you’ll find fulfillment? Today’s guest, Geoff Woods, has been there… but mentorship helped him break through the achievement ceiling and make a bigger impact. Geoff went on a wild journey after joining The Foundation. In one year, he went from employee to building a six-figure business to partnering with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, authors of The ONE Thing. Geoff is now VP of The ONE Thing, the company behind the best-selling book. He shares how connecting with...

Duration: 00:34:48

SFN213: How To Make Decisions Like a Millionaire (in Just Four Steps)

Billy Murphy is a former professional poker player turned entrepreneur, built a seven-figure poker training business, has run at least 20 e-commerce stores, and now he’s helping more entrepreneurs get started at ForeverJobless.com. Billy has a uniquely mathematical, logical, and linear perspective on business that we haven’t seen anywhere else, and we’re really excited to share it with you. Click here to learn more and read the blog post at...

Duration: 00:45:38

SFN212: How to Build Something From Nothing (and Achieve Profitability More Quickly) - with Nathan Latka

Today’s interview will completely change the way you think about starting businesses and selling products. Nathan Latka pre-sold about $80,000 of product, built up the Facebook marketing business Heyo, and sold it by the time he was 26-years-old. He is also one of the most entertaining (and somewhat controversial) people in the entrepreneurial world. Now Nathan is pioneering a new way for entrepreneurs to enter the software space more quickly, more easily, and for relatively cheap. We’ll...

Duration: 00:59:38

SFN211: Love the Problem, Not Your Solution

Today’s guest, Ash Maurya, has experience with every level of startups and he is an expert in the lean startup process. He is author of the international bestseller Running Lean: How to Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works, CEO of LeanStack, and creator of the 1-Page Lean Canvas business model. He’s on the show to discuss the old world of product development versus the new world of product development, and to help you launch and scale a lean business. Click here to learn more and...

Duration: 00:56:01

SFN210: Why You Don’t Need to Be a Developer to be a Software Business Founder

Does creating a software product feel unrealistic because you don’t know how to develop software? Today’s guest, David Cristello, is here to explain why you don’t need to know anything about developing software to build a good software business… if you use The Foundation process. David went through The Foundation in 2013, built Jetpack Workflow, and later pre-sold $600,000 worth of robots. This episode is packed full of great stories and simple tips for new bootstrappers! Click here...

Duration: 00:55:24

SFN209: A Roadmap to Revenue in 18 months

Are you lost and looking for revenue? Today’s guest, Dan Martell, maps out how you can develop an idea, iterate upon it, and start generating revenue over the next few months. Dan is a passionate entrepreneur who founded and exited three software companies over the past decade and he is an investor in over 30 others (like Udemy, Intercom, and Unbounce). The first time Dan was on the podcast he shared how entrepreneurship saved his life. Today he’s bringing a crazy amount of value. Get...

Duration: 01:02:35

SFN208: How to Bootstrap a Business to $1M in Monthly Recurring Revenue

Do you feel in control? Bootstrapping a business allows you to create a life that you control – even if you have to start the process after work and on weekends. Today we have an incredible bootstrap success story: how Paras Chopra launched and scaled Wingify to over $1M in monthly recurring revenue – that’s right, monthly. In this episode you’ll learn… why bootstrapping gives you control.the difference between a good launch and a bad launch.how to leverage your core value. Click...

Duration: 00:44:12

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