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059: CampusLATELY with Lashawn Chambers

In episode 59, We welcome back co-host Tiffany Williams (@twicemediaproductions) and guest host Lashawn Chambers (@CampusLATELY) to discuss how she has been able to empower millennials with her business CampusLATELY. We also breakdown what drives her to continue excellence and tips for those wanting to follow her entrepreneurial footsteps. Plus, we dive into why and how having a mentor is a huge part of having success. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


058: HeadDownPushing with Marques Roberts

In episode 58, We welcome guest host Marques Roberts ( ) to discuss his struggles and successes in becoming a motivational speaker. We also breakdown his advice he has in for people wanting to be an motivational speaker. Plus, we dive into how faith helped him to inspire others. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


057: I’m Glad You Asked with Tracie Jae

In episode 57, We welcome Tracie Jae (@gladuasked) to discuss how she invented her business, I’m Glad you Asked. We dive into how her game has helped change the way we communicate without technology. We also get the intricacies of building a business and some of the calamities you face. Plus, we dive in to what is next for her growing business. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


056: Career and College Readiness with Henry Keculah Jr.

In episode 56, we welcome Henry Keculah Jr ( ) to dive into his journey and vision of his business 4.0 Growth Productivity Accountability (GPA). We also breakdown how he is helping students’ to maximize their full potential in education. Plus, we discuss his advice to future entrepreneurs. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


055: Name is King with Keith Henry

In episode 55, we welcome Keith Henry with Name is King and Kickstreet ( to discuss the importance of branding and solidifying the perfect business name. We take a look at his learning opportunities with KickStreet as he sowed that knowledge into creating Name is King and helping countless business owners. We also get a understanding of the power of purpose and the divine need to stay true to your business vision. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


054: Spendebt App with Kiley Summers

In episode 54, we welcome guest Kiley Summers with Spendebt ( to discuss his dreams to free students of college debt. We discuss the grit and tenacity it takes to develop a financial app and all of the backend processes necessary. We also breakdown how the idea came to him and the journey to fruition. Plus, Kiley’s long term plan will likely affect millions to come. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


053: Traveling with Cute Luggage with Kelley Woods

In episode 53, we welcome guest host Kelley Woods of Traveling with Cute Luggage ( to discuss the purpose, mission, and vision of her blog. We take a look at the conception of what has become true therapy as Kelley finds travel hacks and deals all across the globe. Plus, we get a glimpse of her legacy plan and desire to aid children to travel the world. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


052: Teaching, Speaking, and More with Jotina Buck

In episode 52, we welcome guest host Jotina Buck ( to dive into her world of authoring, teaching, philanthropy, and more here on Startup Masters. We discuss her tragic beginning that propelled her into the world of sowing back into others through the art of teaching. We also get key insight to the importance of having passion inside of you, which brought about co-authoring a book as well as providing philanthropic work in the community. Plus, her worldwide vision to sow...


051: Maven Business Academy with Miara Shaw

In episode 51, we welcome guest host Miara Shaw of the Maven Business Academy ( We dive into her growth as an entrepreneur in building this brand, as well as different modules that help deliver turnkey solutions to business owners. Plus, we talk about future strategies and projects to turn the Maven Business Academy into a global brand. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


050: Get Launched with Christy Staples

In episode 50, we welcome guest host Christy Staples of Get Launched ( to discuss her journey through entrepreneurship. We follow along as she guides us down the road of finding her purpose and executing decisions that have lead to her current business venture. We also get key insight on how to keep your business afloat and the power of self development. Plus, the future looks mighty bright as Christy’s upcoming aspirations are revealed. All of this and more...


049: Patton Behavioral Health with Clinton Patton Sr.

In episode 49, we welcome Clinton Patton Sr. to discuss the passion behind building the Patton Behavioral Health counseling group ( We dive into the touching story of loss and tragedy that propelled this young man to create a team of individuals to help discuss things happening in your life. We also learn of the obstacles that Clinton had to overcome through the licensing process. Plus we get a view of the legacy that he wants to leave by the year 2030. All...


048: Authoring and Public Speaking with Ashley M Martin

In episode 48, we welcome trainer, author, and public speaker Ashley M Martin ( to discuss her journey into public speaking and becoming an author. We give a glimpse of the trials and tribulations that she’s experienced and how her environment has been a major factor in her direction. Plus, Ashley shares some key insight and tips to help any entrepreneur get over that initial hump. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


047: The Towel TOM with Bradford Deyon

In episode 47, we welcome inventor Bradford Deyon to discuss the patented Towel TOM ( We venture back to the 80s when the idea first spread roots and moved forward out of calamity and a need. We also get a firm understanding of the manufacturing, business, and strategic processes required to bring inventions life. Plus, we look at how the Towel TOM is only the beginning for this savvy inventor. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


046: Elevating Women Empowerment Group with Tracee Seals

In episode 46, we welcome the founder of Elevating Women Empowerment Group, Ms. Tracee Seals (@TraceeSpeaks) to dive deep into her entrepreneurial journey. We look at the different learning opportunities she took advantage of and the ability to leverage her education. We also discuss her partnership in elevating female business owners to that next level with a turnkey approach. Plus, we get a chance to peek into a potential franchisement in the making. All of this and more on...


045: LaMorne Enterprises with Tracie L. James

In episode 45, we welcome founder and CEO of LaMorne Enterprises, Ms. Tracie L. James (@iAmTracieLJames). We dive deep into the humble beginnings and learning opportunities that lead to the global mindset she now possesses. We get a firm idea of how the entrepreneurial journey has cultivated her actions to publish her book and take businesses to the next level by shedding the excuses. Plus, we get a glimpse of the TL James legacy plan that will blow you away. All of this and more on...


044: Replenish Cryo and Recovery with Andre Gafford

In episode 44, we welcome Andre Gafford of Replenish Cryo and Recovery ( to dive deep into the world of muscle and body recovery. We discuss some of the intricate ways of financing the business along with handling suppliers and vendors. We also look at the power of clientele and building the experience they want. Plus, we get a sense of what franchising a company like this could mean for the business as a whole. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


043: Revolve Pole Studio with Yasmeen Rana and Jacqueline Santos

In episode 43, we welcome Yasmeen Rana and Jacqueline Santos, owners of Revolve Pole Studio ( We discuss the fearless start of the business as well as some of the immediate obstacles and life-lessons they faced. We also look at how the business has empowered, elevated, and enlightened it’s customers to face their fears and insecurities. Plus, we get a glimpse at how Revolve Pole Studios may be popping up at other places fairly soon. All of this and more on...


042: Psychology and More with Dr. Obari Cartman

In episode 42, we welcome psychologist and author Dr. Obari Cartman ( to discuss his journey into psychology and what lead him to become the author of “Lady’s Man: Conversations for Young Black Men about Manhood and Relationships.” We get a sense of importance for community and how it has impacted Dr. Cartman’s life. Plus, we discuss his plans for the future to touch the lives of children across the globe. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


041: The Houston Housewives of Finance with LaShonda Johnson

In episode 41, we welcome the founder of the Houston Housewives of Finance, Lashonda Johnson ( We dive deep into the importance of finance, building your financial foundation, and multiple ways to protect it. We also get insight into the struggles of breaking into an industry that is dominated by the opposite sex and some of the key moments that helped define the business. Plus, we get a glimpse of what we can expect from the Houston Housewives of...


040: Fitness and Music Inc. with Rickey Getwood Jr.

In episode 40, we welcome the creator of Fitness and Music Inc., Mr. Rickey Getwood Jr (@rickey_paul_getwood). We dive deep into his past; growing to over 360lbs while being on the brink of depression and physical ailments. We also look at his passion surrounding music and the infusion of it into his fitness routine. Plus, his energy and happiness takes his brand to the next level. All of this and more on #StartupMasters!


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