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We're a podcast about engineering leadership, especially within startups.

We're a podcast about engineering leadership, especially within startups.
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We're a podcast about engineering leadership, especially within startups.






0.58 – Hire for Vigilance & Excellent Practical Judgement — Quin Hoxie w. Swiftype

This episode is co-hosted by Jacob Ablowitz. We are honored today to be interviewing Quin Hoxie, founder and CTO of Swiftype. This episode covers Quin’s experiences as an engineer at Scrib, and then as Co-Founder and CTO of Swiftype — The leading platform delivering search solutions for businesses. Quin’s Bio Quin Hoxie is the Co-Founder and CTO of...

Duration: 00:35:12

0.57 — Sustaining Open Source w. Eric Berry,

Today, we are honored to have Eric Berry, founder of Code Sponsor is a matchmaking platform for software developers and open source projects. Code Sponsor enables paying sponsors to get their messages across in front of developers. In this very special combo episode, Learn more about the founding story of Code Sponsor and the...

Duration: 00:33:30

0.56 Blockchain Nerdery w. Matt Walters & Rhys Lindmark

We are joined this week by Matt Walters (Blockchain Engineer at Consensys, former Techstars CTO), and Rhys Lindmark (Independent Blockchain Engineer) for a very special Blockchain episode of Join us as we share stories about web3, a hacking story, Blockchain Engineering stories, and to learn about “the human operating system”.

Duration: 00:47:29

0.55 – The primacy of the network & Web 3.0 — Vince Horn & Ryan Oelke of CryptoMind

Todays episode is a cross post from Vincent Horn’s new podcast, Crypto-Mind. With permission, I’ve reposted it from Crypto-Mind podcast. This podcast is about contemplating deeply the societal, spiritual, network implications of the networked Web 3.0 world. This episode is all about networks. Specifically, What’s it mean to be a part of the network? Why are...

Duration: 01:04:56

0.53 – Ch-ch-changes (Announcements)

Miles & Kevin announce some changes to the podcast: Miles will be winding down his involvement in the podcast. The show will be once a month (instead of once a week). We’ll ramp up our ‘Emerging Tech’ series, focused initially on VR, AR, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, and Cryptography. Interested in guest co-hosting?...

Duration: 00:12:56

0.52 — Bootstrapped Developers

So you can build it… but, do you know what to do once it’s built? How to monetize it? How do you make enough money to live off of while your company takes off? In this episode, learn about how to go beyond your raw skills of building anything you want and learn what it takes...

Duration: 00:55:10

0.49 — How to CTO w. Nick Cheever

Our Boulder Startup Week episode streak continues. Today, we’ve got Nick Cheever, VP of Technology at 10-4 on the show. Nick has over 15 years of experience in product development, particularly in a technical leadership role. He has been the lead for multiple SaaS-based platforms and has a proven track record of executing intuitive and...

Duration: 00:17:46

0.46 — AI, Automation, Jobs & The Economy w. Jeff Rose of ThinkTopic

Jeff Rose presenting in a very special Boulder Startup Week 2017 talk. Artificial intelligence is undergoing a renaissance, with the number of relevant research papers, startups, applications, and new ideas expanding rapidly. These new capabilities will enable people and result in greater aggregate productivity, analogous to the invention of the steam engine that powered the...

Duration: 00:41:21

0.44 — Crypto and the Law with EFA Colorado

EFA Colorado presenting in a very special Boulder Startup Week 2017 talk. What is Cryptography, and why does it matter? What is the history of cryptography, and where is it going in the future? Join this joint presentation of the Future of Tech + Legal tracks at Boulder Startup Week to learn more about the...

Duration: 01:05:01

[bonus] Understanding People is a Superpower; @rands, VP Engineering at Slack

Todays episode is from the archives. Michael Lopp (also known as @rands) is a Silicon Valley-based engineering leader who builds both people and product at companies such as Borland, Netscape, Palantir, Pinterest, and Apple. While he’s not worrying about staying relevant, he writes about pens, bridges, people, poker, and werewolves at the popular weblog, Rands...

Duration: 00:40:11

[bonus] Engineering Values Roundup

Todays episode is from the archives. We ask each of our guests what their engineering values are. What we love about this question is that the answers boil down the brass tacks of leadership into 2-3 minutes of fundamentals. We’ve got a fun little thematic episode this week, with 5 answers to this question “What are your engineering...

Duration: 00:15:45

[bonus] Great Engineering War Stories

Todays episode is from the archives. Last week, @owocki’s startup released a new product — The battles last week during this release reminded us of some of our favorite engineering war stories. We ask every CTO on our show “What is your favorite engineering war story?”, and this episode we’re going to play 4 of our *favorites*. These four...

Duration: 00:23:15

0.43 — Your Startup is a Pirate Ship w. Jack Dietrich & Ryan VanMiddlesworth

Our guests this week are Jack Dietrich and Ryan VanMiddlesworth of Fount Studio. Join the partners of Fount as they explain The Pirate Code Of Startups how Pirates were doing workplace democracy before it was cool. Awesome.

Duration: 00:32:57

[bonus] Advancing Your Career is like Playing Great Chess w. Chris McAvoy

Todays episode is from the archives. We are joined this week by Chris McAvoy to talk about growing your people & their careers. Learn why advancing your career is like playing great chess; It’s not about having a great strategy; It’s about playing positional chess so that you have all of your pieces in place so when an opportunity...

Duration: 00:45:38

[bonus] Reinventing the Organization w. Dan Kador, CTO of

Todays episode is from the archives. Dan Kador is the co-founder & CTO of He’s responsible for building the technology and team responsible for analytics via APIs (among a million other things) at Keen — a leader in the analytics space. Join us to learn about the growth of at 3, 10, 30,...

Duration: 00:50:44

0.42 — Optimize Your Learning Velocity w. Scott Carleton, Andela

Our guest today is Scott Carleton. Scott has a passion for building communities and empowering self-growth through education. Scott is currently the VP of Technology at Andela, a global engineering organization dedicated to fostering the next generation of elite tech talent across Africa. Previously, Scott co-founded Artsicle as CTO, building a global community of visual artists...

Duration: 00:42:58

[bonus] Building for Massive Scale w. Tim Jenkins, CTO of SendGrid

Todays episode is from the archives. We are honored to be joined by Tim Jenkins, CoFounder & CTO of SendGrid. SendGrid solves problems for companies sending transactional e-mail. Tim is currently involved with back-end development, operations, and support, and has worn many hats as SendGrid has grown from 3 team members to over 300 over the last...

Duration: 00:34:22

0.41 — Find A Niche and be The Best w. Courtland Allen of

Our guest this week is Courtland Allen; MIT graduate, Y Combinator alum, full-stack web developer, and professional designer. He’s spent over 8 years building, designing, and marketing web-based products and companies, and is currently running This episode is for you if you’re into bootstrapped businesses, side projects, and community. Favorite Quotes I’ve been doing startups ever...

Duration: 00:40:50

0.40 — People First Organizations w. Dave Zwieback

Our guest today is Dave Zwieback, the author of Beyond Blame: Learning from Failure and Success and an engineering leader in various organizations in & around New York City. Dave does workshops for organizations looking to build People First cultures. If you’re interested in hosting a highly-rated, practical, hands-on workshop based on the book at your...

Duration: 00:36:58

0.39 – Mission Driven Tech w. Zack Bomsta, Owlet

Our guest today is Zack Bomsta, CTO of Owlet, which produces the Owlet Baby Monitor. In addition to growing the team, he is involved electronic hardware design and miniaturization, manufacturing, firmware and embedded systems development. Join us to hear war stories from the founding story of Owlet. Owlet is hiring engineering leaders in UT.

Duration: 00:37:12

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