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How Art Will Make Us Human: Daniel Doubrovkine CTO at Artsy

Daniel Doubrovkine is currently CTO at Artsy. Daniel's experience with art is a far cry from what most of us have encountered. Growing up in the Soviet Union his father would use books to take care of the family's needs. In Daniel's life art has been his currency, his healthcare, his passion and now part of his career. In this episode, Ethan and Daniel talk about what art is going to be in the future, how artists are entrepreneurs, and how the experience around art will change. About...


The Art of Driving Change: CEO Kira Wampler

More is all about helping people get art they love on their walls. According to CEO Kira Wampler “blank walls are the enemy.” Kira has been at for just over a year. She brings experience from an impressive background in leadership at customer driven startups including Lyft, Trulia, and Lytro. In this episode she shares her thoughts about knowing your customer, tech adoption, trying out different kinds of art, and the future of the retail experience. About...


A look back at 2017: Host Ethan Appleby

In this episode, host Ethan Appleby pulls together some of the best sound bites from 2017 and then gives his thoughts on trends from 2017 and what to expect in 2018.


The Art of Authenticity: Verisart

Robert is one of the most revered authorities on art & tech. Verisart is a company that uses blockchain technology to certify and verify artworks online, allowing buyers to access the provenance of a piece and artists to ensure the security of their work. Ethan talks to Robert about About Verisart Verisart employs decentralized technologies to help artists certify, document, and enliven their artworks in a vibrant online community of collectors, galleries and dealers. Find out more at...


The Art of Sustainability: Vida

Vida is a San Francisco-based brand connecting artists with the means of production in order to create clothing and accessories adorned with the artists’ original designs. Vida CEO and Founder Umaimah Mendhro sat down with Ethan for this week’s episode to talk about using tech to disrupt the status quo, the importance of creating sustainable systems for business, fashion, and art, and the need for beautiful design. -About Vida- Vida is an online shop that allows artists to create fashion...


The Art World’s Patron Satan?: Stefan Simchowitz (Part 2 of 2)

State of the Art interviewed “The Art World’s Patron Satan” this week, provocative art collector Stefan Simchowitz. His style of “art flipping” goes against the establishment grain, and uses tech to disrupt the art market. In this week’s episode, Stefan and Ethan discuss what artists really need, how he’s disrupting the art establishment, and the “myth of the connoisseur.” -About Stefan Simchowitz- Stefan Simchowitz is a Los Angeles-based art collector, curator and mentor for emerging...


The Art World’s Patron Satan?: Stefan Simochowitz (Part 1 of 2)

State of the Art interviewed “The Art World’s Patron Satan” this week, provocative art collector Stefan Simchowitz. His style of “art flipping” goes against the establishment grain, and uses tech to disrupt the art market. In this week’s episode, Stefan and Ethan discuss what artists really need, how he’s disrupting the art establishment, and the “myth of the connoisseur.” -About Stefan Simochowitz- Stefan Simochowitz is a Los Angeles-based art collector, curator and mentor for emerging...


Draw Me Like One of Your French Girls: Andrew Herman

Ethan discusses the process of making the French Girls app, the path to purchasing art, and with French Girls’ co-founder Andrew Herman. -About Andrew Herman- -About French Girls- Draw like a French Girl at their website and on the App Store - About Vango Studio - Vango Studio makes the entrepreneurial side of being an artist easy and efficient, saving artists an average of 4 hours per week. In addition to powering artists with an award winning marketplace, we offer artists the...


Framing the Future of Art: Framebridge

Ethan Appleby sites down with Susan Tynan, founder and CEO of Framebridge, to delve into the custom framing industry. Framebridge saves time and their technology allows customers to personalize their framing experience. What people chose to frame reveals what they care about keeping and displaying, and in this way Framebridge is able to see cultural shifts as they occur. In this episode, State of the Art hears about why when launching a framing company Susan felt she had to go big from...


The Spotify of Art: Daylighted

Ethan met with COO Elisabeth Mouchy of Daylighted to learn how this fellow San Francisco startup is combining art and tech. Driven by the principle that art should be everywhere, Daylighted created SmartGallery, a technology that uses a screen that rotates selected artworks from an unlimited and ever-evolving gallery drawn from Daylighted’s partnerships with galleries and other art platforms. In this episode, -About Daylighted- Daylighted is an online fine art gallery founded in 2013 by...


The Future Art Museum: Cuseum

-About Cuseum- Entering a museum, you’re often offered a clunky audio guide. Cuseum is a museum engagement platform that is transforming this awkward experience into a mobile app you can access and personalize on your phone. Founded in 2014 by CEO Brendan Ciecko, Cuseum has been featured by platforms including The New York Times and The Boston Globe. Cuseum has been hailed as the future of museums, and is now in over 100 cultural institutions worldwide. Discover more about the future of...


The Instagram Artist: Shane Miller

State of the Art interviewed contemporary millennial artist Shane Miller to learn more about the favorite social media platform for contemporary artists: Instagram. Shane has become one of the best-selling artists on Instagram, and the epitomizes the ways that artists all over are leveraging social media platforms to grow and develop their art business. Sites like Instagram enable artists to make direct and instantaneous connections to art lovers and potential collectors, and have...


Tinder for Art: ArtFinder

In this week’s episode, I sit down with Artfinder CEO Jonas Almgren. Artfinder is an online art marketplace, but it’s not to be confused with an Ebay-style shopping experience. In fact, it’s far more the Tinder of the art world. This week we dig into the future of online art sales, how artificial intelligence could be your art advisor, and how Artfinder is more of a dating site than an Ebay-style marketplace. -About Artfinder- Used by over 850,000 artists and collectors, Artfinder is an...


Where Art & Design Meet Science: Modsy

In this episode, Ethan talks to Shanna Tellerman, Founder & CEO of Modsy. Modsy is a culmination of Shanna’s background in art, design and technology: Using 3D and augmented reality (AR) renders of spaces, Modsy allows people to visualize design ideas in their own home. Ethan and Shanna talk about how she came up with the idea for Modsy, why diversity in tech is so important, and how visualization technologies open possibilities for the art & design space. - About Modsy- At Modsy, 3D...


The Art of Auctions: Invaluable

In this episode, we get past the velvet rope into the world of art auctions. As the software that’s taking auction houses online, Invaluable is white-labelling the biggest auction houses in the world. We speak with Invaluable CEO Rob Weisberg to find out how data is changing the game for new buyers, auctions growing exponentially, and being scared but doing it anyway. - About Invaluable- Recently called "one of the fastest growing e-commerce sites in the art world" by Blouin ArtInfo,...


Fine Art for the Masses: Twyla

In this episode, Ethan talks to Brian Sharples, the CEO of Twyla. Twyla creates high-quality, limited edition prints that make exclusive artwork accessible without costing you an arm and a leg. As CEO of Twyla, Brian believes in the potential of technology to transform the online art market. Ethan and Brian talk about how Twyla helps to remove the difficulty of selling art online, how they use technology to create an Apple-esque experience, and how big he thinks the market can be for the...


The Netflix of Art: Meural

In this episode, Ethan talks to Vladimir Vukicevic, co-founder of Meural. Described as the ‘Netflix for Art’, Meural is a beautiful digital canvas that allows you to access thousands of works ranging from pieces by local emerging artists to the masters, to any images you may want to upload. Ethan and Vlad talk about the differences between innovation in music and art, how Meural functions as a ‘gateway drug’ to buying art, and views on the future of galleries and the traditional art...


Art Culture & Technocracy: The Most Famous Artist

In this episode, Ethan talks to Matty Mo, AKA The Most Famous Artist. If you spend any time at all on social media, you’ve probably seen one of his many creations. He’s done the ‘most instagrammable wall’, launched the ‘Museum of Fake Art’ and went viral for a project that involved him dragging a clear duffel bag filled with a million dollars of cash through an art fair. Ethan and Matty talk about how he became The Most Famous Artist, what it means for tech to ‘democratize’ the art world,...


Kicking off the art & tech conversation: Ethan James Appleby

Join host Ethan Appleby as he explores the intersections of Art & Technology. Each episode will feature guests who are changing the way we interact with art, ranging from the most tech-forward artists to the CEOs of big companies like We’ll take a deep dive into how technology is making art more accessible, whether it's improving the experience of buying and selling art, and why it’s one of the last industries to go online. Finally, we’ll turn to other creative industries like...