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Static Radio is a collection of people dedicated to bringing you music from DJs around the globe. We don't have many rules here on Static apart from be nice and play well with others. Our DJ policy is - if you like it, then play it. There are too many streaming stations on the internet that worry about the type of music that they play. They want their DJs to play a certain type or way incase they lose listeners or decrease in popularity. At Static Radio we do things differently, Static wasn't created to gain listeners or popularity or recognition. We're not going to change the way that we operate for the sake of pleasing people. If the DJ is passionate about the music that they love then why shouldn't they play it and share what they love? This way of thinking separates us from the rest. The main rule our DJs are told - there are no rules. Share your passion with the world.




Static Radio UK
Static Radio UK

Share your passion with the world