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Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.

Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.
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Brisbane, QLD


Your morning will never be dull when listening to Stav, Abby & Osher. Gotcha Calls, hilarious stunts and embarrassing moments caught on tape.




2018/02/23 - Stav Abby and Matt

Today Stav, Abby and Matt broadcast from Newport where Jasmine won Live For Free! We spoke to a Brisbane lady who admitted to being a Sugar Baby after it was reported Griffith University has the highest registration on Seeking Arrangements. We heard your Show and Tell mishaps with children as well as the meals people have eaten just to please their partner… or in Abby and Scotty’s case, not eaten! Lastly we got some clarity on yesterday Dear Abby from a Alicia from Best, Wilson, Buckley...


2018/02/22 - Stav Abby and Matt

Today Sabrina from the Women’s AFL LIONS, Bachelor Matty J and Missy Higgins all dropped in for a chat! Stav create a crafty sketch for the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise. After a tragic accident on the Gold Coast involving seven teenagers from Saint Stephen's College and drugs bought on the Dark Web, Matt shared a heartfelt story on how drugs impacted his friend. Abby shared a Dear Abby from an anonymous lady wanting to marry her step-brother and we bought back our Sound Test with...


2018/02/21 - Stav Abby and Matt

This morning the stars called in… we spoke to The Block’s Neale Whittake, Fox Sports and Bronco’s legend Corey Parker as well as the beautiful Mandy Moore! Abby shared a story about her friend, who happened to be the ‘girl before’ after finding out her ex-boyfriend is now engaged, it turns out this is a big thing in Brisbane according to our listeners. Matty is having a tough week… he shared his young person, old person problem and complained about a KFC shortage of chicken, to then have KFC...


2018/02/20 - Stav Abby and Matt

It wouldn’t be Tuesday without a call from Scotty too Hottie for Tradie Chat Tuesday, who told us how he likes to sneak a beer from Abby! Gyton Grantley called in to talk about his new dating show and Hughesy joined us to talk about Bachelor Matty J’s toilet habits. Matty shared his new life skill… JUSTIFYING and helped people out by justifying their problems for him. After reading a bizarre children’s book to Rori, Stav took listener suggestions and read another strange kids book “My Dead...


2018/02/19 - Stav Abby and Matt

Stav, Abby and Matt started the week covering the reality TV drama’s from Sunday night! We spoke to Tracey from Married at First Sight and Kerry Armstrong the latest celebrity to leave the South African jungle. Abby had an interesting conversation on the weekend and wanted to know… do guys talk more to girls about their relationships? And lastly Abby shared with everyone what it’s like having a smart child at school and the bizarre response she got from her son’s teacher, when he expelled in...


2018/02/16 - Stav Abby and Matt

This Sunday Stav celebrates his 40 birthday so we surprised him with a call from the Queensland Premier and Travers ‘Candyman’ Beynon. Then to finish our week of Postcode Dating off we had beautiful Esther from Zillmere. Lastly Matty wraps a up the week with ‘Things I’ve Learnt’.


2018/02/15 - Stav Abby and Matt

Brisbane is HOT! So we asked people to call up with the hottest job in Brisbane. Tayla who is transgender joined us for a round of ‘Do You Mind if I Ask’ and we had the lovely Jasmin in for ‘Postcode Dating’. Stav, Abby and Matt were also surprised by Thunder and Scooter from the Harlem Globetrotters and Josh Altman the man from Million Dollar Listing called in from LA!


2018/02/14 - Stav Abby and Matt

Today Keith Urban took over the show talking Valentine’s Day, Nicole Kidman eating bugs and of course marvelled at our Goon Raft! We had Will the hottie from Narangba on for postcode dating and an exclusive chat with the mother of Tracey, the Married at First Sight contestant whose husband is cheating on her.


2017/02/13 - Stav Abby and Matt

Today we speak to Natalie Bassingthwaighte about her Neighbours return and Paul Burrell who has entered the South African jungle for I’m A Celeb. Australia has won their first medal at the Winter Olympics thanks so Matt Graham, so we chat to his brother who is a little tipsy. We also find out if Tradie’s are too soft these days and if it’s appropriate for women to be getting a fake tan before giving birth and lastly we have another round of Postcode Dating with Emma from Yamanto.


2018/02/12 - Stav Abby and Matt

Ahead of Valentine’s Day this week, Stav, Abby and Matt launched postcode dating with Robert from Lawnton, who used our help to find him a date! We also spoke to James Bay and the first celebrity eliminated from the South African jungle… for I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! Lastly with the wild storms in Brisbane last night and a local man being struck by lightning… we asked our listeners, who else has survived a lightning strike! And how could we forget… On this fine Monday we received...


2018/02/09 - Stav Abby and Matt

- Goon Raft - Punters - Goon Raft - Sunburn - First Calls - Stav - Rori Book - You know you're in Brisbane when? - Goon Raft - Lead up package - Goon Raft - Package - Goon Raft - What should we do with it - Thanks but no thanks


2018/02/08 - Stav Abby and Matt

- Aaron Jeffery - Choppa - Goon Raft - Coffee Club - First calls -Sonia Kruger - Milford Impersination - Goon Raft - Memorial Plaque - Barnaby Joyce - Have you slept with a married man? - Goon Raft Sports Bet - Goon Raft - Abbys Mum


2018/02/07 - Stav Abby and Matt

1. Vaping w Brian MArlow 2 Do you need a Carer 3 First calls 4 Listener - Can I be an adult entertainer 5 Goon Raft - Location 6 Political Correctness - Doing Aussie accents 7 Ross Greenwood 8 Goon Raft - Last word


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