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09 - Build an Epic Lead Funnel

When it comes to maintaining a funnel, the average salesperson is only following up 1.3 times. But, if you follow up six times, instead of just 1.3 times, you increase the likelihood of getting that prospect on the phone to nearly 90%. So if you’re looking for a way to stand out from the competition, even if you might have the experience or chops of some veteran salespeople, follow up is the key to blowing up overnight. In today's episode, we're going to dive deep into the ways you can dial...


Special Edition: Lessons Learned at the 10X Growth Conference

2018’s 10x Growth Con was an event to be reckoned with. Even though it was only the second time Grant and his team had thrown it, the turnout was incredible. While most conferences take years to gain momentum, it’s no surprise that Grant Cardone was able to build attendance to nearly 10,000 salespeople in just two years, especially since he spends nearly $1,000,000 in marketing every month. It was such a wonderful experience that we wanted to commit an episode of Stay Paid to everything...


08 - Why Salespeople Need Video

Year over year, video is eating internet traffic. Service-based sales professionals are in a great position to harness the power of cell phones and relatively inexpensive video equipment. When you are in industries like real estate or insurance, prospects want to get a feel for your personality just as much as they want to get a feel for your product or service. Video is the perfect medium to quickly present yourself to the world and there have never been more platforms on which you can...


07 - How to Build Perfect Landing Pages, Part 2

In the final part of our series on website construction we talk with marketing VP, Josh Stike. He helps us get more detailed about how to leverage landing pages for lead acquisition. From there he’ll provide some more advance tactics like the use of drip campaigns and squeeze pages. Follow Luke Acree: Follow...


06 - How to Build Perfect Landing Pages, Part 1

In this episode of Stay Paid, Josh Stike returns to dive deep into landing page construction. We'll discuss the narrow purpose of landing pages, and what your pages should look like. Follow Luke Acree: Follow ReminderMedia: Visit to generate more referrals and repeat business.


05 - 4 Questions Your Website Should Answer

In this series on website construction, we introduce the VP of marketing here at ReminderMedia, Joshua Stike. First, he helps us dive deep into the elements that make up a successful website and some of the psychological aspects of amazing user experience (UX). Then we'll publish two episodes on how to garner leads from landing pages. All three of these episodes will provide listeners with an understanding of how to get started on a profitable website. Follow Luke...


04 - Four Things Salespeople Should Do Daily

The life of a salesperson can vary from day to day, and when there is a lack of structure, it can be easy to let your day get away for you. In an effort to stay on track, it’s important for salespeople to ritualize certain tasks. By completely these four tasks everyday religiously, salespeople can maintain their edge and sell more. Follow Luke Acree: Follow...


03 - The Art of Cold Calling

Some people swear that cold calling is dead. Others wield the phone with success, inexpensively building their book of business. The main factor that differentiates both camps is that the first probably has been going at their phone outreach all wrong. In a world where most industries are focused on inbound, cold calling still occupies an important place in the buyer’s journey, but you have to master your approach. Follow Luke...


02 - Dominate Your Community—Become Industry Synonymous

Being industry synonymous is the apex of branding for a service-based sales professional. In this episode of StayPaid, we’ll talk about the steps a salesperson needs to take to capture the mind share of an entire community, so that when they think about your industry, the next thing they think about is you. Follow Luke Acree: Follow...


01 - How to Build a Profitable Database

The single most important document of your career is your contact list. At ReminderMedia, we are always encouraging our clients to formalize their contact list, but for many, it’s easier said than done. Some salespeople have well-organized CRMs, but many others have no list whatsoever. For salespeople that are just starting out in the game, especially in real estate, we’re going to talk about where you can find contact information, and build out a list that will result in revenue for your...


00 - Welcome to Stay Paid

Stay Paid is a podcast for service-based sales professionals who want to scale their business and earn more money. So regardless of what industry you’re in, we’re going to review the tactics that matter most to your bottom line. Follow Luke Acree: Follow ReminderMedia: Visit ReminderMedia and find out...