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Get Your Degree and Get Out

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we speak on how we treat our college graduates in the African American community. We discuss the expectations that we put on our youth and the the amount of support necessary for them too succeed. We also speak on how relationships can change once levels of education differ. Please make sure to comment and/or subscribe. Intro/Outro by Mason Taylor.

Duration: 00:54:44

Protest For What?

This week we take a look at the possible protests for this upcoming NFL season. Of course, Barxdale has a strong opinion on the topic and also chooses not to join his fraternity brothers in protest. Gus is just sad because he's a Eagles fan. And TK supports the protest because it frees up her partner to focus on her. Feel free to comment and subscribe. Intro/Outro by Vendetta Beats.

Duration: 00:49:27

Trump Loves Nazis

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we discuss the tragedy in Charlottesville, VA. We touch on the various white supremacists groups that attended the rally the President's reaction to the incident. We also comment on the role and responsibilities of the black community during these tense times. Feel free to comment and subscribe. Intro/Outro produced by Kin Rich.

Duration: 01:04:02

Pie Anyone?

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we talk about one of our favorite shows, Game of Thrones. We take a look at what's been going on since the beginning of Season 7. Gus expresses his love for Arya Stark and Barxdale seems quite impressed with Drogon's killing style. We also give our predictions for the rest of Season 7 and Season 8. Please comment and subscribe.

Duration: 00:30:07

Avoid the Herp

This week we discuss a topic that has been in the news lately, STDs. We touch on the allegations that Usher has been knowingly infecting partners with herpes. We take a look at other celebrities that have been accused of spreading diseases. We also speak on the need for everyone to practice safe sex. Please comment and/or subscribe. Intro/Outro produced by Kin Rich.

Duration: 00:28:01

Stay Talking Ish at the Philly Podcast Festival

This week we're sharing the live podcast episode we recorded for The Philadelphia Podcast Festival. Our topic focused on the Colin Kaepernick situation and Mike Vick's suggestion on how Colin can improve his image. We really enjoyed doing the Philadelphia Podcast Festival for the second year. Please make sure to subscribe and comment.

Duration: 00:40:10

Keep Your Butthole Closed

This week we started off discussing TK's Instagram post that stated,"Good pu$$y will make a man want to hurt somebody." Barxdale definitely didn't agree with that statement. Fortunately or unfortunately(depends how you see it), the episode went a little left after the first ten minutes. In the midst of the foolishness TK gave us insight on what these weirdos do inside her DMs and sometimes in real life. Make sure to subscribe and comment. Inro/Outro by Kin Rich.

Duration: 00:44:46

Talking bout Power

This week we discuss the hit show "Power" on Starz. We give our thoughts on past seasons as well as what's going on now. We take a look at the relationship between Ghost and Tommy. We express our hate for Angela and Tariq. And spend a little time trying to figure out why Andre won't just put a bullet in Kanaan's head. Towards the end we give our predictions on what will happen by the end of season 4. Make sure to listen, subscribe and leave a comment.

Duration: 01:06:18

Does the World Need New Music from Jay-Z?

This week we have TK joining the Stay Talking Ish podcast. Hopefully, she can balance out all the misogyny coming from one particular host of the show. We discuss the hype surrounding the new album dropped by Jay-Z, 4:44. Take a listen to find out what grade we gave the album and if it deserves to be considered a classic.

Duration: 00:49:24

The Story of Maggie Bozeman

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we share an interview we did with the daughter of Maggie Bozeman. In 1979, Pickens County Alabama officials accused Maggie Bozeman and her longtime friend Julia Wilder of casting absentee ballots for 39 elderly residents without their permission. All-white state-court juries convicted both black women of vote fraud. Bozeman and Wilder denied any wrongdoing, and the convictions sparked national outrage. When the two were imprisoned in 1982, civil...

Duration: 00:46:35

The Power of the Pleasure Box

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast The Selfish Dude joins us to talk about the Power of the Pleasure Box. We discuss if the pleasure box really holds that much power and where that power comes from. We speak on why men act the way they do when they get some good "ooowee." Also , Barxdale warns some woman not to overrate their pleasure box. Make sure to comment and subscribe.

Duration: 00:40:16

Is He Really the Boss?

This week we take a look a look at Rick Ross' new album "Rather You Than Me." We discuss the controversial track, "Idols Become Rivals" which is about Birdman stealing from his artists. Gus actually admits he used to be a Rick Ross hater. The guys also touch on the motivating effect of trap music. Make sure to comment and subscribe. Intro/Outro produced by Kin Rich.

Duration: 00:42:38

Is Biggie Overrated?

This week we take a look at the longstanding belief that Biggie Smalls AKA Notorious B.I.G. was the greatest rapper ever. We try to determine was he really the best of all time or was it that Puffy was a marketing genius. We even compare Biggie's two albums with some of the other great albums of the time including, Nas' "It Was Written", Method Man's "T.I.C.A.L.", etc. Please take a listen and tell us your thoughts. Intro/Outro music by Kin Rich.

Duration: 00:59:10

Remy AKA the Rap Negan

This week we discuss the lyrical annihilation of Nicki Minaj by Remy Ma. We attempt to determine what charge or charges the New York Disctrict Attorney's office can put on Remy Ma for this lyrical killing. We consider the possibility that Meek was not able to get "mad top." Lastly, we outline the steps that need to be taken for Nicki's response.

Duration: 00:49:20

What Would Plies Do?

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast, we react and discuss some of Plies best Instagram posts. If you don't know Plies has been dropping knowledge on social media for a while now. You'd be surprised at all the truth he spills on relationships, friendships, women,etc. You have to listen to this episode!

Duration: 01:02:20

Social Media Wasteland

This week we're joined by RodSymba to discuss the role of social media plays in our everyday lives. We speak on the importance of social media, fronting online and how women can deceive with angles/filters. Also, Barxdale talks about getting caught in a lie.

Duration: 00:45:49

Choking On Intimacy

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we're joined by Ms. January and discuss our views on intimacy. You'd be surprised to find out which one of us really doesn't like intimacy. Whatever you do don't listen to this around the kids.

Duration: 01:11:26

An Insecure Christmas

This week on the Stay Talking Ish podcast we discuss the HBO show "Insecure"(I know we're a couple weeks late). We also talk about relationships during the holiday season.

Duration: 00:32:22

We Gotta Vote for Somebody?

On November 8th we'll be voting for somebody. This week, along with special guest January J. we discuss the upcoming election. Please take a listen and give us some feedback.

Duration: 00:45:42

Love with a Shot of 151

This week's episode discusses how black men feel about relationships and the kind of woman they're looking for. Please be aware the recording took place after a whole bottle of Bacardi 151 was consumed. The episode was originally broadcast on Facebook Live a few weeks ago. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:36:00

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