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Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.

Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.
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Cleveland, OH


Four guys sit around and discuss all manner of randomness and laugh at each other. We occasionally discuss more serious matters, but try and keep that to a minimum. It's the show you and your friends would make if you weren't so lazy.






Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 231: White Men Evolving

Ant is sick and has a super scratchy voice but the show must go on. It’s freezing in home of SKiM, we crack a joke about climate change only to have the President say something dumb about it like a day or two after we recorded. We discuss post-Christmas and pre-New Year’s plans as well as New Year’s past. Siblings are both amazing and awful and we break it down. Gabe comes through with a fresh copy of That’s My Boy™ What would Trump have to do to make you be cool with him? We measure it out....

Duration: 00:46:53

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 230: Lonely Sideburns

Black women continued to save America in 2017 and lets just assume in 2018 as well. Though it could go unsaid, fuck slavery. Also, Black Twitter will always get your ass up out the paint if you fucking up. Our home state of Ohio is also to often in the news as of late and that has to stop. Tee has an update to his eBay/PayPay situation, but here, let me update the update. He did not have to ship the buyer anything, PayPal just looked out for him and gave him the dough for being a good...

Duration: 00:48:29

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 229: Time Flies When You’re Being Racist

Lunch’s new obsession with hot stuff has us taste testing a variety of spicy treats to test including Siracha Popcorn, Dip-N-Lik Sweet Fire Siracha Strawberry Popping Candy, and Chocolove Chilis and Cherry in Dark Chocolate. The Mystery Oreo’s weren’t much of a mystery after all and were indeed Fruity Pebble Flavored which means we discuss the Oreo game. Gabe getting lit off high ABV beers called some child a cracker and we had to clown him and his inner racist which sets off the thinking...

Duration: 00:46:42

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 228: Post Nut Clarity

We sort of take a look back at the Year of the Cock. We discuss The Big Sick in regards to the clarity that arrives in men post orgasm. We say goodbye to the Crystal Palace Skating Rink in Memphis, Tennessee. Are you a better person having grown up in both the hood and the burbs? We discuss our individual experiences and what it means to us. We also get on the feminism tip yet again cause, well, it’s who we are. Amazon Japan is brilliant and if you are into importing you should hit them up....

Duration: 00:49:23

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 227: White Knighting for Louis CK

We return to the taste test lab this week and try out Salted Caramel Pepsi. Look, it tastes just like they promise so one could say that’s a good thing, but it’s pretty gross straight up, maybe as a mixer. It’s our Christmas episode and we talk about shopping and Black Friday’s unearned reputation for bad behavior. We talk about line culture in general. The people you meet while lining up for anything. Familial responsibilities of all sorts get laid out. Gabe lives vicariously through the...

Duration: 00:46:50

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 226: Middle Age Drug Procurement

Word to Wing Stop according to Ant which sends us down the proverbial wing rabbit hole. Any also hit’s us with some calendar facts. The embarrassing nature of health screenings at the office had the 2-1-6s own BP elevated. The Christmas season is in full swing which means the candy game is extra on point, so we take that info, and invent a recipe. The boots ladies are rocking during late fall/early winter are extra great. Terry Crews sharing his story is a necessary but sad addition to the...

Duration: 00:56:50

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 225: Taking Vanilla Back

Welcome back, to the stage of history! We get our taste test on as we celebrate Gabe’s 4th year of podcasting. We try Hot Cocoa Oreos which prove to be a disappointment to the team. We also tested a selection of candies, Cookies and Scream Oreos and Sweet Heat Skittles and Starburst. Box has become a heat seeker by way of Hot Ones. We do a Post Mortem on Gabe’s first time hosting the show, how that got to Marvel/Disney/Fox/Comics actor talk, is beyond me. It then spun off onto family chat...

Duration: 00:54:17

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 224: The Shaming of Judy

For the first time in 4 years Tee is not on a show, which means Gabe aka The Real ODP is in the hosting chair with the 2-16’s own Tatum216 riding shotgun and ready to assassinate any would be deer in new and fascinating ways. The fellas chat about what they are watching. Ant isn’t to keen on work. Gabe prepares for baby number four and parenting in general. Heathcliff is dope but the Catillac Cats were amazing. TV shows that where the lead left and the show tried to carry on. They really...

Duration: 00:56:12

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 223: Yam Gravy

It’s Thanksgiving, we chat Television and billiard ball tossing. We tell tales of messing up or being messed up and the lies we told to cover them. We talk Turkey Day prep and desires. So, cocaine seems to have made a return to form, we discuss our thoughts on the subject. Ant’s Uncle use to toss him the air and he was not a fan of it. Tee copped the latest Nintendo banger Super Mario Odyssey, it was worth the lack of sweet. Our sweet spot for the Homeless of this town is sometimes taken...

Duration: 00:52:04

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 222: Doctor Khalifa

We have what may be a homeless encampment but may be a gypsy encampment as well. We are also unsure if gypsy is a PC term forgive us if it’s not. Our host got to be interviewed on What’s The Tea’s Patreon Exclusive Interview Show “A Sip” If you are a patron of theirs or want to become one, hit the link. We discuss being the one or one of only a small amount of black people in public spaces. That leads us into the discussion of being men in public spaces. We revisit the World Record Porn...

Duration: 00:48:41

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 221: God’s Punchbowl

The triumphant return of the 2-1-6s on Tatum is sullied by yet another Oreo flavor, this time the Mystery Oreo’s step up to the plate. We really just kind of hung out and chatted and I very much missed this. Anthony regales us with tales of parental leave. John Connor’s dad was Kyle Reese, sorry we got that wrong. This episode becomes very Fathercentric for a bit. The perils of working In Downtown Cleveland needed to be aired. How to hustle wine. Box continues to grow into his role as a...

Duration: 00:50:50

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 220: The Zebra Poop Mystery

Why do people troll on the internet? The president is frustrating. Rest in Power Tom Petty. Remember that season of Sanford and Son where Grady was the main character? Dinosaurs is on Hulu and Box could not be happier. Conservative Fat Albert is back at it again, and well, it’s great. The new NBA All-Star Game format has us excited so we add our take and hopes for it. Box spins a poop yarn. The Old Dirty Podfather has a small bit of “That’s my boy” where he shares a tale of pride in his...

Duration: 01:10:49

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 219: The Brooklyn Way

Being a husband is considerably more difficult than people think. We test yet another Oreo. It’s Cookie Butter this go round. They are perfectly pleasant but leads us to a great discussion on Speculoos and cookie butter in general. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is pretty great but not without issues. Ahead of Thor: Ragnarok, we discuss it. The SNES Classic is amazing, but Tee has a cautionary tale about eBay. So The Real ODP has done it, he’s getting the guys snipped. Tatum l TAYREL713...

Duration: 00:56:02

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 218: The Two Hole Theory

This episode was a delight, it went from sea herpes, sports, politics to punching Nazis. We then start one story about cocaine use in 2017 but that comes to a screeching halt when we start running the numbers on the record for most sexual partners in a twenty four hour period. The book version of IT is kind of fucked up. You know what, not even kind of, it’s just straight up terrible and we discuss why. The former Podfather has a very pregnant wife and, well, it sometimes leads to...

Duration: 00:57:36

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 217: @$$holes of the Outback

We weirdly start off all scientific discussing hurricanes and planetary storms then sharks and manatees and pandas. Boston, pro sports cheaters? The ODP and the missus are expecting once again and we have to get these jokes off because of it. Lunchbox suffers through a violation that is all too familiar to our lady listeners. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l Apple Podcast l Google Play l TuneIn l Facebook l Twitter l YouTube l Stitcher l Email l Amazon Wish...

Duration: 00:48:47

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 216: The Science of Gremlins

We test the Target exclusive Apple Pie Oreos along with special guest Wild Wild Wade the Motor Boating Madman. We talk fire starting, divorce and how those two meet. We discuss Batman: The Killing Joke and how different the animated adaptation is from the graphic novel. We go from comics to Unbreakable to Signs to the science of Gremlins. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l Apple Podcast l Google Play l TuneIn l Facebook l Twitter l YouTube l Stitcher l Email l Amazon...

Duration: 00:52:42

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 215: Stop Tiddy Shaming Me

We talk show production for a bit but then revisit the idea of a tiddy glory hole. Gabe keeps fighting for ice cream cake’s recognition and Tee continues to refuse him. SPOILERS for Season 7 of Game of Thrones. TheRealODP gets out on the links and shares the adventure with you and us. We discuss the expense associated with hobbies. We go over the Taylor Swift trial then randomly enough, vasectomies. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l Apple Podcast l Google Play l...

Duration: 00:51:30

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 214: Second Place Trophies

It’s a two man booth this week with just our host and the Former Podfather. We talk local politics, the ice cream man. We talk Video Games for the first time since like the pilot episode. We chat a bit about TV but then head full steam into a discussion about Confederate Statues, the second place trophy. We discuss how Hoteps be Hoteppin’ when Gabe ends up bumping into one. We finally discuss the Kyrie trade, an unintentional NFL boycott and our continued love for the city of Cleveland and...

Duration: 00:51:10

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 213: Donald Trump Killed All the Dinosaurs

We set it off testing a couple more of the good folk at Hershey’s Taste of America series of treats. California Strawberry Kit Kats and Texas Barbecue Payday. At the request of a listener we delve back into Lunchbox’s Chicago trip but first, a lesson on pronouns. Lunch had to head out, so two of the parents of the show talk shop. Tatum l TAYREL713 l Lunchbox l Gabe DOWNLOADS l RSS l Apple Podcast l Google Play l TuneIn l Facebook l Twitter l YouTube l Stitcher l Email l Amazon Wish...

Duration: 00:55:18

Stays Krunchy in Milk Episode 212: Cause these Ni**gas is Scientist!

The taste test machine that is SKiM rolls on this week with the Kroger/Albertsons exclusive PB & J flavored Oreos. A cookie that literally forced us to change how we review Oreos going forward. Childhood bathroom experiences can sometimes hold on for longer than one thinks, lol. With a surprise Ant drop in we have a chat about drugs and sobriety which is weird for a bunch of pretty much straight edge dudes. That crosses over to discussing musicians who used drugs. Ant is still addicted to...

Duration: 01:09:50

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