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Rich Hendler: Practicing Law, Super Skills and Learning to Ride the Wave

Professor Richard Hendler tells us about his experience studying the law, transitioning into teaching and finding the love of his life. In a story about riding the wave, Professor Hendler proves that finding and leaning on your "super skills" will yield a more than fulfilling life. - Directed: Niasham Jamshidi Andrew Slotnick Produced: Niasham Jamshidi Technical: Bob Kerr Daniel Thoennesson -

Duration: 00:56:00

Steven Avila: Cancer Battles, Obama Years and Living for the Future

First year MBA student, Steven Avila, tells us about his experience working in the Obama White House, pounding the pavement for the Hillary Clinton campaign, and overcoming a cancer diagnosis and treatment. In a story about resilience, Steven proves that you can always find positive energy to overcome challenges. Directed: Rachel Gordon Derek Fein Produced: Steven Carey Rachel Gordon Technical: Bob Kerr Daniel Thoennesson -

Duration: 00:46:47

Devna Shukla: Emmy Awards, Social Media and The Heart of Journalism

First year MBA student, Devna Shukla, tells us about her experience working in entertainment and media, what it takes to excel as a journalist, and the documentary that won her an Emmy. In a story about connection, Devna proves that emotional intelligence is highly relevant to executing at the highest level. - Directed: Rachel Gordon Derek Fein Produced: Naisham Jamshidi, Richa Deshpande Technical: Bob Kerr Daniel Thoennesson -

Duration: 00:42:51

Veterans Week Special(Re-Release): Chris Larsen

Originally Recorded 11/10/16 Chris Larsen: Bullets, Hands and Warrior Mindset First year MBA Student Christopher Larsen talks to us about his time as a Captain and Platoon-Leader in the Army. In an episode about resilience, and overcoming adversity he tells us the story of the battle that forever changed him. Special thanks to Diana Hyde, Nathan Pettit and Bob Kerr whose support made Stern Chats possible.

Duration: 00:24:21

Adam Scheer: Navy Seals, Veteran's Week and The Power of Shared Experience

First year MBA student and Veteran, Adam Scheer, tells us about his experiences on Navy Seal Team 5, his dedication to his teammates and the power of shared experience. In a story honoring Veterans Week and the tremendous students and Stern community members who defend our country, Adam shows us that heroism takes many forms.

Duration: 00:50:31

Dolly Chugh: Prison Education, Sabbaticals and "The Person you Mean to Be"

NYU Stern Professor Dolly Chugh tells us about her primary research topic, Implicit Bias, her work with the Prison Education program through NYU, and her upcoming book "The Person you Mean to Be”.(to be released September 2018) In a story about collaboration and self reflection, Dolly shows us the importance of being self-aware when caring for others. ***”NOTE: "The Person You Mean to Be", will be released by HarperCollins and available for pre-order over the summer”***...

Duration: 00:52:30

James Kingham: Quaker Values, Karaoke Songs and Coaching for Careers

NYU Stern Administrator and Head of Career Coaching, James Kingham, tells us about his journey into academia, passion for helping students and life outside of the office. In a story about coaching yourself and others to success, James shows us that positivity, proactivity and a succinct 60 second pitch may be three key ingredients to accomplishing your goals. Directed by: Rachel Gordon and Derek Fein Associate Producer: Anthony Russ Sound Design: Bob Kerr email:

Duration: 00:43:35

Estee Goldschmidt: ShopDrop, Russia and Finding your own Path

NYU Stern Alum and CEO of ShopDrop, Estee Goldschmidt, tell us about: what it takes to start a company, her time growing up in Russia and her unique path in getting to the NYC fashion scene. In a story about staying true to yourself, Estee shows us that focus, will and grit are keys to success. Support a Stern Alum : Download the App Shop Drop from the App Store today! Instagram@SternChats Email:

Duration: 00:39:20

Darrick Antell Jr: Race Cars, Start-ups and Anticipating the Curve

First year MBA student Darrick Antell Jr. tells us about his time as a race car driver, his entrepreneurial venture “Homer", and what he hopes to learn at NYU Stern. In a story about managing risks, Darrick shows us that sometimes you learn as much most from your failures as you do from your successes. email: Instagram/Twitter: @sternchats Sound Effects from: "AR Sound Effects” A Youtube channel created to promote the best royalty free sound effects.

Duration: 00:35:52

Scott Galloway: YouTube, Education and Understanding “The Four”

On the heals of the launch of his long-awaited book, "The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google," Professor Scott Galloway tells us about his research, philosophy on brands and the importance of strength, both inside and out. In a story about focus and curation, Professor Galloway shows us that lifelong learning is possible in academia and beyond. "The Four” Professor Galloway’s new book just launched on Oct 3rd! Make sure you pick up a copy! Instagram: @sternchats...

Duration: 01:04:58

Jordan Harris: Basketball, IMG and Adventures in Sports

Jordan Harris, second year MBA student, tells us about his journey to become a professional basketball player, his adventures abroad, and his work with IMG. In a story about focus and seizing oppurtunity, Jordan shows us that working hard in your career can bring you to some amazing places. follow us on Instagram: @sternchats email us:

Duration: 00:39:22

Diana Hyde: Reality Shows, Mentoring and Administrator of the Year

Diana Hyde, serial Administrator of the Year winner, tells us about what it's like to be on reality TV, her path to Stern and her passion for mentorship, particularly through Minds Matter. In a story about empathy and a touch of tough love, Diana shows us that "just showing up" can make all the difference. Instagram: @SternChats Email:

Duration: 00:41:27

Natalie Sammarco: North Korea, Censorship and The Quest to Learn Mandarin

Natalie Sammarco, second year MBA student, tell us about a trip to North Korea, the perils of censorship in China and her painstaking journey to become bilingual and master Mandarin as a professional. In a story about curiosity and perseverance, Natalie shows us that asking "why not?" can lead to unimaginable adventure. Follow us on Instagram: @sternchats email us:

Duration: 00:52:03

Gideon Banner: Monster Trucks, Soft Skills, and being a Blue Man

Gideon Banner, second year MBA student, tells us about performing with the Blue Man Group, pursuing an MBA and raising a family. In an episode about transformation, Gideon shows us that a little bit of humor, and efficiency, allows you to pursue a multitude of passions.

Duration: 00:35:44

Season 2 - Stern Chats

Welcome back for Stern Chats Season 2 New podcast episodes posted starting September 7th. Check out the Live Show, August 25th as an official part of NYU Stern LAUNCH week. Follow us on instagram @sternchats If you have a show idea or want to join the team email us:

Duration: 00:02:18

Peter Henry: Chocolate Factories, Scholarships and Life after the Deanship

Peter Henry, Dean of NYU Stern School of Business, tells us about growing up in Jamaica and how his roots inform his world view and passion for education. As the 9th and youngest Dean in Stern's history he recounts his pursuit of scholarships for students and lessons learned over his years in academia. In an episode about persistence, connection and making a difference Dean Henry provides a inside look at his legacy and years of leadership. Follow Stern Chats on Instagram: @SternChats If...

Duration: 01:03:08

Nate Pettit: Bodybuilding, Ambulances and Finding Balance

Nate Pettit, professor of management and leadership studies, tells us his story about digging deep within himself to accomplish incredible physical and intellectual feats. He recounts his bouts of severe anxiety, which inspired him to establish a commitment to maintain harmony and balance in his life. In an episode about connection, listening, and the importance of teaching, Nate motivates us to make the classroom as dynamic as the world outside it.

Duration: 00:38:14

Guy Brearey: Sailing, Business and Controlling the Controllables

First year MBA student Guy Brearey tells us about growing up in competitive sailing and training with Olympic gold medalists. He reflects on what it takes to win and how the lessons in sport translate to life and business

Duration: 00:22:47

Special Edition - Ally Week: Afiya Bediako

Ally Week (April 6-13) is meant to promote the practice of "Allyship," as we all seek to work to better understand and stand in solidarity with all groups represented at NYU Stern and in our future professional lives. Our NYU Stern Community seeks to further develop allyship within ourselves and others by creating dialogue that fosters learning and self-improvement and is free of criticism. In a special edition, first year student Afiya Bediako tells as a story of allyship and discusses...

Duration: 00:20:52

David Purdy: Bank Loans, Actors, and The Science of Narrative

Professor David Purdy tells us the story of leaving a senior finance job to become a full time actor. In an episode about blending art with business and science, Professor Purdy encourages us to engage our mind and our heart simultaneously.

Duration: 00:37:40

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