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Steve Dale’s Other World | Jackie Taylor and the Black Ensemble Theater with Daryl Brooks

Jackie Taylor was more than the founder of the Black Ensemble Theater in Chicago – she is a force of nature who created change when she launched the theater and continues to do doing just that. Listen to her mission: “To end racial prejudice.” That’s quite the mission for a local theater. But local Black Ensemble isn’t; their reach and impact continue to be national. This is a premiere company. Jackie explains why in recent years she’s chosen to present […]


Christmas Miracles, Holiday Classics, and much more!

Steve Dale fills-in for Patti Vasquez tonight on Pretty Late! Steve is joined in the studio by Chicago Police Department vocalist Arturo Andonaegui, Bob Salone, Vocalist Trish Keporos, and Chicago Police Department Chaplain Robert Montelongo, and his daughter Emily as they delight us with some Holiday classics. Brian and Diana Helig join the show to share their amazing Christmas Miracle; Kathy Mackal shares her story of falling in love with her dog Carmen, who was hit by a car and […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | Tim Grover: Relentless with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and more

Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable, a conversation with the trainer of athletic superstars including Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade and so many others. We talk about what makes a superstar. It turns out that it is more than raw talent that separates greats from true greatness. We talk about more than athletics, and Tim Grover’s book is more than about athletes, it’s about life. How to achieve your best, the best you can be. And how to […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | WGN Radio Legal Eagle, Karen Conti

In a conversation with WGN Radio’s legal analyst Karen Conti…but much more than that, Karen came up in her career experiencing abuse from men. For the first time she talks about how she dealt with that, and offers advice for women today in business – particularly attorneys. We also spoke about issues regarding family law. Sometimes it’s hard not to take some of these awful stories home. Conti first came to notoriety as a result of her work for John […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | On the Road with Roz

Roz Varon is beloved in Chicago, which is something you can’t say about every traffic reporter. She’s always been up front and honest about her own life, including her own breast cancer diagnosis, which we talk about. Her goal now is to help others. Roz, often with her daughter Sara, has traveled all over the place, and she details each journey in On the Road with Roz: Adventures in Travel and Life. Indeed, those adventures found them doing everything from […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | Dr. Tara Stoinski

It was 50 years ago that legendary primatologist Dr. Dian Fossey ventured to where no person (let alone a woman) had gone, the tops of the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, Africa to study mountain gorillas. Dr. Tara Stoinski, CEO/President and Chief Scientific Officer of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International offers a gorilla update. She talks about how Fossey – who the film “Gorillas in the Midst” was based – proved gorillas to be the very antithesis of the common […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | CPD Chaplain Robert Montelongo

In Las Vegas, we saw waves of first responders running toward danger. It’s what police officers and firefighters heroically do every day. “We don’t see ourselves as heroes,” says Chicago Police Department Chaplain Robert Montelongo. Generally speaking police across the country have been disparaged, and the result there is an epidemic of suicides among law enforcement in Chicago, and . The chaplain and I discuss why that might be so, and what ordinary citizens can do to demonstrate their...


Steve Dale’s Other World | Janice Gonzalez

Setting a standard for what you can do with the resources you have is the SPCA Puerto Vallarta. This is a no-kill animal sanctuary found on the outskirts of Puerto Vallarta, which takes in street dogs and abused dogs, and transforms them back to health (if need be) – no matter what it takes. Then, the dogs are adopted to homes mostly into homes Canada and the U.S. Most dogs find forever homes fairly quickly, but some dogs – those […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation

Vicki Santo explains why given all the choices of how to remember her late husband, Ron would have chosen this – an organization to pair diabetic alert service dogs with diabetics to support increasing their independence. Vicki explains close calls are more than costly (and sometimes life endangering) – they are cumulatively making the diabetes worse. Not long after Ron passed away, Vicki began the Ron and Vicki Santo Diabetic Alert Dog Foundation. Vicki talks about how one week Ron […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | Bowling for Rhinos!

Steve celebrates the rhinoceros with Lincoln Park Zoo keepers Caitlin O’Brien and Allycia Darst.


Steve Dale’s Other World: Bill Hurley

Warning: Listening to this podcast may make you thirsty. Bill Hurley, founder of Empirical Brewery helps us out with definitions, like craft breweries and micro-brews, and even a surprising aspect of what’s really an import. You won’t believe who owns some of America’s great legacy breweries. We talk about taste – and different types of beers, and what Empirical Brewery’s mission is (aside to quench thirst). Also, why Empirical Brewery loves cats....


Steve Dale’s Other World | Petr Myska

People think of exotic wildlife in far flung places like Africa, the Amazon Basin or Australia – but so much of it is as close as Mexico. Biologist, conservationist and photographer, Petr Myska, author of Viva Natura: A Field Guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico talks about how even as a tourist, you might take a day trip to see and swim with whale sharks, walk through a jungle with monkeys and a variety of lizards […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | Super Derm Girl

It’s not every day that I am blessed to have a superhero on a podcast. That’s right – there’s Superwoman, Superman and now Super Derm Girl! With a cape, moisturizer and sun block Renata Block protects the planet. And that is where we begin our conversation, seriously, how much sun screen to use, and when to use and when we may not need to. But it turns out, it’s mostly a good idea wear sun screen, everywhere but to bed, […]


Steve Dale’s Other World | Buses, Trains, Bikes and Legs

Instead of trains, boats and planes, the Active Transportation Alliance (ATA) supports public transportation, bicycles and walking. How does Chicago compare to other major cities? A lively discussion with Campaign Director Kyle Whitehead about transportation issues, as well as revealing future plans – especially changes along the lakefront that you may not have heard about. Chicago has become quite the bicycle city, and the future looks like there will be more of it, like it or not. Most...


Steve Dale’s Other World | “I Love Lucy” fans will love Stu Shostak’s Lucille Ball stories!

I bumped into a guy who’s name I heard before, but hadn’t ever met, Stu Shostak. He was Lucille Ball’s film archivist, and has amazing Lucy stories to tell. Stu doesn’t mince words, as he talks about her final and now greatly forgotten series “Life with Lucy.” What happened there? He has so many Lucy stories, we only fit a few into the allotted time – Lucy fans will love it! And Stu and Lucy were friends, they even hung […]


Steve Dale’s Other World: Dogs and Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer, and the non-profit Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) is helping to spread information and supporting research, all saving lives. Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness (OCSA) co-founder and executive director Vallie Szymanski and Board Member Dr. Kurt Kleptisch reveal amazing news – dogs may help in the effort to create a blood test for ovarian cancer (and even other types of cancers). This isn’t science fiction, and the experts describe just how close we...


Steve Dale’s Other World: Mike “Doc” Emrich

He’s arguably hockey’s greatest broadcaster, Mike “Doc” Emrich – and he’s a friend now of Steve Dale’s because it turns out the good Doc (and his wife) are a friend to animals. And Doc’s a fan of Steve’s Sunday morning WGN Radio show. What’s he doing up so early? We talk about Doc’s career – and how he got that nickname in the first place. And how, like many players, he worked his way up from the minor leagues to […]


Steve Dale’s Other World: Mark Burnell and Anne Pringle Burnell

Mark Burnell and Anne Pringle Burnell could win a local Grammy in an any number of categories for their eclectic abilities and performances, from jazz to pop to even gospel in a church music. Audiences have adored this love couple for years. Their story is a romantic one. Their dating service was music. And they live and breathe music, practicing in their town house – neighbors should pay a cover charge for hearing the free show. They play all around […]


Steve Dale’s Other World: Co-Founder of FlyOtto Rod Rakic

Americans like to fly, and as the prices become a bit more affordable, more of us are looking at the sometimes not-so-friendly skies. And corresponding, business travel is on the rise. But the experience can be stressful for a myriad of reasons, from TSA lines to over-sold airplanes. Rod Rakic, a FAA commercial rated pilot, volunteer Civil Air Patrol officer, and co-founder of FlyOtto says a huge factor to why air travel can be so stressful is because most travelers […]


Steve Dale’s Other World: Lincoln Park Zoo legend Dr. Lester Fisher

Chicago legend Dr. Lester Fisher, former director of the Lincoln Park talks about some of his most treasured personal relationships, including Sinbad the lowland gorilla. I happened to host the last of chimpanzee tea parties at the zoo, and we discuss if that was really the right thing to do. Back in the early days of the zoo, a surprising number of animals escaped, Fisher tells some of these stories. Sadly, even today, some species only exists only in zoos, […]


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