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Hockey blogger Steve "Dangle" Glynn and KiSS 92.5's Adam Wylde talk about hockey and silly things.

Hockey blogger Steve "Dangle" Glynn and KiSS 92.5's Adam Wylde talk about hockey and silly things.
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Toronto, ON


Hockey blogger Steve "Dangle" Glynn and KiSS 92.5's Adam Wylde talk about hockey and silly things.




Review | Nov 21, 2017

On this episode, the Leafs lost to the Coyotes last night (00:00), OEL isn't being traded for Nylander (29:00), are the Oiler in serious trouble (35:00), Radulov's postmortem (50:00), the Chicago Blackhawks stole people's money (53:00), opening gifts from listeners (1:11:11), and the press conference (1:20:00).

Duration: 01:22:30

Brawl | November 16, 2017

On this episode, Babsocks wants you to practice with Babcock (00:00), Do you the Calgary Flames have a goaltending issue (6:30), the giant brawl last night between the Flames and Wings last night (25:00), 31 Thoughts (Carey Price being traded, Spezza being traded, and Kucherov's day in court) (41:00), Steve wrote an article on the Lightning that you can find here -->> (48:30), Ovechkin & Malkin's...

Duration: 01:35:48

Frieza Saga | November 14, 2017

On this episode, the Montreal Canadiens signed Antti Niemi (00:00), the Toronto Maple Leafs recalled Nikita Soshnikov today (16:30), the Leafs beat the the Bruins twice! this weekend (23:30), JVR's TOI has been quiet (38:00), Brian Burke trolled the Toronto media (49:30), bad sports injuries (1:04:00), Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones are fighting (1:09:00), Pokémon is ruined forever, DRAGON BALL Z is the best show ever, Steve goes Super Saiyan, and Adam is Star Wars NERD (1:26:00). and the...

Duration: 02:00:15

It's November | November 9, 2017

On this episode, there are Leafs missing from practice, oh no (00:00), Adam doesn't want to order Panago Pizza (03:00), Freddy won the game last night (11:00), Have you heard of the Boston Bruins? Me neither. (36:00), Is Soshnikov off to the KHL (46:00), Nick Kypreos didn't start the Mitch Marner rumours (50:00), the Canucks and Jets are playing really well, here's a cookie (1:02:00), a Russian hockey player tested positive for steroids (1:15:00), Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones Ezekiel Elliott...

Duration: 01:41:27

Duchene Trade / Dennis Maruk & Ken Reid | November 7, 2017

On this episode, HOLY GUACAMOLE, Matt Duchess was traded to the Ottawa Senators, Kyle Turris was traded to the Nashville Predators, and the Colorado Avalanche got SEVEN THINGS. The boys discuss that deal as well as the Leafs win over the Vegas Golden Knights last night. ALSO! Dennis Maruk and Ken Reid join the show to talk about their new book "Dennis Maruk: The Unforgettable Story." You can purchase it via Amazon here:...

Duration: 02:03:54

Marveleau | November 2, 2017

On this episode, Steve wants to start (00:00), Adam fell asleep during the third period (04:00), do you like the Team Canada jerseys (10:00), the Edmonton Oilers lost again (18:00), Jim Rutherford hated the offside challenge penalty (34:00), Leafs beat the Ducks (38:00), Is Marleau clutch? (48:00), the Leafs D (57:00), the Cleveland Browns (1:05:00), and the press conference (1:11:00).

Duration: 01:21:00

Confronting the Buts | November 1, 2017

On this episode, Adam has a terrible pun (00:00), the Leafs has new line combinations (01:00), are we happy that Tyler Bozak is on the fourth line? (09:00), looks like the Leafs will sing Russian free agent Igor Ozhiganov in the summer (28:00), Vadim Shipachyov is headed back to the KHL (37:00), the Oilers are looking for offensive wingers (42:00), the Rangers are struggling (50:00), let's go through the current NHL standings (1:01:00), is tanking bad? (1:10:00), the NHL's goaltending...

Duration: 01:49:33

Chucky | October 26, 2017

On this episode, the Tampa Bay Lightning are really good and the Canadiens are really bad (00:00), Mario Tremblay says Alex Galchenyuk spent time in rehab over the summer (14:00), the Edmonton Oilers can score and Steve picks on Milan Lucic (35:00), the Arizona Coyotes are TURRIBLE (49:00), will Josh Leivo ever play a game? (58:00), the Knights are so good, but also bad at general managing (1:09:00), the Press Conference & Adam & Steve's Game 7 Toronto Maple Leafs Stanley Cup Winning Goal...

Duration: 01:38:53

Tricycle | October 24, 2017

On this episode, *Jesse is writing this right now be patient you jerk.*

Duration: 01:50:15

Early Bird | October 19, 2017

On this episode, Hi! new studios, the NHL Standings, & Buffalo (00:00), Montreal is in trouble (12:30), The LLEEEAAAFFFFSSSS game last night (30:00), Zach Hyman play bass (38:30), the L.A. Kings & Skip Bayless (47:00), the Blues are looking good (52:00), the Vegas & McDAvid's B-Day (59:00), the press conference, the story of Steve getting a second dog, & hockey cards! (1:08:00). Originally aired: October 19, 2017 Follow us on Twitter: @Steve_Dangle, @AdamWylde, & @JesseBlake Follow us on...

Duration: 01:20:32

Auston Matthews: Under-Appreciated Icon | October 17, 2017

On this episode, DAD strength (00:00), Auston Matthews isn't getting his due (06:00), Nenshi is back in office (14:00), TBL v DET (21:00), did you know that Mitch Marner is on the 4th line???!?!?!?! (33:00), are Bozak, JVR, & Leo Leafs' next year? (40:00), is it time to panic in Edmonton? (59:00), Oh yea, TOR v MTL happened (1:04:00), the Vegas Twitter account almost milkshake ducked (1:22:00), and Hockey cards & the Press Conference (1:29:00).

Duration: 01:36:22

Bardown with Adam Gongshow | October 12, 2017

On this episode, the Leafs' first lost of the season (00:00), Jake Gardiner's woes (6:00), JVR's contract situation (22:00), the Montreal Canadiens are trying to trade Mark Streit (37:00), Nial Yakapuv is HOT (50:00), STEVE IS UPSET AT GARY BETTMAN (53:00), Funny headline! (1:10:00), the Dart Guy Show (1:13:00), and the Press Conference! (1:24:00).

Duration: 01:45:31

Quiet | October 10, 2017

On this episode, Steve Dangle Podcast Marlies Night (00:00), the Leafs won AGAIN! (03:00), let's focus in on Auston for a moment (29:00), Adam has a terrible idea for overtime (37:00), so those Rangers (48:00), Peter Forsberg on Matt Duchene (54:00), what the hell is going on in Vegas (1:02:00), Pickard signing! (1:09:00), Kyle Turris (1:12:00), homegirl Bella Hadid is dope and fresh (1:24:00), and the Press Conference! (1:35:00).

Duration: 01:45:28

7eafs | October 5, 2017

On this episode, Marincin and Pickard are on waivers (00:00), holy crap the Leafs last night (11:00), Leo's visor (21:00), Eric Fehr looks great! (27:00), the battle of Alberta (35:00), the rest of the games last night (41:00), Eichel's extension (45:00), Mr Pythagorean Theorem again (1:01:00), and the press conference!! (1:12:00).

Duration: 01:28:02

Ron Maclean Aaltonen Fax | October 3, 2017

On this episode, RON MACLEAN IN STUDIO HOLY WOW OMG GUYS (0:00), Ron's upbringing (4:00), Ron was a Top 40 DJ just like Adam (10:30), how did Ron end up on HNIC (14:30), explain Gary Bettman to us Ron (28:30), Trump, kneeling, & the social / political aspects of hockey (34:00), why don't you use Twitter more (45:00), the upcoming season, what storylines are looking forward to? (49:00), Lou, Bab, & Shanny stories (54:00), TELL US ABOUT DON, RON (59:00), that one photo of you topless on a...

Duration: 01:41:23

Aaltonen Fax | September 28, 2017

On this episode, the audio on this episode is going to be terrible, please tweet @Steve_Dangle about it (00:00), is poutine good? (5:30), Josh Anderson is trying to bail on Columbus (9:00), the Leafs' pre-season victory vs Montreal last night (24:00), who's starting at 4C and on the final D pairing next Wednesday (36:00), is Uncle Leo's time coming to an end? (1:03:00), Erik Karlsson has a bionic ankle (1:09:00), and the audio died (1:13:00).

Duration: 01:15:23

CJ's Preseason Party | September 26, 2017

On this episode, Chris Johnston is in studio! And Adam paid WAY TOO MUCH for pre-season tickets (0:00), Auston's Matt-Trick (5:00), Leaf line combos (17:00), Marleau (27:00), who's starting on D? (32:00), Babcock said Anderson is "in shape" (50:00), Back to the D core (52:00), what did you think of the Canadiens last night? (56:00), who's looking great in the East? (1:03:00), who's looking great in the West? (1:09:00), Luuuupuuuul (1:15:00), AND politics, visiting the White House, Crosby,...

Duration: 02:08:54

Pete Blackburn | September 21, 2017

On this episode, Pete Blackburn!! (0):00), Pete’s firing, Fox Sports, & the #PivotToVideo (02:00), how hockey is perceived in the U.S. (14:00), the Boston Bruins (21:00), new face-offs & slashing rules (32:00), Kings & Canucks in China (39:00), more Lupul (42:00), Francesa, O’Donnell, and the pythagorean theorem. Originally aired: September 21, 2017 Watch the full episode here: Follow us on Twitter: Pete Blackburn @PeteBlackburn Steve Dangle: @Steve_Dangle Adam...

Duration: 00:51:10

Carly Agro | September 14, 2017

On this episode, Carly Agro (SNCarlyAgro) brought timbits and chocolate milk! (00:00), quick around the NHL (2:00), Carly's journey from Miami to Baltimore (11:00), should NCAA athletes be paid? (25:00), Assistant Captain Auston Matthews (32:00), Coilin White broke his wrist. oh noooo (37:00),McElhinney is in McEhlTrouble (44:00), Lupul's Instagram Post (56:00), that weird Panthers trade (1:13:00), and Face-Off Violations OH MY (1:17:00).

Duration: 01:24:55

Storie Serres | September 14, 2017

On this episode, awful Polak jokes (00:00), our guest Storie Serres @storiethepixie (02:00), Scott Moore President of Sportsnet Stories (05:00), how to speak in the voice of a social media channel (10:00), working on Hometown Hockey (23:00), interviewing Darryl Sittler (33:00), interviewing Chris Pronger (39:00), working with Ron MacLean (42:00), day to day on Hometown Hockey (47:00), how do you fight through mental fatigue? (1:00:00), Whitehorse & dogsledding (1:11:00), and the Pastrnak...

Duration: 01:32:18

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