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Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.

Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.
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Melbourne, VIC


Stick Together is Australia’s only national radio show dedicated to union and workplace justice issues.




The Screen Industry Stands Together

On this weeks show we hear from Zoe Angus at the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) to talk about the Union’s latest campaign which sees performers, producers, writer, directors and crew join forces to fight for the future of Australia’s screen industry. We also hear from Owen Bennett, president of The Australian Unemployed Workers Union which is currently collecting stories from unemployed people about their experiences with job agencies. Links from this weeks showAustralian...

Duration: 00:27:06

STRIKE! Childcare Educators Fight for Equal Pay

In addition to your weekly wrap of union news, our feature report this week is the recent nationwide strike of early childhood educators. This strike is the largest of its kind in the sector's history. Union members are standing up for equal pay and professional recognition. We cross to one of the rallies and speak with United Voice's Assistant National Secretary, Helen Gibbons.

Duration: 00:27:49

Murdoch University Cuts

News round-up with reports on:Murdoch University the first white collar work place threatened with removal of all conditions and wages to basic award settings.Rape & Domestic Violence Services Australia withdraws from the 1800RESPECT helpline, following shift to a for-profit business model. We give you the background and see how business sees rape as an opportunity.Song: All the Same by Moz who is in detention on Manus.

Duration: 00:29:59

Longford Dispute

News round-up plus we take you on-site to the Longford dispute down in Gippsland where Esso/ UGL have slashed wages and conditions of skilled maintenance workers using the same methods Carlton United tried on at CUB. The men outside the Esso gas plant are in for the long haul. We hear their side of the story.

Duration: 00:30:03

Equality Is Union Business

On this weeks show, along with our regular wrap of union news, we hear from Will Stracke about the same sex marriage postal survey and why Equality Is Union Business. Also, in light of the proposed merger between the CFMEU, MUE and TCFUA we speak to Max Ogden about the history of Union amalgamations in Australia.All those eligible to vote in the postal survey on same sex marriage must update their details by August 25th . You can do that by going to

Duration: 00:27:49

Strike! 1917

August 1917 saw one of the biggest industrial actions in Australian history. It began at the tram and rail workshops in Sydney and spread across Australia as more and more sections of the community went out in support. It was all about the introduction of Talyorism or time and motion structures into the railway work shops. Colin Hesse talks to Pat Cranney about the theatre piece he and Christina Mimmocchi have developed to commerorate this important event in Australian Working history.The...

Duration: 00:29:37

Battlefield Brisbane - bus strikes hit the Sunshine State

In addition to a weekly wrap of union news, this week we head to Brisbane where the industrial dispute at the City Council continues to rage. With more unions beginning action, we speak with the QLD RTBU about the strikes and the underlying issues that pushed bus drivers to strike.We also speak with the ASU's Leon Wiergard about another example of an employer trying to teminate an enterprise agreement. This time the employer is using the NDIS as a smokescreen to attempt to wipe away...

Duration: 00:27:50

Frown: A World of Unemployment

Outside Crown Casino in Melbourne the ETU and its supporters re-dubbed Jamie Packers cash cow Frown: A World of Unemployment as maintenance workers are fired as a cost cutting exercise.Greedy, the Fat Cat was there en lieu of Scabby the Rat who the courts decided was too threatening to be allowed to come to demonstrations of worker solidarity.

Duration: 00:28:49

The Gig Economy

As well as the regular wrap of News, this weeks show focuses on the Gig Economy and the issues this presents for workers. How does it work? Is there a role for government to protect these workers? What's the role of Unions? We speak with Daniel Victory from Maurice Blackburn Lawyers to discuss the 'gig economy'.

Duration: 00:27:37

Workers of the World Unite!

In addition to your weekly wrap of union news, this week we bring you a story of international solidarity that stretches across the Indian Ocean, and beyond. Unionists from Indonesia, Madagascar, Australia and elsewhere are locked in a fight with transnational stevedoring company ICTSI. This company's aggressive industrial stance and disregard for local laws and international labour conventions make it a threat to dock workers unions across the globe. We speak with union leaders from...

Duration: 00:27:49

Vic Govt Buys Mill - Saves Jobs

Heyfield’s mill threatened with closure while Mytleford workers locked out for 10 weeks with the corporate employer refusing to negotiate. The final outcomes very different but both sending shock waves through the industrial landscape.Ged Kearney Autralian Council Of Trade Unions the ACTU national President as she closes the NextGen 2017 ACTU Conference.

Duration: 00:28:54

How to Keep on Trucking

In addition to a weekly wrap of union news, this week we report on the War Against Workers Rally in Melbourne. We also speak with Tony Sheldon about the Senate inquiry into trucking.

Duration: 00:28:42

No Dignity in Cashless Welfare

The Healthy Welfare Card is a Coalition Government policy that will forcibly restrict 80% of unemployed Australian’s Newstart entitlement to a VISA-style debit card under the pretext of preventing unemployed workers from buying alcohol and drugs.On this week's show Owen Bennett from the Australian Unemployed Workers Union Joins us by phone to discuss the cashless card program.We also speak with Beth Vincent-Pietsch from the Community and Public Sector Union to discuss the Australian Public...

Duration: 00:27:49

The Importance of Penalty Rates

In addition to your weekly wrap of national union news, this week we feature highlights of a recent forum, held by the SEARCH Foundation about the importance of penalty rates and the union movement's response to the proposed cuts by the Fair Work Commission.

Duration: 00:27:58

Rallies & Rights

The Brisbane City Council has "locked out" members of the Electrical Trades Union the ETU for taking legal protected action over roster changes. University Students and Pensioners rallied against the most recent Federal Budget.

Duration: 00:29:00

Certainty for Disability

On this week's show, along with the weekly news wrap, we're back out the front of the ALP state conference to hear from HACSU about their ongoing fight with the Victorian Labor government over the plans to privatize disability services.Collin Hesse talks to MEAA CEO Paul Murphy about the recent strike at Fairfax and Annie Mcloughlin speaks with Sally McManus about the future struggles of our movement.

Duration: 00:25:34

More Dumb Cuts - Higher Education Funding

This week in addition to the weekly wrap of union news, we examine the cuts to higher education included in last week's Federal Budget. We talk with both staff and student representatives about what the cuts will mean.If you'd like to donate to the Carter Holt Harvey workers, you can head to

Duration: 00:28:01

Profit, Pain & the 457 Ploy

News from Loy Yang, FairFax and Queensland MUA.Privatising of community services is a recipe for putting profit before people. We speak to Simone White from the NSW Rape and Domestic Violence Service and a ASU member.We will follow up why Ged Kearney from the ACTU resigned from the Federal Governments Ministerial Advisory Council for Skilled Migration (MASCM) as soon as Turnbull announced the 457 visa would be dropped.

Duration: 00:28:57

Justice for the Working Life?

In addition to a weekly wrap of union news, this week we report on the International Workers Memorial Service in Melbourne. We also cover the abuse of traineeship wages in the hospitality sector.

Duration: 00:27:40

On the PaTH to $4 an hour

On this week's show we look at the Federal Government's Prepare, Trial and Hire Program, PaTH. First announced in the 2016 Budget and recently launched, despite legislation for it's full implementation not yet passing the senate.

Duration: 00:27:37

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