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Two "Modern Cannabis Tokers" venture into the unknown as they discuss their lives, the weather, the seasons, pop culture, politics, current events, and any other bit of useless information that enters their stoner brains. Stone & Nutz together, podcast a comedy show two times a week (Wed & Friday) and entertain you with not only their interesting insight on topics, but of course their interesting style of comedy that includes basically f*cking with people! Yes, they do pranks, punks, pussy popping, and more! So grab grandpa's ol' pipe, load em up, grip it... and rip it! Just don't forget to press play on the podcast.




“Willie Mac” - Nutz Radio #007 - Beers & Smoking Meat Outside w/. Scotty Nutz

Scotty Nutz breaks out his gear, and does an episode of #NutzRadio with Willie Mac; a personal friend of Scotty! They talk while smoking some meat, and enjoying some El Buscador #descendantsbeer! Let's go for a rip with Scotty Nutz + friends! Scotty Ridin' solo in this latest episode #007

Duration: 00:55:13

“Tommy Runs For Mayor” - Nutz Radio w/ Tommy Stone #006

Tommy Stone is running for Mayor?! And he is getting endorsements? In this episode Scotty Nutz and Tommy Stone run solo; just shooting the shit, and kicking back with some random conversations.

Duration: 00:46:35

“Mike Caswell” - Nutz Radio w/ Tommy Stone #005

Mike Caswell from 502 of Comedy, joins Tommy Stone and Scotty Nutz on this episode!

Duration: 01:04:58

Tommy Stone: "Lame Open Mic Scrub" 2017 - Debut Comedy Album

The Atmosphere of an Open Mic is something special! The Stench of Body Odor, Hecklers, interruptions, distractions, & generally uncanny people. This is where comedy is born! Comedian Tommy Stone highlights this world of the open mic comedy scene, by diving into the deep and dark places of his unhinged brain. Sometimes you just feel like a "Lame Open Mic Scrub," It's not good, It's not bad. It's an Open Mic! --------------- "Lame Open Mic Scrub" (sometimes referred to as, "Tommy Stone: Year...

Duration: 00:32:34

“Angelia Petrillo” - Nutz Radio w/ Tommy Stone #004

Angelia Petrillo is a stand-up comedian. She joins Scotty Nutz and Tommy Stone where Ang, and Tommy take over the show with their quick back and forth banter. Enjoy as we dive into topics that range from hecklers at shows, lesbian monster truck drivers, dicks being gross, love for vagina, getting cum on her back, and more! Listen to episode four of Nutz Radio with Tommy Stone with our special guest Angelia Petrillo!

Duration: 01:17:55

"Ray Meoni" - Nutz Radio w/ Tommy Stone #003

Ray Meoni is a Walmart Greeter, along with being a freshly turned 21 year old stand-up comedian! Take a journey down "What the fuck! street" with Scotty Nutz and Tommy Stone as they learn about Ray's first time having sex, his high paying job at walmart, fighting crime, performing comedy, stage dive fails, and we talk about Ray's love of eating ass. (He didn't actually say he loved it, but we are just assuming because he didn't say he hated it!) Enjoy this latest episode of Nutz Radio with...

Duration: 00:58:34

“Comedic Shart, Bryan Walsh” - Nutz Radio W. Tommy Stone #002

Scotty Nutz and Tommy Stone are back with another podcast! This week "Comedic Shart" Bryan Walsh calls in! He is a stand-up comedian, known for having fatherly knuckles; along with being very handsome! Diving into Mr. Bryan's brain; he opens up about raising a daughter in this generation, ISIS mind controlling your children at home, homosexual acts with men, and much more fun filled topics that will surely leave a satisfying taste of spunk in your mouth! Enjoy this podcast. It's COMEDIC GOLD!

Duration: 01:33:39

“Thomas The Red” - Nutz Radio W. Tommy Stone #001

“Thomas The Red” is a stand-up comedian viking who performs his comedy in the Northeastern, PA area! What other comic performs with a blood covered face? Well Tom does! Join Scotty Nutz, and Tommy Stone with special guest stand-up comic viking, "Thomas The Red" on the FIRST official episode #001 of "NUTZ RADIO with TOMMY STONE"

Duration: 01:06:55

Stone & Nutz Rebooted! Late Nite Pilot : EPISODE #00 - Nutz Radio w/ Tommy Stone

Tommy Stone and Scotty "Maple" Nutz reboot their entire podcast with a new show! Nutz Radio w/ Tommy Stone! The boys are back in town! Take a listen to this pilot episode that was recorded in the late night hours!

Duration: 01:25:34

Box of Broken Toys #001 - Bryan Walsh & Tommy Stone

Box of Broken Toys #001 - Bryan Walsh & Tommy Stone; two stand-up comedians! The first official pilot trial episode. Dad Knuckles and Young Clit talk in the attic while Dad Knuckles' kids quietly make cup cakes downstairs! Each episode will feature brand new guests & comics!

Duration: 01:03:01

#109: The Return of Stone & Nutz - Kanye West Dead, Triggered, Feminist, Midget, Alabama, UFC 205

#109: The Return of Stone & Nutz - Triggered, Feminist, Midget, Alabama, UFC 205 Tommy Stone and Scotty Nutz catch up and have a great discussion about what the fuck is going on with Kanye West. Oh, and the rest is just a good fucking time!

Duration: 02:09:30

Tommy Stone Show Episode #07 - Diving into Stand-up Comedy

Tommy Stone is back recording a podcast talking about why he hasn't posted a podcast in awhile. Talks about how he is diving into Stand-up Comedy. Also gives an update on The Stone & Nutz Podcast, and where Scotty Nutz has been.

Duration: 00:30:03

The Tommy Stone Show #04 : Let's Get Personal + Tommy Gets Kicked in the Nuts by Chris Jones

Tommy talks about his family vacation from Hell, the sexy waitress who got him drunk as a skunk, and how his Dad might be an asshole. Dive into the mind of Tommy after getting his balls kicked by another stand-up comedian, Chris Jones; live on stage. Also featuring a exclusive post-interview with comedian headliner of the night, Chris Jones. + this episode features Tommy Stone getting really emotional talking about recent events and topics. Enjoy and take a listen! This is... The Tommy...

Duration: 00:51:45

Episode #01 with Tommy Stone : The Post-OPEN Mic Comedy Podcast(5/22/2016)

Tommy Stone sits down and talks about his night at the Sherman Showcase Open Mic event for 5/22! My new Pilot of a new Podcast I'm demo'ing EXCLUSIVE to my facebook friends: "The POST-OPEN Mic Comedy Podcast with Tommy Stone" WATCH NOW / LISTEN NOW>>> description: Tommy is Talking about some of the great people down at the venue, joking about getting hit on by gay dudes, and hyping up the amazing venue; including its lovely volunteers! For the first time ever a...

Duration: 01:06:01

#107: Guns N' Roses at The Rogers Centre in Canada

Tommy and Scotty are getting tickets for Guns N' Roses LIVE at the Rogers Centre in Canada! Can they successfully get tickets? Also the podcast is crashed by some Drunk dude named Mike who just rudely walks in and provides Scotty Nutz with his ultimate weakness.... BOOZE! Enjoy and listen to the piss-fest!

Duration: 02:41:40

#106: Kim Kardashian LIVE with us! - Talk About Being #1 Ranked Porn star + more - April 1st, 2016

Tommy Stone and Scotty "Maple" Nutz do a podcast with Kim Kardashian! Yeah right, April fools! Nutz brings over his buddy and we end up recording 3 hours of some great conversations about strippers, cocaine, drugs, pussy, buttholes, strip clubs, and other dirty shit. Take a listen its fun. His friends name is Mike. Tommy Stone and Scotty Nutz are back with episode #106 of the podcast. Being released on April fools! NO KIM K. DID NOT COME ON OUR SHOW! BUT WE DO TALK ABOUT HER!

Duration: 02:54:08

#091: Jared Fogle Has Over 5 Terabytes of Child Porn?! | Psychedelic Ghosts | Our Universe of Wonder

It is getting way too much. Jared Fogle is back in the news. It is rather silly listening to how he had more Child Porn, than Tommy Stone has regular porn! Porn is fun, but when it comes to children, you are an asshole. Take those 5TB's of dirty kiddie porn and burn it in hell. With Jared himself. Before we get too pissed off, lets calm down and have a talk about the good ol' psychedelics and how they relate to our brains. Is seeing a ghost a psychedelic experience? Are ghosts even real?...

Duration: 00:33:45

#090: Jared Fogle Must Die

Maple and Tommy dive into a week of what is flowing through their brains. It seems like Jared Fogle is becoming far too easy to make fun of!

Duration: 00:35:09

Nutz Experiences DMT & LSD | Jared Fogle on Dr. Phil | Halloween 2015 - (10/31/15)

This week after a few power outages and tech issues we are ready to hear about what went down with Maple Nutz. Having "Hippy" Greg hook him up with some safe psychedelics; Nutz takes his consciousness to a new level with the use of DMT ( Dimethyltryptamine ) and LSD! Plus we have other worldly stuff to talk about! Show notes~ - Power outage in Tomb's area discussion - Maple Trying LSD & DMT this week - LSD and DMT being safer and harder to overdose on than alcohol - GOP Debate being a joke...

Duration: 00:58:52

Killer Anti-Drug Canadian Whales Making Earth Quakes in the Middle East | 10/26/2015

We missed doing our Saturday podcast this weekend, so we decided to record a special this Monday! We talk about the joke of a D.A.R.E. anti drug program, Lamar Odom (again lol), The Walking Dead Death scene, Halloween on LSD, and Canadian Killer Whales. Not to mention there is an earth quake in the middle east. It is Monday and the world is already so fucked!

Duration: 00:53:50

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