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Stories Podcast - A Free Children's Story Podcast for Bedtime, Car Rides, and Kids of All Ages!

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On the Stories Podcast, we perform a new story for your children every week. The stories range from retellings of fairy tales like Snow White to classic stories like Peter Rabbit and even completely original works. Everything is G rated and safe for all ages. The perfect kids podcast for imaginative families. Whether you’re driving with your children or just want to limit your kids’ screen time, Stories Podcast delivers entertainment that kids and parents alike will love.




The Buried Moon

A slightly spooky story from Old English folklore. The moon decides to explore a swampy area known as the Carland, but the monsters who live their don't want to let her leave again. It's up to a lucky traveler and a nearby village to set her free! Support the show at

Duration: 00:16:38

Old Lion Bold Lion

A rhyming story poem based off the old fable of the Lion and the Fox. It's fun and great for younger kids especially! Get the show ad-free at

Duration: 00:09:24

Inch High Samurai

Little Boshi wants to be a samurai more than anything, but he was born just one inch tall! Can the little guy accomplish his big dreams? Listen and see! Support the show at

Duration: 00:22:03

A Contest of the Gods

Ancient Athens, shining beacon of Greece, has been completed, but it has no name. The God Poseidon and the Goddess Athena compete to see who will win the patronage of the city. Support the show at and check out

Duration: 00:10:43

The Moringa Grove (Summer 2017)

Animals are gathered at the Moringa Grove for a truce, but how will they fare when the vultures turn the striped animals against the spotted and the spotted against the striped?

Duration: 00:08:58

Bats, Beasts and Birds

A take on the classic fable. What happens when you try and play both sides? Can the bat convince the birds and beasts that she's totally on their side? Find out! (BTW, Bats are totally mammals) Ad-free episodes at

Duration: 00:15:42

Dog King: Dog Days of Summer

Dog King, Pickles, Rambo and the rest of the gang are back for another adventure. How does Dog King keep his alley kingdom cool during the hottest days of summer? Listen and find out! Ad-free episodes at

Duration: 00:21:59

The Girl Who Kissed the Moon

A traditional creation myth from the Tupi-Guarani indigenous people of Brazil. A girl wants to be a star, but will the moon help make her wish come true? Support the show at

Duration: 00:16:05

Bad News Good News

Dave wants to be the best knuckleball pitcher of all time, but bad news gets in the way. Inspired by the Taoist story of good and bad news. Support the show at

Duration: 00:25:12

Paul Revere's Ride

Paul Revere's Ride, the classic poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Have a happy 4th of July!

Duration: 00:12:41

Sybil: Hero of the American Revolution

You've heard of the ride of Paul Revere? Well, he wasn't the only one! Here is the true story of Sybil Ludington, a young girl from New York and an American hero of the Revolutionary War. Happy 4th of July!

Duration: 00:27:14

Jasper's Shell

Sometimes growing up is scary, especially when you have to leave your old home behind! Listen as Jasper the hermit crab and his friends try to find new shells to call home as they grow. Support the show at for ad-free episodes!

Duration: 00:34:55

The Leaky Pot

The classic tale of the leaky pot, performed with some fun added songs. Sometimes what feels like a terrible flaw is actually a blessing in disguise! Support the show at for our ad-free feed.

Duration: 00:08:22

Three Little Pigs (Rebroadcast)

A fun take on the classic story of the Three Little Pigs! Fun songs throughout and a great final message. Support the show and get ad free episodes at

Duration: 00:17:56

The Emperor's Seeds

The classic fable of the Emperor's seeds. An old story that illustrates the value of honesty, even when it's not the easy thing to do. Support the show at

Duration: 00:13:14

Soft: The First Dog (Part 3 of 3)

The thrilling conclusion to Soft: The First Dog! Mazzy and Soft are nearing the end of their journey, but will they be able to make it through their most difficult challenges yet? Support the show at

Duration: 00:44:59

The Croc from Doonadoo

In the deepest darkest river of the jungle Doonadoo, there lived a wild crocodile who mainly loved to chew. Listen to his song! Support the show and get commercial free episodes at

Duration: 00:08:14

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox

The classic Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox. We cover Paul's most auspicious birth, his tremendous size, and how he met his friend Babe the Blue Ox. Get all our episodes ad-free at

Duration: 00:12:10

Soft: The First Dog (Part 2 of 3)

Recommended for ages 7 and up. Mazzy and Soft, the young wolf, come together in the wake of the fire and start out across the ancient plains of the ice age. They're in search of their families, but they aren't the only ones. Thanks for listening! Support the show at

Duration: 00:30:25

Soft: The First Dog (Part 1 of 3)

Recommended for ages 7 and up, here's the ancient story of how the first dog was tamed. A young girl, a fierce wolf pup, hardship, friendship and more, all set in 15,000 BC. Thanks for listening! Support the show at

Duration: 00:32:20

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