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Story Shamans Podcast – Episode 7 – Spartacus

SPOILERS Spartacus SHOW NOTES: What's Kubrick's Spartacus? Stanley Kubrick put out a flick about Spartacus back in 1960. Check out the trailer here. On Andy's passing and Liam taking over the role of Spartacus. You'll continually hear us refer to the seasons of this show with numbers: Blood and Sand = season 1. Gods of the Arena = season 0. Vengeance = season 2. War of the Damned = season 3. Chronological progression of the story inside the narrative: (0) Gods of the Arena (1) Blood and Sand...

Duration: 01:17:25

Story Shamans Podcast – Episode 6 – The O.C.

SPOILERS: The O.C., Veronica Mars kinda, Mad Men kinda. SHOW NOTES: The End of The O.C. Related Shamans Videos to Check out: Moment Cubby Emotion Cubby Moral/Meaning Cubby Season 1: Full Circle Season 2: Contradiction

Duration: 01:06:02

Story Shamans Podcast – Episode 4 – Mad Men

SPOILERS: Mad Men SHOW NOTES: Crash Course: Existentialism Timothy Leary Albert Hofmann What's a fractal? Actually, RC cola was fairly well known in the 1960s, that IS the right time period. Check out the seven season videos starting here. Mad Men won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series for season 1, season 2, season 3, and season 4. Related Shamans Videos to Check out: Identity vs. Essence Season 3: Point of No Return Season 4: Change of Circumstances Season 7 Season Variations...

Duration: 02:21:40

Story Shamans Podcast – Episode 3 – The Shield

SPOILERS: The Shield, The O.C. kinda..., Game of Thrones kinda... SHOW NOTES: Platonic Forms Son of a Beach Magnum P.I. gets dark. Kevin Williamson was the creator of Dawson's Creek as well as Scream. Joss Whedon Glenn Close's character's name was Captain Monica Rawling. The Shane/Ronnie beard joke actually occurred in season 6, episode 5. Vic beats Armadillo with a large law book. Related Shamans Videos to Check out: Resolution of the Core Conflict Core Concept Impossible Decision Season...

Duration: 02:04:43