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Rebecca Spencer - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Rebecca Spencer November 15, 2017: Rebecca Spencer is simply one of the best actors and singers working in musical theatre today. Her theatrical career was based in New York City for over 28 years before she moved to Los Angeles. Rebecca was an original 1997 Broadway cast member of Jekyll & Hyde. And as […] The post Rebecca Spencer appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:09:10

Lenora Nemetz - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Lenora Nemetz November 8, 2017 Lenora Nemetz is one of the most versatile performers to ever work on Broadway and beyond, and one of Pittsburgh’s greatest talents. A protégé of the legendary Director/Choreographer, Bob Fosse, Lenora is one of a rare breed of musical theatre performers. She’s acted, sung, and danced her way across the […] The post Lenora Nemetz appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:10:14

Peter Bogyo - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Peter Bogyo November 1, 2017 Peter Bogyo is a theatrical General Manager of award-winning Broadway and Off-Broadway shows, Executive Producer and a leading producer of Special Events and Benefit Concerts. His book, Broadway General Manager: Demystifying the Most Important and Least Understood Role in Show Business is available at Broadway, he’s been the General […] The post Peter Bogyo appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:06:56

Norman Steinberg - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Norman Steinberg Norman Steinberg is one of the single best writers of comedy in the history of the genre. Norman’s work has been recognized with an Emmy Award, a Writer’s Guild Award and a British Academy Award nomination. He has written or co-written screenplays for numerous films including some of the greatest movie comedies of […] The post Norman Steinberg appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:34:02

Chuck Wagner - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Chuck Wagner Chuck Wagner may well seem familiar to you because he’s a seasoned veteran Broadway performer. He has appeared on TV and on numerous stages everywhere. For over five years he starred on Broadway as the Beast in Disney's smash hit stage musical Beauty and the Beast. He originated the role of Rapunzel's Prince and toured the United States as both Cinderella's […] The post Chuck Wagner appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:04:23

Peter Desberg - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Peter Desberg Peter Desberg is a man who knows a thing or two about what it takes to create comedy. Peter and his writing partner, Jeffrey Davis, have released a greatly informative new book called Now That’s Funny! The Art and Craft of Comedy Writing. The book provides an intimate look into the minds of […] The post Peter Desberg appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:08:12

David Newell - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

David Newell Recorded August 7, 2017 David Newell is an actor known primarily for his portrayal of the beloved Mr. McFeely, the deliveryman on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Mr. McFeely’s most famous catchphrase is "Speedy Delivery!" He toured the country as Mr. McFeely until 2015, promoting Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, […] The post David Newell appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:25:36

Cheri and Bill Steinkellner - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Cheri and Bill Steinkellner Recorded August 4, 2017 Cheri and Bill Steinkellner are exceptionally talented, multi-award-winning screenwriters, librettists, and producers. Cheri and Bill have several Emmys, Golden Globes and Writers Guild awards for writing and producing Cheers; plus a few more Emmys, British Academy Awards, and Parent's Choice honors for the animated series and critically-acclaimed […] The post Cheri and Bill Steinkellner appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:13:11

Hal Ackerman - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Hal Ackerman Recorded July 23, 2017 Hal Ackerman is co-chair emeritus of the UCLA Screenwriting Program. His book “Write Screenplays That Sell...The Ackerman Way” is now in its third printing and is becoming the text of choice in a growing number of screenwriting programs around the country.He has sold material to all the broadcast networks […] The post Hal Ackerman appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:15:59

Amy Aniobi - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Amy Aniobi Recorded August 14, 2017 Amy Aniobi is a supervising producer on the hit HBO comedy "Insecure.” She also has a project in development at Amazon with Jill Soloway’s Topple Productions. Her past produced credits include NBC’s “Trial & Error,” HBO's "Silicon Valley," NBC's "The Michael J. Fox Show," and web series "Lisa and […] The post Amy Aniobi appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 00:44:25

Scott Christian Sava - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Scott Christian Sava Recorded July 28, 2017Scott Christian Sava is an incredibly talented artist, writer, producer, and director. Over the last twenty years, Scott Christian Sava's work has brought some of the world's most beloved characters to life in film, television, comics, and games. From Casper the Friendly Ghost to The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers […] The post Scott Christian Sava appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 00:59:20

Jeff Leisawitz - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Jeff Leisawitz Recorded July 21, 2017​Jeff Leisawitz burns with a mission—to inspire screenwriters, artists, filmmakers, musicians and every other creative human to amp up their creativity, heal their hearts and shine in the world.Jeff is an award-winning musician/ producer, a college instructor, a critically acclaimed author and internationally distributed filmmaker who has devoted his life […] The post Jeff Leisawitz appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:04:34

Laura Harkcom - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Laura Harkcom Recorded July 14, 2017 Laura Harkcom is a Los Angeles-based writer and producer. Laura co-created, wrote and produced the TV series, The Lost Room, for the SyFy Channel. The show was nominated for two Emmys and a Writers Guild Award. The New York Times called it “…a jackpot for a mystery series,” while […] The post Laura Harkcom appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:06:17

Paige Davis - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Paige Davis Recorded June 28, 2017 Paige Davis is one of the most versatile performers working on stage and screen today. She’s an actor-singer-host and author, perhaps best known as the effervescent star of Trading Spaces, TV’s groundbreaking, Emmy-nominated design-reality show.Paige recently co-hosted Home and Family for the Hallmark Channel and was the host of […] The post Paige Davis appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:09:02

Richard Walter - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Richard Walter Recorded June 23, 2017: Richard Walter is a screenwriter, author of best selling fiction and nonfiction, celebrated storytelling educator, associate dean, entertainment industry expert and longtime professor and chairman of the celebrated, highly regarded graduate screenwriting program at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.His books include the novels Escape From Film […] The post Richard Walter appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:07:24

David Paterson - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

David Paterson Recorded June 21, 2017. David Paterson is an award-winning playwright and screenwriter, who has penned over two-dozen plays, fifteen of which are published through Samuel French. His works have been performed on Broadway, Off Broadway and around the world. He’s the only playwright ever to have three plays premiere on the New York […] The post David Paterson appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 00:58:43

Christopher Lockhart - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Christopher Lockhart Recorded June 16, 2017. Christopher Lockhart is Hollywood’s foremost story professional. As Story Editor at WME, the world's largest diversified talent agency, Chris curates projects for A-list actors such as Denzel Washington, reading and exploring through piles of screenplays, magazines, books, old movies, TV shows, and pitches in search of potential film projects.Chris began his career […] The post Christopher Lockhart appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 00:54:44

Len Uhley - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Len Uhley June 9, 2017. Len Uhley is an award-winning Animation Screenwriter and Story Editor. Len received the 2014 Writers Guild of America Animation Writers Caucus Animation Writing Award, in recognition of his 30-year career and his “outstanding contributions to animation writing.” Len made his first professional sale while he still a junior at UCLA’s School […] The post Len Uhley appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 01:00:36

Barbara Curry - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Barbara Curry May 31, 2017: Barbara Curry is an in-demand screenwriter. She wrote the hit motion picture thriller, THE BOY NEXT DOOR, starring Jennifer Lopez. Barbara also wrote the romantic comedy, ANYTHING FOR LOVE, starring Erika Christensen, that aired on the Hallmark Channel as a Valentine’s Day movie event. Most recently, Barbara sold her original […] The post Barbara Curry appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 00:53:58

Chris Rawson - Storybeat with Steve Cuden

Chris Rawson May 26, 2017: Chris Rawson is the highly respected senior theater critic for both the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, for which he reviews several times a month, and for KDKA-TV’ s Pittsburgh Today Live. From 1983 to 2009 he was the Post-Gazette’s full-time theater editor and critic, fully covering the theater scene in Pittsburgh and […] The post Chris Rawson appeared first on Storybeat with Steve Cuden.

Duration: 00:43:27

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