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Episode 17 - Star Jelly

Back in March, listener Yolanda contacted me; "How about an episode on a strange substance known as star jelly, also called astral jelly, star rot, or star shot." Well I'd never heard of this mysterious gloop, so decided to do a bit of research. This episode focusses on what little we know about so called Star Jelly, which many believe to be an extraterrestrial substance deposited after meteor showers and even UFO encounters. Produced & presented by Chris Batchelor. Theme music by Ben...

Duration: 00:14:41

Episode 16 - The Broad Haven UFO

40 years ago something strange happened on a school playing field in Broad Haven, Wales in the United Kingdom. A group of young school children spotted what they believed to be a space ship and spaceman near their playground. But this wasn't a one-off sighting. Their claims came at a time of a wave of sightings in the area in 1977, leading it to be know as the Dyfed Triangle. In this episode we explore the mysterious Broad Haven UFO. Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out...

Duration: 00:14:19

Episode 15 - More than just Coincidence?

Is coincidence really just random? Or does fate exist and something bigger is going on? In this episode we explore the strange phenomena that is, coincidence. Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at Theme Music by Ben Sound - If you enjoy Strange Podcast and would like to show your support, please consider making a donation; Also, get your button badge here;

Duration: 00:14:57

Episode 14 - The Tunguska Explosion

Here's a question, what would you say is the largest explosion in human history? You may immediately be draw to the answer, Hiroshima or Nagasaki? However you'd be wrong! In this episode we look into an explosion that was roughly 1000 times more powerful than Hiroshima. With a fireball 100 meters wide, and destroyed 80 million trees. To this day, the cause of the explosion remains a mystery. Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at Theme Music by...

Duration: 00:13:33

Episode 13 - Unlucky 13

For hundreds of years the number 13 has been surrounded in fear, mystery and intrigue. For some, 13 is a number to avoid, some buildings have no 13th floor, some hotels have no room 13, and some airlines refuse to include a 13th row in their aircraft. In this, our 13th episode, we investigate where this superstition originates, and why it's observed by so many of people and multi national corporations. Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at...

Duration: 00:15:43

Episode 12 - The Curse of the Crying Boy

Is it possible for a painting to be cursed? The homes in which the paintings hang, have mysterious fires that always leave the painting intact and undamaged, but the property devastated. So what is this painting, and would you be brave enough to hang it in your home? Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at Theme Music by Ben Sound -

Duration: 00:17:02

Episode 11 - A Very Strange Christmas

If you like your Christmas specials to include a celebrity disappearance, spontaneous human combustion, and a bizarre seasonal UFO, then you've come to the right place! This is Strange Podcast's Christmas Special 2016. This time we take a look at some of history's most unusual happenings during the festive season. So, sit back with your favourite Christmas drink, and raise a glass to A Very Strange Christmas. Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at...

Duration: 00:14:46

Episode 10 - A Tragic Premonition

For 20 years a mysterious handprint was visible on a Chicago fire station window. It could not be cleaned off, buffed or even scrapped off. Many believe the handprint belong to Francis Leavy a fire fighter who was cleaning the window when he predicted his own death in 1924. Was this handprint all that remained of a tragic premonition? Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at Music by Ben Sound -

Duration: 00:26:17

Episode 9 - The Solway Firth Spaceman

On 23 May 1964, Jim Templeton, a firefighter from Carlisle, Cumberland, took three photographs of his five-year-old daughter while on a day trip to Burgh Marsh. Templeton said the only other people on the marshes that day were a couple of old women sitting in a car at the far end of the marsh. Jim Templeton was shocked when the middle picture came back from Kodak displaying what looks like a spaceman in the background. But that's just the start of this strange photographic...

Duration: 00:17:13

Episode 8 - Halloween Special

Strange Podcast is back! Here's our Halloween Special, three spooky ghost stories all apparently true! Listen with the lights off, if you dare! Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at Music by Ben Sound -

Duration: 00:17:11

Episode 7 - British Big Cats

A wild cat escapes from Dartmoor Zoo and evades capture, roaming the British country side for three weeks. But is this rare lynx the only non native beast out there? For years there have been rumours and legend, blurry photos and shaky footage, of what some claim to be, Big Cats in the British countryside! In episode 7 we take a look at these strange claims, is there any truth behind these reports? Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at Music by...

Duration: 00:22:44

Episode 6 - Electric People

In episode 6 of Strange Podcast, we turn our attention to electrical people! Are you a Slider? Have you ever walked down a street and found your presence is affecting the street lamps above you? We tell the story of Jacqueline Priestman, a woman plagued by a strange static electrical charge. But is she alone? Or is this a common condition found throughout the world? Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at Music by Ben Sound -

Duration: 00:18:17

Episode 5 - Ghost Ships

In Episode 5 we look at the greatest maritime mystery, The Marie Celeste. We also focus on other strange and mysterious ghost ship stories including; SS Baychimo - A ship drifting for 38 years after she was abandoned. Marlborough - Eventually found 23 years after it disappeared. The Kobenhavn - Lost at sea, there were a number of sightings of a mysterious five-masted ghost ship fitting its description. Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at...

Duration: 00:16:46

Episode 4 - The WOW Signal

In 1977, astronomer Jerry R. Ehman of SETI observed a data signal so unique he drew a red circle around it and wrote “Wow!” to emphasize the discovery. The source of the signal was never identified, leading some to say it was aliens. Presented & produced by Chris Batchelor Find out more at Music by Ben Sound -

Duration: 00:10:29

Episode 3 - The Man They Could Not Hang

In 1885, a convicted killer suddenly became a legend. Sentenced to death for the murder of his employer at her home on Babbacombe Beach, John Lee mysteriously survived three attempts to execute him at Exeter Prison. Having placed a noose around Lee’s neck, the hangman pulled a lever to release the trapdoors beneath the prisoner’s feet, but the doors refused to open. Amazingly, each time Lee was led away, the apparatus was tested and found to work perfectly. Presented & produced by Chris...

Duration: 00:09:10

Episode 2 - Audio Anomalies

In this episode we look at the very strange occurrence of "moon music". Did the Apollo Ten astronauts really hear transmissions form an extraterrestrial source? Or is there a more down-to-earth explanation? Also we take a listen to some of the most unnerving, unexplained sounds that continue to baffle experts. Written, presented and produced by Chris Batchelor. Find out more at Music by Ben Sound -

Duration: 00:14:27

Episode 1 - The Devil's Footprints

The mysterious footprints, which appeared overnight in heavy snowfall in South Devon in 1855, have never been adequately explained. According to reports, they stretched for over one hundred miles, and went through solid walls and haystacks, appearing on the other side as though there was no barrier. The cloven hoof like prints struck fear into the local communities, as it was believed the prints belonged to the devil himself, who had visited South Devon in search of sinners. This...

Duration: 00:09:20