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We have been on community radio in Columbus Ohio for 5 years. We are also a touring comedy act as well.

We have been on community radio in Columbus Ohio for 5 years. We are also a touring comedy act as well.
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We have been on community radio in Columbus Ohio for 5 years. We are also a touring comedy act as well.






Illegal Stickers

On this episode we hit up the basement to talk about // Everyone Named Terry // Giving Gifts // Fighting On Thanksgiving // Working 95 Hours A Week // Government Hair Cuts // Disorderly Conduct From A Sticker // Researching Flat Earth // Closing Song - Takuya Kuroda - Green And Gold

Duration: 01:08:08

Exploitation Exoskeleton

On this episode we hit up the basement to talk about // No Carrying In The Kitchen // Job Automation // The True 8 Hour Work Day // Independence USA // Conservutopia // El Rushbo // Closing Song - Lil Keke - Chunk Up The Deuce ft. Paul Wall & UGK

Duration: 01:03:25

Humor And The Abject ft Street Fight Radio

Audio from our guest spot on The Humor And The Abject podcast in New York. Thank you Throne Watches and Sean for having us.

Duration: 01:33:05

12 Servings Of Fruit

On this episode Brett and Bryan took calls from the studio but Bryan got dizzy and had to call it quits early // FEMA Aid // Potted Meats // Sexual Harassment // Housing Activism In Colorado // Stopping Construction // Shutting Off Cable For A Week // Is TV Rotting Your Brain? // // JR Knows Tough Love // Misogyny At Work // Midway Song - Cheap Time - Modern Taste Closing Song - Cloud Nothings - Stay Useless

Duration: 01:57:02

To InfinitySN And The Racist Beyond!

On this episode Brett and Bryan went to the basement to spit all over the floor and talk about // Socialism Speaks To The People // Infinity SN // Keep Cops Out Of Sex // Being Honest With Kids // Shout Out To Pizza Delivery Drivers // Driving Doesn’t Pay // Closing Song - The Exploited - Son Of A Copper

Duration: 01:11:12

Support Your Local Beer Nerd

On this episode Brett and Bryan took some rosin and some calls in the WCRS Free Press studios // Correction about EMT // It Is Safe To Listen To Podcasts And Operate Heavy Machinery // Feelings Circle // Christian Hypebeast // Being An Echo Tech // Addicted Brother // Goin To Boston // The Gamestop Credit Snafu // Beer Wars // Art Bell Talked To Area 51 // // Middle Song - Hunx & His Punx - Lovers Lane Closing Song - Coheed & Cambria - Welcome Home

Duration: 02:44:33

Nobody Respects The Troops

On this episode, Brett and Bryan head to the basement to talk about // Attorney General’s Plan For Opiates // People Know The Speed Limit // Drug Courts // Why People Use Painkillers // The Cops Aren’t Teachers // Military Science Class // Loving The Flag // Closing Song - Refused - New Noise

Duration: 01:20:27

Demand The Job Ditch The Candy

On this episode Brett and Bryan answered calls from the Free Press studios // The Banks Gain Immunity // Indianapolis Has A Confederate Problem // Overdrafting // Ronald “the Devil” Reagan // Fieldy Found God // The Ultimate Asshole // Executive Sous Chef // The Truth About The Banks // Grove City Canvassing // The Cannabarrister Needs Advice // Make Your Own Bootleg Shoes // Mid-Song - NIN - Head Like A Hole Closing Song - Rainbow - Gates Of Babylon

Duration: 04:25:30

Small Business Evil Villain

On this episode Brett and Bryan wrestled with these topics // Ohio Pizza Is Still The Best // Bryan Will Watch The Watchmen // The Cost Of Shutting Down Resistance // Mission BBQ // The 2 Guys Rebuilding Puerto Rico // The Small Business Evil Villain // // Closing Song - Death Grips - Beware

Duration: 01:12:40

Bryan's Takin Calls Ova Here

On this episode Bryan was all alone in the WCRS studio taking calls // Wildfire Report // Doing Live Shows // The Swarthy Villain // Small Business Zealot // // Unpopular Music Opinions // Kumars Comes In With An Assist // CIA Tears // Smoking Weed // Stoge Stevens Listens To Bryan’s Problematic Story // Why People Worship Satan // ROTC Hussle // Moneyless Society // Closing Song - Oats by Tall Friend

Duration: 02:27:01

Don't Boss Me Around

On this episode, we celebrated Bosses Day! // Employee Day // My Boss Is My Daddy // You Boss Me Around Just Right // Drinking Beer Out Of A Taco Bell // Our Lib School Is Too Christian // Privilege Training Into Reparations // Steal Our Money Back // Closing Song - The Fat Boys - Are You Ready For Freddy?

Duration: 01:05:40


This is not the call in show from last night. It’s from the week before. Sorry for the delay. // Phoney Baloney // Closing Song - Bone Thugs N Harmony - No Surrender

Duration: 03:10:48

Don't Hold My Damn Check

On this episode we went down to the basement to hatch a plan against the banks // Birthday Celebrations // Don’t Hold My Damn Check // Broken Cheap Detector // The Maker Of The Check Rules // Rich Guy Money Problems // Closing Song - Lavender Country - Waltzing Will Trilogy

Duration: 00:58:35

Call Up Drew Toothpaste

On this episode we invited Drew Toothpaste from The Worst Things For Sale and Toothpaste For Dinner into the WCRS studios to help us take calls // Get Your Podcasting Supplies At Church // Dirty Casinos // Bryan Against MADD // Donut Festival // Playing With Raptors // Closing Song - Kompressor - K Is For Kompressor

Duration: 02:00:42

SJW's Win The Battle For Football

On this episode of Street Fight Radio Bryan screwed up and recorded the whole thing on his tinnyass laptop speaker // The Great Disingenuous Football Protest // The Freedom To Not Be Allowed To Use Your Freedoms // Older Kids Trick Or Treat // The Marijuana Brownie Emergency // Turning Down Time And A Half // A&F Discrimination // // Closing Song - Junior Senior - White Trash

Duration: 00:53:03

The Bloody Mouthed Troop (Call In)

On this episode of Street Fight Radio we took calls for 2 and a half hours!!! // Horrible Cars // The University Of Chicago Protests // Wisdom Tooth Lore // Fix A Flat Tire // The Bloody Troop // Anarchist Book Fair // Getting Busted In Buenos Aires // Small Business Shouter // Backing Out Of The Military // Closing Song - Downtrodder - Happiness As Property

Duration: 03:03:09

Top Moments In Satanic Panic

On this episode of Street Fight Radio we went to the basement to talk about // Top Moments In Satanic Panic // The Curse Of Eggbert // The Murderer On Oprah // Pi Pizza Got Radicalized // Police Are The Safest Citizens // South Dakota Debtors Prison //

Duration: 01:10:02

Sandwich Executive

On this episode of Street Fight Radio we gathered in the basement to talk about // Juggalo March Recap // The Daily Life Of Neo-Nazi // Pro-police Pizza // Jimmy John’s Executives Club // Sickening Sandwiches // Non-Tangible Benefits Of McDonald’s //

Duration: 01:02:32

UNLOCKED: Juggalo Street Fight with Kitty Stryker, Ape, and Rich

This is one of our bonus shows but the content is so good and people kept asking us to release it. So I am posting it in solidarity with the Lo's and Lette's marching today.

Duration: 01:44:21

No Blood For Beer

// The Sheer Mag Show // Assuming The Worst // Columbus Cops Back To Being Thugs // Closing Song - Drive By Truckers - What It Means

Duration: 01:11:01

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