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Episode 16: Call It Like It Is

This week we discuss the Oscars (4:10) and the controversy surrounding Kobe Bryant winning(8:00). Time to call Trey Songz a bad guy(29:05)? Recent reports of aggressive behavior raise the question. Also, we dive into Tory Lanez new album (49:48), and the Rick Ross health scare (1:01:13). Tune in and indulge! Enjoy! Other Topics: Thoughts on Logic following new music - 1:09:05 Tidal on the come up - 1:19:57 Show/Song recommendations - 1:23:45


Wakanda Forever!!

Black Panther Discussion, #HurtBae Reunion, Mo'Nique, NBA All-Star Weekend Reactions, Atlanta Season 2 Premiere, Spotify, God’s Plan Video and much more. Coming off spring break there was much to discuss that we had to catch up on. Press play and enjoy! Time Stamps: Black Panther Review (w/ SPOILERS!!!) - 14:49 #HurtBae Reunion - 53:31 MoNique - 1:05:40 Spotify - 1:22:25 God’s Plan - 1:36:55 Other Topics: Atlanta Season 2 - 8:39 NBA All-Star Weekend - 6:30 Rick Ross - 1:34:49 NCAA - 1:31:10


Episode 14: Let's Keep Things In Perspective

Once again we have another mass shooting tragedy in this country. We discuss the Parkland, Florida shooting. Jeff Sessions recently made an interesting comment in a speech, is there more to it? Also, Black Panther is now in theaters! We dive into our anticipation and why this is so important for black culture. We also ask the question why is it so hard for people to have open dialogue? Tune into this latest episode. Press play and enjoy! Time stamps: Florida Mass Shooting - 2:40 Jeff...


Episode 13: Why complicate things?

Virtual sexual consent contracts are here? We discuss the start up app Legal Fling that looks to create legally binding contracts for sexual consent. Jay Z’s recent comments about Trump on the Van Jones Show elicited a response from Donald Trump himself, which leads us to weigh in on the situation. With Valentine’s Day approaching it led to interesting conversation. We also talk about the Super Bowl, NBA Trade Deadline, New Travis Scott Music and much more! Tune in! Press play and enjoy!...


Episode 12: Enough is Enough

A recent incident on campus sparked an important conversation about what happened, the issues at large and how we can move forward. A very important episode to listen to. Nothing more to be said. Just press play. Download the TuneIn App and search “WSJU” to listen live. iTunes Podcast page: Google Play Store:


Episode 11: "Guess Who's Bizzzack"

I’m back on campus! That means “Student of the Game” is back for another season! Thanks to Drake dropping his new EP we had plenty to talk about regarding his music and cultural dominance. Also China recently bans hip-hop culture in the media, should we take it for what it is or is there more to it? Lastly, if your employer hired someone to work with you after they made inappropriate comments about you, how would feel? We discuss if STAR’s hire at “Everyday Struggle” is a bad look for...


1996 Worldwide Interview

1996 Worldwide is the latest streetwear brand that looks to take not just Long Island but the world by storm. Founders Christopher Grant, Phillip O'Brien and Marcos Matos are ready to make the jump from upstart trend to cultural dominance. Check out the exclusive interview following the brand's first official release.


Episode 10: Are We Clear?

This is my last episode of the semester to cap off season one. Just wanted to have fun with my guests and that’s exactly what we did. Top 5 Hip Hop Artists Today, Generation Gap in Hip Hop, What is hooking up?, Social Media & Relationships, Sliding in DM’s, How to approach someone you find attractive, and much more! You know...simple college stuff. Sit back, press play and enjoy what should go down as the most entertaining episode of the semester! Time Stamps: Top 5 - 9:55 Generation Gap...


Episode 9: Grammy Nods

The Grammy Nominations were released this week and we are here to break it down. First we dive into Derrick Rose stepping away from basketball as well as Russell Simmons stepping down after receiving a sexual assault allegation. Press play and get put on game! Time Stamps: Do you know when a record is a “Hit”? - 8:45 Derrick Rose reevaluating future in basketball - 11:38 Russell Simmons stepping down following allegations - 16:20 Grammy Notes/Snubs/Breakdown - 27:43 Grammy Nominations -...


Episode 8: "...until they check you."

Nicki’s Brothers Found Guilty, Tyrese, Meek Mill, Greek Orgs suspended at FSU and much more! This was my very first live show! So much content was provided this episode. Thank you to all my guest this episode for providing great insight as always. Just press play and get put on game. Enjoy! Time Stamps: Def Jam - 9:55 Nicki’s Brothers Verdict - 15:40 Tyrese - 18:50 Meek Mill - 27:08 Greek Orgs - 46:30 Pusha T songs from this episde [ ] [...


Episode 6: Barbershop Talk Vol. 1

Have you ever been in a REAL barbershop before?? It sounds just like this. This week we discuss Most Influential Hip Hop Career?, Nicki’s Brother, Favorite albums this year, Combat Jack, Markelle Fultz and more! Tons of laughs, tons of insight, you might learn a thing or two. Press play and get put on game. Enjoy! One Love! Time Stamps: First Song Break - 8:05 Combat Jack - 15:28 HOT TAKES (Markelle Fultz, Steph Curry, Michigan Sub, Nicki Minaj’s refusing to take the stand in her brothers...


Episode 5: "Why are you wearing that?"

Tyrese vs The Rock, Colin Kaepernick, Vince Staples, Jemele Hill, Nelly, Harvey Weinstein and much more. Conversation gets deep but as always we manage to laugh. Many gems are dropped by everyone in the room. Press play and get put on game. Enjoy as always! One Love! Time Stamps: First song break: 6:22 some sports lol: 12:23 HOT TAKES ( Tyrese vs The rock, Vince Staples, Colin Kaepernick, more sports lol), 13:20 Jemele Hill: 29:00 Song Break: 36:50 - 44:20 Nelly, Harvey Weinstein: 45:23...


Episode 4: Live from the Empty Asylum

Unfortunately it had to be a quick show, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to film the St. John’s Annual Tip Off Event. We still managed to cover the Eminem Cypher, BET Hip Hop Awards, and NBA Season Predictions. What are you waiting for? Press play! Time Stamps: Song Break: 1:52 Eminem Cypher: 5:35 BET Awards: 16:40 Basketball Talk: 17:33 iTunes Podcast Page: Twitter:


Student Of The Game Episode 3.5 : This Is Not A Sports Show

Las Vegas, the NFL, Donald Trump, Interacial Marriage and much more! Excellent conversation. Extra time. Need I say more? Sit back and press play to hear some gems dropped in this special hour and thirty-minute episode. Enjoy! One Love! Time Stamps: Our Random Coversations(Shows, Music, National BF Day) : 3:00 First song: 18:42 Las Vegas: 24:23 NFL: 36:30 Trump: 47:39 Lavar Ball: 54:28 Interracial Marriage: 1:00:00 Twitter: Instagram: _quentinlavon


Student Of The Game Episode 2: Cheat Codes

Today's episode I along with my guests touch on Toys R Us Bankruptcy, Adidas over Jordan?, Kevin Hart, Cheating and much more! While the topics were somewhat serious we did manage to have a good amount of laughs. Enjoy! Time Stamps Current Events - 7:53 Kevin Hart - 31:00 Cheating - 47:48 Twitter: Instagram: _quentinlavon Songs From This Episode:


Student of The Game Episode 1

My WSJU DEBUT!! Just a young man with nothing else better do than share his thoughts. Today me and my guests discuss Jemele Hill, the blurred lines of albums and mixtapes, and the show that brought up much discussion "13 Reasons Why". Songs You Heard In This Episode: Social Media Twitter: @Quinn_Von5 Instagram: @_quentinlavon