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Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region

Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region
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Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region






Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Thanksgiving Day, Incline re-opening, gift ideas, Indy Give

Bob and co-host Kevin talk about what they're thankful for on Thanksgiving; the re-opening of the Manitou Incline after it's latest repair work; the IndyGive campaign; the work done by the Palmer Land Trust; gift giving suggestions. This episode sponsored by Conundrum Outfitters. Get 20% of with discount code "Hikingbob"

Duration: 00:39:56

Hot Mic: Detour 2017 11 17

Confusion reigns when Lyn gets detoured and Dave deletes the first episode of Hot Mic. Ep02 2017 11 17

Duration: 00:05:43

Reality Check: Taxes, Healthcare, Affordable Healthcare Act November 17 2017

Lots of people named in this week's program all with interesting things to say. Neil DeGrass Tyson, Al Franken, Paul Missing-a-Paige, Upton Sinclair (no relation to Sinclair Media thank God), Michael Lewis, and many, many, more. Climate change, taxes, healthcare with Gary Cohen, Cory Gardner, Doug Lamborn, Orrin Hatch, Sherod Brown. Everyone is adding their 2 Cents worth. There's just too much to list, so give a listen. Ep58 2017 11 17

Duration: 00:54:52

Hot Mic: The janitor November 11 2017

The story of how a janitor's donation was used. Ep01

Duration: 00:06:24

Episode One: Tim Jones of Isaac Corp Talks About His Business and Advanced Data Analytics

Colorado In Common recently talked to Tim Jones of Isaac Corporation, a small company headquartered in Colorado Springs with a satellite office in Huntsville, Alabama. Tim talks about his market, his company and his company's work in Advanced Data Analytics in Pancreatic Cancer research.

Duration: 00:21:58

Outdoors with Hiking Bob: "A Walk for Sunshine" author Jeff Alt

Bob talks with hiker/author Jeff Alt about his book "A Walk for Sunshine", which details his hike on the Appalachian Trail for charity. This episode sponsored by Pocket Pals Trail Maps(

Duration: 00:36:50

CityTalk: Bicycling in C Springs

Did you know Colorado Springs is one of the great bicycling locations in the world? Senior Bike Planner Kate Brady joins City Councilor Jill Gaebler for a lively discussion of bicycling issues. The city’s newly proposed Bike Plan is now out for public review and comment. See the plan and learn about public meetings at

Duration: 00:26:38

Reality Check: Election Results November 10 2017

Lots of things happening this week including sexual molestation by a Alabama candidate for the U. S. Senate. Colorado is getting a little bluer with this weeks election results. Virginia and New Jersey decreased Republican influence in their state legislatures. The state legislatures from the Mexican to the Canadian border are a sea of Blue. China rebuilding the Silk Road in the 21st century. Moneyed donors get a black eye for their business activities. Larry Summers offers his opinion of...

Duration: 00:52:12

Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Bob and co-host Kevin discuss a wide range of topics on this episode

Bob and Kevin hit all kinds of topics on this episode: Hiking in Canyonlands National Park; Green Mountain Falls; IndyGive; New Keen boots; and ask listeners to send in gift ideas. This podcast sponsored by Conundrum Outfitters ( Get a 20% discount with coupon code "Hikingbob" at check out. Trails discussed in this episode:,,,

Duration: 00:34:52

Reality Check: Taxes, Gorsuch, Sexual assult November 03 2017

The dynamic Trio are at it again. Starting Ep56 off with the federal tax bill that is coming down the line. Will it pass in its present form or are there too many Republican against it? Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch comes in for a flogging. Apparently he's too good to be on the bottom rung of the High Court. The closing of an icon. Sexual assault and harassment have finally come to the forefront. It's about time, don't you think? Give a listen. But if you want a treat, listen to Dee's...

Duration: 01:02:08

Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Recent hikes, proposed fee increases to Nat'l Parks, IndyGive

Bob and co-host Kevin talk about their recent hikes and trips, including Arches and Zion National Parks and Monument Valley. Also proposed fee increases for many National Parks, and the annual Indy Give ( fund raiser. This episode sponsored by Pocket Pals Trail Maps (

Duration: 00:36:14

Reality Check: Healthcare and taxes October 30 2017

Lyn goes on a rant about the Trump tax cuts and how it doesn't affect the majority of the citizens. National Park fees are going up. Amazon has pit over 200 hundred cities against each other to with the Amazon 2HQ. Listen to see who the top 8 are. Augie Lindmark, Vanessa Van Doren, Bryant Sheuy, and Andy Hyatt speak out in favor of single payer. They're doctors. Again, there's no letting up. Give a listen. Ep55 2017 10 27

Duration: 01:01:07

Council Matters: Nov City/County Election October 30 2017

Ballot issues, stormwater, toll roads, and money are all teed up by Colorado Springs city councilors Bill Murray and Tom Strand in this episode. Listen to Bill get on a rant about 2/3 of the way through. He's on a roll! (Episode 51. recorded 2017 10 27)

Duration: 00:33:52

Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Photographers David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick

On this week's show, Bob talks with photographers David Kingham and Jennifer Renwick, who travel around the western United States all year taking photographs and conducting photography workshops. This podcast sponsored by Conundrum Outfitters ( Use coupon code "hikingbob" to get 20% off your order.

Duration: 00:31:58

Reallity Check: Local Election Issues October 23 2017

Election issues and ballot issues -the gifts that keep on giving. Stormwater is the subject matter(again)with $17M on the line. the citizens have a choice: free up $17M for police and fire protection or turn down the city's 2A issue and have the money come out of the general fund thereby shorting police and fire protection. Shall El Paso county contribute $12M to road construction in another county with no benefit to El Paso county? You decide. There's several other ballot issues offer by...

Duration: 01:02:23

Outdoors with Hiking Bob: El Paso County Commissioner Mark Waller discusses ballot issue 1A

Bob and El Paso County Commissioner Mark Waller discuss TABOR ballot issue 1A, and what it means to the county parks and outdoor recreation in general.

Duration: 00:34:21

Reality Check: Ep53 Budget & Taxes October 13 2017

"He's goin to drain the Swamp". That what he said. Listen to today's episode to see if it's true. Like your taxes? Stand by for the next reincarnation of "Trickle down economics" and make sure you not the one being "Trickled" on. Larry Summers and Robert Reich give their take on the tax plan. Healthcare takes a hit. Puerto Rico is still in the news. The tale of two janitors. Really worth listening for. Shows you how much business and its attitude toward workers has changed. It ain't good....

Duration: 01:04:22

Colorado Issues & Answers: Ep01 Joe Salazar October 13 2017

Joe Barrara's first guest of his new show, Colorado Issues & Answers is Colorado state representative

Duration: 00:51:56

CityTalk Oct 11 2017

Jill Gaebler’s reelection campaign for Colorado Springs City Council in April required her to take a break from podcasting, but she is back! Jill and Jan reminisce about the 2017 city election, they discuss a lot of good news in the Mayor’s proposed 2018 city budget, and the upcoming vote on the proposed stormwater fee. They also chat about the remaining need (and hope) for parks funding. The school district 11 mill levy override on the ballot is also discussed. Wasson and Palmer get a...

Duration: 00:30:19

Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Bob and Kevin talk about the opening of Waldo Canyon

A week after Waldo Canyon re-opened after the devastating fire 5 years ago, Bob and co-host Kevin have already hiked into the area, and talk about what they've seen. This episode brought to you by Conundrum Outfitters

Duration: 00:37:17

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