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Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region

Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region
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Respectful, intelligent, and relevant programming from the Pikes Peak region






Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Colorado Parks and Wildlife funding; did Colorado lose a 14er?

Bob and co-host Kevin discuss a legislative measure intended to increase funding for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Also, did Colorado "lose" a 14er?


In Good Faith - Segregation

Why is 11 am on Sunday the most segregated time in America? Martin Luther King asked this question in the 60’s - and we are still asking it today! Host Ahriana Platten discusses church segregation with Unitarian Universalist Minister, Rev. Dr. Nori Rost and Evangelical Leader, Rev. Dr. Steven Todd this week on In Good Faith Conversations.


Reality Check: DACA Immigrants Feb 09 2018

Racists bullying by a religious private school. They say they're exempt from secular law. What do you think? DACA and immigrants and what will happen to them. Dee shares her opinion. Lyn comes in for what is happening and not happening in the rural religious communities throughout the country. You think you're getting a pay raise from the company you work for? Think again. It's buyback time! Listen to the list of temporary taxes that have been extended in the new tax bill. You'll be...


Special: Banning Lewis Ranch Town Hall #2 - Feb 2 2018

Amendments are proposed to the Banning Lewis Ranch annexation agreement, in an effort to jump-start development on this 24,000 acre swath of the city. Colorado Springs City Council hears from the public and answers some of their questions at this town hall meeting about the proposal. Thanks to the City of Colorado Springs for making this audio available.


Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Bob and co-host Kevin talk recent hikes, future plans and more

On this week's podcast, Bob and Kevin hit on a variety of topics: recent hikes, future planned hikes, review recent podcasts, North Cheyenne Canon Park master plan process and more.


In Good Faith - Helping Others

Today’s panelists talk about missionary work, refugees, and helping those closest to us as well as those around the globe. Is it our job to take care of everyone on the planet? Listen to what Dr. E, Stevangelical, Rabbi Walli and host, Ahriana Platten have to say about it.


Reality Check: AFLAC and a Potpourri Feb 02 2018

A little something for everybody from Cory Gardner, AFLAC, tax relief (did you get some), bonuses, share buybacks, lay-offs, growth, affordable housing, LGBT communities, debt ceiling, Ohio voter purge, Amazon, Bears Ears, government shutdown, state of the union, Robert Reich, Devine Nunes, Iceland. You want more? Give a listen. 2018 02 02 Ep67


Council Matters: Infrastructure, with Bob Acker - Feb 5 2018

Infrastructure is the hot topic, as consultant Bob Acker joins City Councilor Tom Strand (Bill Murray is globe-trotting). Roads, bridges, security, and infrastructure protections all get some attention. It's all intertwined with our daily lives and must be supported and maintained. You'll find out that the cost of prevention is a lot cheaper than repairing after a major mishap. (Episode 63, recorded 2018 02 02)


Tri-Lakes Chamber of Commerce State of the Region Jan 31 2018

The Tri-lakes Chamber of Commerce annual State of the Region meeting. Terri Hayes is the President and CEO of the Chamber. Guest speakers are Stan VanderWerf of the El Paso County 3rd district and Darryl Glenn of the El Paso County 1st district. Additional speakers are the Mayor of Palmer Lake, John Cressman, and Don Wilson, Town of Monument Mayor Pro-Tem. Topics included new residences, new commercial, increasing population, capital improvement project on water, and many other subjects.


SoapBox: Banning Lewis Ranch Annexation Amendment - Feb 1 2018

Colorado Springs City Council is being asked to ease developer requirements in the Banning Lewis Ranch annexation agreement. Local citizen Dave Gardner takes the mic in the this episode to explain why the proposal needs to be reworked. "We need to assure it doesn't kill the city budget and ensure Colorado Springs develops in a way that recognizes the realities of the 21st century, with attention to transit, pedestrian and bicycle needs." The next public meeting is a town hall on Friday, Feb...


Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Interview with Mikah Meyer

Bob interviews Mikah Meyer, who is not only visiting all 417 sites owned by the National Park Service, but also doing it in one long road trip, and will also be the youngest person to do it. But, that's not all. Listen and learn the whole story.


In Good Faith - Ceremonies, Rites & Rituals

This week, In Good Faith addresses Ceremonies, Rites and Rituals: Why we do we do them? Who can do them? How do you pick the right person to do them for you? What about religious appropriation? Can we borrow from faiths other than our own? Join In Good Faith Host, Ahriana Platten, as she interviews several special guests who have answered these and other questions. This week’s guests are Rev. Bruce Coriell (Earth-based Baptist), Bryan Gardner (Ceremonial Magician) and Rabbi Dr. Walli...


Soap Box: Tom Reynolds HD19 Jan 15 2018

Tom Reynolds, candidate for Colorado House District 19 opens up about his life, faith, and beliefs. He appears to be a people's candidate for his concerns about water, highway expansions, the criminal justice system, drug related issues, and most importantly: Kids. Check out his website,, for more of his positions.(Recorded: 2018 01 15 Episode 14)


Hot Mic: Lies January 26 2018

Lies, Lies, and more Lies. You figure it out. When will the truth make a comeback. 2018 01 26 Ep09


Reality Check: AI/Gerrymandering January 26 2018

Another action packed episode of Reality Check. Artificial intelligence and how our lives will be affected. We're talking a 10 year window here. What kind of job will you have? Or will it be no job at all? Is a universal wage in the offing? Dee says, "Not in this country." Gerrymandering comes in for discussion and what has happened in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. The Democratic party comes in for some licks and they deserve it. What's going on at HHS? Has the Christian Taliban taken it...


Outdoors with Hiking Bob: Interview with Bill Normile, President, Friends of Monument Preserve

Bob talks with Friends of Monument Preserve president Bill Normile about the groups history, mission and accomplishments.


In Good Faith - Unitarian Universalism

Rev. Dr. Nori Rost shares the story of her faith journey, the pain that accompanies of praying for healing that never happens, and tells us about her “UU turn” into Unitarian Universalism, in this one-to-one interfaith conversation with In Good Faith host, Ahriana Platten


Hot Mic: Flu Shot January 19 2018

the babbling trio talk about Paul Krugman getting the Fake News Award, the anti-education stance of our politicians, and getting a Flu shot. Ep08 2018 01 19


Reality Check: Shutdown January 19 2018

We have a pit load of news this week ranging from the government shutdown, to simplified taxes, to Republican playbook, to Doug Lamborn and his spreading of Fake News. Yes, folks, he spreads Fake News about Planned Parenthood from the Susan B. Anthony organization which is known for shading the truth. Religious liberty, the National Park Service, lost confidence in U.S. leadership, Hate speech in Germany, Richard Spence gets honorable mention, FCC congressional review, and let's hear it for...


Banning-Lewis Ranch Town Hall - Jan 16 2017

This is the first of 3 public town hall meetings about the pending amendment of the Banning-Lewis Ranch annexation agreement. This agreement will govern decades of development in a massive area along the east side of the city of Colorado Springs. The developer who purchased most of the ranch has negotiated the proposed amendment. City Planning & Development Director Peter Wysocki begins the town hall with a brief presentation about the proposal.


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