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This is Studiomouth, a weekly interview show. Wherever you are on life's journey, you CAN make a difference. In this podcast, we cover a variety of topics: business, entrepreneurship, fitness, health, art, design, and spirituality, among others. We attempt to define leadership, find freedom, and figure out happiness. We explore all these through the art of conversation with our guests.






Peter Muller - Guest from Episode 11 - Bonus Clip

This is a bonus clip supplement to the full interview, "Episode 11: Peter Muller, Raptor Aircraft." What happens when Peter Muller, a long-time Silicon Valley software engineer, with no prior airplane design experience, attempts to design one? One that will improve and increase size, comfort, and features, as well as reduce cost. By the way, Peter Muller is working on his airplane on the side, outside of his regular job. Check out our conversation.

Duration: 00:15:20

40: David Richman, Author, Cycle of Lives

David Richman is the author of Winning in the Middle of the Pack. We discuss his upcoming work in 2017, Cycle of Lives. http://david-richman.comhttp://david-richman.com/cycle-of-lives/ David was inspired to use long distance running and cycling events to draw awareness to cancer ever since his sister fought cancer several years ago. Cycle of Lives is a book David is writing based upon fifteen interview subjects he has spoken to whose lives have been touched by cancer. In addition, David...

Duration: 00:12:31

39: Alanna Rantala, Pianist: Her New Album "Recognize," and Repetitive Stress

Alanna Rantala is a pianist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She’s a proud parent of two children, a graduate of University of California at Davis and the New England Conservatory in Boston. She teaches piano to students of all ages. Alanna discusses her life journey, her new album Recognize, and a life-changing injury early in her musical career. To order copies her album, email Alanna at abrpianomusic@gmail.com Here’s a YouTube intro to Recognize https://youtu.be/E3AUu-YQ7kY Other...

Duration: 00:28:40

38: Gregg Clunis, Tiny Leaps Big Changes Podcast: Leaps We Take Every Day

Gregg Clunis is a podcaster and freelancer. He hosts the terrific podcast Tiny Leaps Big Changes. Already at its 100th episode, Gregg focuses on daily personal development tips solidly grounded in scientific evidence. One example is in episode 1, Gregg speaks about the impact that making lists has not only on your productivity, but on your brain. Gregg shares about his entrepreneurial journey, the start of his podcast, and what he hopes to accomplish in the near...

Duration: 00:24:57

37: Diane Daniels, Medicare Nation: ABC’s of Medicare Part A, B, C, D, and More

A great episode to get a taste of the ever-evolving world of Medicare, for you, your colleagues, and your family. Diane Daniels is host of the Medicare Nation podcast and owner of Senior Advisors for Medicare & Medicaid (SAMM) in the Tampa, Florida area. We discuss the world of Medicare, including Medicare basics, fraud, and additional coverage. We also learn about Diane’s background, growing up in Brooklyn, New York.

Duration: 01:34:56

36: Lori Krolik, More Time For You: Professional Organizer Tips, Tricks, & Strategies

Thanks to Mark Dillon for connecting me with Lori. Does your mess stress you out? A professional organizer might be the answer. Lori Krolik shares her work, her life story, and some amazing tips. Lori Krolik’s business, More Time For You,was created in 1995 to help office professionals and families establish organized systems for the important things in their lives.

Duration: 01:32:43

35: Dr. Kate Levinson, Emotional Currency: Money Issues

Dr. Kate Levinson wrote a book that I think is one of the most important books you, your children, your friends, and your family could read. It’s titled Emotional Currency: A Woman's Guide to Building a Healthy Relationship with Money and it’s not just for women. As stated on Amazon, “By understanding our intimate history and relationship with money we are better able to handle our money anxieties, solve our money problems, enjoy the money we have, and make room for other, more meaningful...

Duration: 01:33:03

34: Alex Lerman, Berkeley Improv: Who’s Afraid of Improv Comedy?

Alex Lerman leads Berkeley Improv, helping novices and veterans enjoy the wonderful world of Improvisational Comedy. Alex Lerman shares how he discovered improv, his personal story, his love of dance, and the future of Berkeley Improv.

Duration: 01:04:53

33: Icebreaker Questions

I ask icebreaker questions before nearly every Studiomouth Podcast interview. I don’t usually include them in the final episode, so wanted to share a select number of responses. Previous guests featured on our Icebreaker Questions episode · Savvy Smith of Yoga Savvy · Zeph Rose · Yvonne Ericsson of Nordic Innovation House

Duration: 00:13:50

32: What I learned from Pat Flynn’s Keynote at Podcast Movement 2015

A great way to get a taste of Pat Flynn’s keynote in Ft. Worth, Texas on Saturday, August 1, 2015, and learn the key points of his presentation. Learn more at studiomouth.com/32

Duration: 00:32:43

31: Sgt. Scott Lunger & Podcast Movement 2015

Harold Rhee discusses Sgt Scott Lunger's funeral, Podcast Movement 2015, and Ft Worth Texas.

Duration: 00:19:20

30: Denica Freitas, Denica’s: How to Open a Restaurant (it isn’t easy)

What happens when two veterans of the bakery business team up to start their own restaurant? Even with a lot of knowledge, hard work, inspiration, and support, it took several years for Denica and James Freitas to find the right formula. Today’s guest is Denica Freitas of Denica’s Real Food Kitchen. She and her husband James Freitas founded Denica’s, with three locations in Northern California and more on the way.

Duration: 01:55:44

29: Howie Rhee, Duke University: Required Listening for Young Entrepreneurs

Required listening for young entrepreneurs. Howie Rhee is Managing Director, Student and Alumni Affairs, Duke Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative at Duke University. Howie is also my brother, and one of the most intellectually and culturally curious people I know. We talk about his work, his life, and his interests, which are wide-ranging.

Duration: 01:42:02

28: Gaile Golladay, Renouvelle: Exfoliate, Love Everyone, and Don't Go Camp

Gaile Golladay and I discuss life, love, and your skin. This podcast episode could save your life, with tips on skin care & skin cancer. Gaile Golladay is owner of Renouvelle Day Spa in Danville, California.

Duration: 02:25:48

27: Artnell Nolasco and Avery Godfrey: portrait of a student

See the world through the eyes of these two students, Artnell Nolasco and Avery Godfrey, one on the East Coast, the other on the West Coast. Artnell Nolasco attends School of Cooperative Technical Education (Co-op Tech) in New York City. Artnell Nolasco grew up in the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, where the weather is terrific and the beach is almost as nice as New York City’s (kidding). Avery Godfrey attends high school in Northern California. Avery Godfrey grew up in Utah,...

Duration: 01:00:28

26: Want to start your own podcast?

So you want to start a podcast. Great! Or you are curious. That’s good, too. If you want to start your own podcast, in seven minutes I quickly discuss four topics, and expand on them on my website, studiomouth.com. These experiences are drawn from starting up my own podcast, Studiomouth, which I started in February 2015. This is simply a start, but if you are truly interested in a podcast, consider this a big picture overview.

25: Mark Dillon: Organize Mindfully podcast

Mark Dillon, host of the Organize Mindfully podcast, shares his story. Learn some professional organizing tips and ways to incorporate mindfulness in your life. This is a great episode whether you are organized or unorganized, and want to find a positive forum to learn more about organization from professional organizers. Mark Dillon is an up and coming star in the podcast world, and he covers the organizing and mindfulness topics in a wonderful, and surprisingly, organized way.

Duration: 02:00:46

24: Cindy Jo Hinkleman: Adventures in Sound

Cindy Jo “C. J.” Hinkleman talks about her journey through radio, film, and audiobooks, and shares what she's learned about sound, success, and life. Cindy Jo Hinkleman works as an award winning audiobook director and editor. She is also an audiobook coach through her class, “Unlock the Audiobook Mystery.” Cindy Jo originally worked in radio as a production engineer, artist interviewer and syndicated show host. After radio, she was a sound editor for feature films being nominated for...

Duration: 02:14:02

23: Pedro Shanahan, The Actors’ Gang and Seven Grand Whiskey Bar: Where Whi

Meet Pedro Shanahan. I attempt to keep up with him, his imagination, and his life. Pedro Shanahan is Spirit Guide for Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in Downtown Los Angeles and a member of The Actors’ Gang, among other talents.

Duration: 02:30:59

22: Yvonne Ericsson, Nordic Innovation House: How to Connect with Silicon V

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Duration: 02:46:22

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