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Stuttering Identify (Ep. 627)

Brian Hamrick joins Peter Reitzes to discuss identifying as a person who stutters, growing up and out of stuttering, using rate control and syncopation to manage stuttering and so much more. Brian Hamrick is a 41 year old father, husband, writer, product manager, guitar player, reader, Boy Scout Den leader, and music enthusiast. He graduated […]

Duration: 01:04:56

Make Friends with Your Stutter (Ep. 626)

Fred Murray joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the importance of making friends with your stutter and a lifetime of stuttering experience. Dr. Frederick Murray is a 91 year old person who stutters, a retired speech-language pathologist and retired professor from the University of New Hampshire. Dr. Murray has lectured on stuttering across the globe in English, French […]

Duration: 01:49:09

Acceptance Has No Finish Line (Ep. 625)

Cole Oehlers joins Peter Reitzes to discuss a refreshing look at stuttering acceptance, trumpet stuttering, music and stuttering and the future of self help for people who stutter. Mr. Oehlers shares about being bullied as a child and suggests that one helpful response is to provide children who are bullied with older mentors in the schools. Special thanks […]

Duration: 00:52:46

Camp SAY Looking for Additional Registered Nurse

Camp SAY: The Stuttering Association for the Young is looking to expand its healthcare team with an additional Registered Nurse, licensed in North Carolina. The Nurse will be a part of the Camp SAY Health Care Team. The Nurse will provide all necessary health care and promote good health; ensure that the clinic is kept […]

Duration: 00:02:09

Changing the Way the World Views Stuttering at the 2017 NSA Conference (Ep. 624)

Chaya Goldstein joins Reuben Schuff at the 34th annual National Stuttering Association (NSA) conference in Dallas, Texas. They discuss following your dreams, changing the way the world views stuttering, the importance of stuttering advocacy and much more. Chaya Goldstein is a PWS, SLP, teacher, dancer, nature-lover, and overall life-enthusiast. She incorporates multi-sensory instruction and movement into […]

Duration: 00:24:32

Finding My Stuttering Family is an Overwhelming Relief at the 2017 NSA Conference (Ep. 623)

LJ Mucheje and Bornwell Katebe join Christopher Constantino at the 34th annual National Stuttering Association (NSA) conference in Dallas, Texas. They discuss the overwhelming relief of meeting other people who stutter and much more.The point is made, “We may not look alike, but the stories are the same.” Other conversations include how stuttering behaviors and […]

Duration: 00:42:22

The Positive Vulnerability of Stuttering at the 2017 NSA Conference (Ep. 622)

Jia Bin, Elizabeth Wislar and Reuben Schuff join Christopher Constantino at the 34th annual National Stuttering Association (NSA) conference in Dallas, Texas. They discuss conference highlights so far which include Lee Reeve’s keynote, Barry Yeoman’s movement workshop, Yeoman and Constantino’s masculinity workshop, the positive vulnerability of stuttering, the kids’s talent show and their open stuttering on stage, role models […]

Duration: 00:24:04

Is Anticipating Stuttering Ever Productive? (Ep. 621)

Richard Arenas joins Peter Reitzes for an unprecedented second consecutive week to discuss if anticipating stuttering can ever be productive, to answer questions submitted by listeners and researchers and to preview his upcoming speech at the National Stuttering Association’s 2017 Research Symposium. Richard Arenas, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico. His research aims […]

Duration: 01:04:38

The Anticipation of Stuttering (Ep. 620)

Richard Arenas joins Peter Reitzes to discuss his research on the anticipation of stuttering. Dr. Arenas answers listener questions and is asked about his finding that “stuttering severity was positively correlated with the belief that the anticipation of stuttering increases the likelihood of stuttering.” Richard Arenas, Ph.D, is an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico. His […]

Duration: 00:48:31

No Apologies: Living with Neurogenic Stuttering (Ep. 619)

Melissa Fuller joins Peter Reitzes to discuss her experience living with neurogenic stuttering. Dr. Fuller recently acquired stuttering after a car accident and has pursued a quick path towards stuttering acceptance. On today’s episode Dr. Fuller discusses a range of topics including how family and speech therapy have helped her and how embracing acceptance of same […]

Duration: 00:49:22

NYC Stutters: A one day conference by and for people who stutter (Ep. 618)

Spring Kwok and Geoffry Gertz join Roisin McManus to reflect on the recent NYC Stutters Conference, a day of workshops by and for people who stutter held on Sunday May 28th, 2017 in Manhattan. Topics include the joy of re-discovering community, what we can take away from the “stuttering moment”, the importance of creating space […]

Duration: 00:46:36

Stuttered Prayers (Ep. 617)

Christopher Constantino joins Peter Reitzes to discuss his speaking experiences as a person who stutters who is a member of the Secular Franciscan Order of the Catholic church. Topics include speaking and stuttering when leading prayers and during confession and grace. Constantino and Reitzes consider issues related to spontaneity of speech, stuttering and “controlling” stuttering. […]

Duration: 00:56:44

Stuttering at the Passover Seder: Reclaiming Our Stuttering Space (Ep. 616)

Naomi Hertsberg Rodgers joins Peter Reitzes to discuss stuttering at the Passover Seder and reclaiming our stuttering space. Naomi Hertsberg Rodgers is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders at the University of Iowa, a speech-language pathologist and person who stutters. Mrs. Naomi Hertsberg Rodgers leads the Iowa City chapter of the National Stuttering […]

Duration: 00:37:32

No One Has a Crystal Ball (Ep. 615)

Phil Schneider joins Peter Reitzes to discuss the promises and predictions that professionals, such as speech-language pathologists, sometimes make to people who stutter and their families. Phil Schneider, Ed.D. CCC-SLP is a Board Certified Specialist and Mentor in Fluency and Fluency Disorders and has been working in private practice for more than 40 years with children and […]

Duration: 00:33:51

I Deserve to Exist: Stuttering Without Apology (Ep. 614)

Róisín McManus and Caryn Herring of the StutterTalk B Team discuss stuttering and life transitions, facing stuttering at work, the right to exist as stutterers, becoming okay with other people’s discomfort about stuttering, the physical exhaustion of stuttering, stuttering as an asset in the workplace and much more. Caryn Herring is a person who stutters and a speech-language pathologist, currently […]

Duration: 01:02:05

Can Articulation and Phonology Treatment Lead To Stuttering? (Ep. 613)

Scott Yaruss joins Peter Reitzes to discuss if articulation and phonology treatment can cause or exacerbate stuttering. At the end of the episode, Dr. Yaruss is asked briefly to discuss the related topic of bilingualism and stuttering. J. Scott Yaruss, PhD, CCC-SLP, BCS-F, F-ASHA is an Associate Professor in Speech-Language Pathology at the University of Pittsburgh […]

Duration: 01:08:37

Finding Love When You Stutter (Ep. 612)

Jane Fraser and Emily Anderson join Peter Reitzes to discuss finding love when you stutter. Ms. Anderson shares her experience as a young woman who stutters who is challenging herself to face stuttering professionally and personally. Ms. Fraser, President of the Stuttering Foundation, draws upon her decades of experience to discuss productive ways to face stuttering. Emily Anderson is […]

Duration: 01:00:11

Stuttering and Dating (Ep. 611)

Rachel Hoge joins Peter Reitzes to discuss stuttering and dating and how stuttering can help forge deeper connections with others. Ms. Hoge is asked about her recent essay How My Stutter Improves My Dating in the Washington Post. Ms. Hoge discusses how her stuttering is a social filter of sorts which in an asset for dating. Rachel Hoge is […]

Duration: 00:45:32

Stuttering Support for Children,Teens and Adults (Ep. 610)

Rita Thurman joins Peter Reitzes to discuss being a chapter leader of stuttering support groups for teens and adults and her more than 40 years of experience working with people who stutter. Topics include facilitating stuttering self-help meetings, activities, balancing the needs of different participants and much more. Ms. Thurman recommends that chapter leaders who do not […]

Duration: 00:54:45

StutterTalk Position Statement on Self-Help and Speech Therapy for People Who Stutter

Today StutterTalk published a “Position Statement on Self-Help and Speech Therapy for People Who Stutter.” Read the statement here or View the PDF Version. A lot of collaboration, stuttering love and experience went into our first position statement. We are very proud to share this with you. We are also excited to share that StutterTalk […]

Duration: 00:02:00

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