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A Podcast held in East Atlanta Georgia on Moreland Avenue at the strip club The Office Gentlemen's Club Atlanta. You'll get unique perspectives from patrons, dancers, owners and musicians with great stories.

A Podcast held in East Atlanta Georgia on Moreland Avenue at the strip club The Office Gentlemen's Club Atlanta. You'll get unique perspectives from patrons, dancers, owners and musicians with great stories.
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A Podcast held in East Atlanta Georgia on Moreland Avenue at the strip club The Office Gentlemen's Club Atlanta. You'll get unique perspectives from patrons, dancers, owners and musicians with great stories.




Potential Stripper Talent

After wrapping up a previous show thinking we were done for the night the office phone started ringing with a woman on the other end asking about the gentlemens club "now hiring" sign out front. Jay and her friend Tatiyana (I surely butchered her name) came by to give us some insight on why they were interested and learn what they might encounter. You think they'd make it in the Strip Club scene??? Rate/Comment/Subscribe send music and inquiries to-

Duration: 00:41:15

Reggie Rock!t and Belvee

2 super dope solo artist from around our way in Atlanta. We talked about a little bit of everything. Intermission Song 1 Belvee-Marbl Floor Intermission Song 2 Reggie Rock!t-Online Dating feat. Kege DeMorrow

Duration: 01:50:13

Stuzi, J Sky + Terry Fast Car (TFC)

Just a few guys talking sh!t joined later in the show by TFC Intro- dontunderstand by Jigloski

Duration: 01:46:22

Instagram Shawty Dem

We got the funny as hell and IG famous @moneybag_mafia along side @marly_stcloud who is a comedian/actor/singer/song writer and probably a lot more, also follow him on IG

Duration: 01:01:07

Perse aka (Suga Suga) Mr. Do It with No Hands

We got Perse aka Suga Suga this week. Most known for the hit "Do It with No Hands" Produced by DJ Toomp. After the show he played some FIRE, can't wait to hear it released. Intro Song- Suga Suga "Do It with No Hands" Produced by Dj Toomp Outro- Laust Kause feat. Suga Suga "Laust Suga" Produced by 88 Grand Shout Out to Legendary, Drago & Reggie Rock!t

Duration: 00:54:55

A Word From Our Sponsors (Twan & Steve)

We have the guys we always shout out on every show and the reason this show is possible, Twan & Steve The Office Gentlemen's Club owners. Much love and respect to these 2 gentlemen/entrepreneurs. Intro song- Grandaddy Southside-4u (unreleased) outro song-Tez McClain-Falling Down

Duration: 00:36:19

Stuzi & J Sky Show (JeSqueezeMe)

Houston raised but current ATLien JeSqueezeMe, a sexy and dope RnB singer/new mother/designer/trainer (she does a lot) came through to talk a little with us. We talk music interest, recording process, weed, life and brought back an old segment "War Stories" Song in the intro was "Take U Away" Song in the outro was "Mary Jane" Here's a link to her SoundCloud page Instagram @jesqueezeme Thank you for listening and please comment, rate and subscribe!

Duration: 01:06:01

Witchdoctor aka Dez Only 1

As promised, for missing last week here's a little bonus... Another legendary member of Dungeon Family, Witchdoctor or some may know him as Dez Only 1. We got into his start with the DF and talked about his new project titled "The Gubbament" (hope i spelled that right)You'll hear a little bit of Witchdoctor's music on here as well for those who may not be informed. Thank you to all who are listening, we appreciate every pair of ears we get. Please Rate/Comment/Subscribe

Duration: 01:27:26

Stuzi & J Sky Show (Creative Loafing Justis)

Sorry about last week but we'll make it up later in the week with a pretty dope surprise. Moving forward we have on this episode, all around good dude Justis Godfree from Creative Loafing. Song at the end of the show Stone Jone- Son Control/Gun Control produced by J Sky

Duration: 01:25:25

Tez McClain

Long time friend and rapper Tez McClain came by and talked about touring with Killer Mike and recording in LA with Scarface. Thank you for continuing to listen to Stuzi & J Sky Show!!! Find Tez Mcclain on Soundcloud here iTunes here also on Spotify and most other streaming platforms

Duration: 01:05:48

Relationships W/ Terry Fast Car & B

This week Terry "Fast Car" and B came by to give their perspective on women and relationships. Please Comment, Rate and Subscribe!!! Shout out to everyone listening. Hit us at

Duration: 01:03:07

(Christopher Jones & Rashon Love)

Comedian/Host/Singer/Song Writer Rashon Love along with Photographer/Cinematographer Christopher Jones chop it up with Stuzi & J Sky on this weeks episode. Intermission song by Reggie Rock!t Prod. by J Sky Leave comments/like and subscribe!! EMAIL-

Duration: 01:19:18

Stuzi & J Sky Show (Stone & Space)

Hip Hop duo from our hometown of Atlanta Stone & Space pulled up on us to give ya'll a little insight on what they do and what they got coming next. They have music in just about every streaming site available, check em' out.

Duration: 01:20:15

Stuzi & J Sky Show (2 Dope Boys)

Just Stuzi & J Sky, no guest and no strip club background on this one. Thank you to everyone listening and please rate, comment and subscribe. We would love the feedback!

Duration: 00:36:40

Stuzi & J Sky Show (2 Time Super Bowl Champ Anthony Smith)

Former NFL player Anthony Smith #27, 2 time Super Bowl Champ came by The Office and chopped it up with us. He talks about "Sports Bars" where athletes go head to head with hip hop songs and bars. Anthony discussed how him and Michael Vick went head to head on Sports Bars and talks about life in the NFL.

Duration: 01:01:43

Stuzi & J Sky Show (no Guest Random Talk 1)

No guest on this Tuesday's release, just a little talk about a few current events in the hip hop world. Also a bit of talk about the co host themselves with a dash of stripper interruption. Happy 4th!!!

Duration: 00:23:52

Stuzi & J Sky Show (Ms. Bossy & Ms. Monroe)

2 of the lovely dancers, Ms Bossy & Ms. Monroe let us know what goes down behind the scenes of a stripper. They get a little nasty and also kinda go in on some of the patrons...please wash your balls.

Duration: 00:35:56

Stuzi & J Sky Show (DJ Cutmaster Swiff)

Outkast official DJ, Cutmaster Swiff came through The Office Gentlemen's Club to chop it up with Stuzi & J Sky about his journey being a Dj in the Atlanta scene and working with the legendary duo Outkast. We also have a little gear talk and a brief intermission to call Andre 3K..... (Spoiler alert, he didn't pick up)

Duration: 01:30:01

Stuzi & J Sky Show (The Sex Counselor)

In this super graphic episode we had ex pornstar Ms. Desire stop by The Office to give some game about freakiness and to promote her book "The Sex Counselor".

Duration: 01:11:18

Stuzi & J Sky Show (Slimm Calhoun) 2

Dungeon Family's 1st generation Slimm "Cutta" Calhoun came by The Office to give some Atlanta history and promote his new project "Looseleaf 420 Compilation"

Duration: 00:47:47

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