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Use Email To Grow Your Organization's Impact With Carlos Scarpero

It seems like every nonprofit, business, and public personality has an email lists these days. Today we’ll learn how your nonprofit email list can better compete in this crowded arena – not just with similar nonprofits but also against your constituency’s grocery store, hair salon, house of worship, and civic group for that valuable in box attention. Our conversation today is with Mr. Leads himself, Carlos Scarpero and we touch on: (3:58) How to build a good list (4:55) The importance of...


Ep 52 - Managing Your Nonpofit's Risk With Justine Cowan

The nonprofit sector is risky business. There are unique laws that apply just to us; we have our own sections of the tax code; and we also must follow employment law, building codes, licensing requirements, and more. Of course, the press loves to go after charities gone wild and personal injury attorneys salivate at the thought of chasing an organization’s assets on the balance sheet. This is why we asked Justine Cowan to chat with us today about mitigating and insuring against the risk...


Ep 51 - The One Thing Necessary To Succed (in your organization and your life) With Peter Chatel

Hard to admit, but it’s true: I sometimes lose focus on the one thing that I need to do to achieve my goals. And a day without focus can feel productive – I might still get a lot done; cross a lot of tasks off my list; but not be closer to meeting my ultimate goal. This episode’s guest facilitates The One Thing Workshop, which is based on Gary Keller and Jay Papasan’s book The One Thing. The book – and the workshop – help you focus in a world full of distractions. While his workshop is a...


Ep50 - Please Do Not Start Another Nonprofit With Dahna Goldstein

We invited Dahna Godlstein on the podcast after reading her blog post Don’t Do It: Don’t start a nonprofit. After reading her thought provoking blog post, we did a bit of research. A few highlights from our conversation include (timestamp): (9:00) Why you shouldn’t start a nonprofit (17:30) Why you should consider starting a for-profit company instead of a nonprofit organization (20:15) How to tell if your organization is among the walking dead (24:20) The tech issues that nonprofit...


Ep 49 - Building A Website That Gets Attention With Adam J Walker Of Sideways Eight

This week we enjoyed a lively conversation with the technological renaissance man Adam J. Walker. Adam, a minister turned tech guru, who founded the for-profit website development company Sideways8. He also started a nonprofit 48in48, which recruits volunteer coders to build 48 nonprofit websites in 48 hours and launched the podcast Tech Talk Y’all.


Ep 48 - Military Veterans and the Nonprofit Sector with Lora Tucker

This episode has something for every nonprofit professional - whether you are a veteran, active duty, or never served in the military. Those who never served will enjoy a crash course in leadership and explore possible biases about veterans as employees (or bosses). Veterans and active duty listeners will gain valuable insight about transitioning into the nonprofit sector.


Ep 46 - Organizing Messy Offices To Increase Productivity With Cris Sgrott - Wheedleton

When our offices are messy, our missions suffer. Every hour we spend looking a document, is an hour we aren’t writing a grant proposal, soliciting a donor, or recruiting a new board member. Every email or voicemail we don’t return in a timely manner, damages our organization’s reputation – as well as our own professional reputation. For some of us at nonprofits, losing an important document is just an occasional occurrence, while for others it happens every day. Whichever camp you fall...


Ep 45 - Selecting The Right Consultant with Matt Hugg

In a world where many people use "consultant" as a euphemism for being unemployed or underemployed, how do you select a highly qualified consultant for your nonprofit? Matt Hugg, who helps train and coach consultants, offers advice about how to choose the right consultant for your organization.


Ep 43 - Examining The Impact Of Billionaire Philanthropists With David Callahan

A small class of new super-rich billionaires are using their largess to shape every aspect of the society we live in: education, government, policy, public health, and social services. We discussed this issue with David Callahan, author of “The Givers”, which carefully documents this phenomenon and the impact this trend is having on our society.


BB9 - Succeed as a "No Time Fundraiser"

Despite having limited time to devote to fundraising, it’s not too late for the second half of the year to be a breakthrough period for your organization’s development efforts.


Ep 42 - Living Values, Building People, And Inspiring Communities With Dr Jeff Thompson

When others are afraid of the risk, the timing, or the possible failure, true leaders step forward to meet a need. In this episode, we speak with Dr. Jeff Thompson about his recently published book Lead True.


BB8 - Surviving A Cash Flow Crisis

Nearly every organization has a cash-flow cycle. If you ever wonder how to better manage the cash-crunch, listen to this bonus break over a cup of coffee. In less than 15 minutes, you'll learn: (1:30) The importance of staying calm throughout the process (2:00) The three initiatives in your "cash crunch survival plan" (2:30) Three realistic ways to generate more cash quickly (5:42) How to address the financial difficulties when speaking to donors (6:47) How to get a funder to give you a...


Ep 41 - Dealing With The Schmuck In Your Nonprofit With Jody Foster And Michelle Joy

We’ve all encountered a schmuck at work, and I’d be willing to bet that we’ve all been the schmuck at least once or twice in our lives. Nonprofits can be messy workplaces with people like Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep’s character from The Devil Wears Prada). Of course, in the nonprofit sector, the schmuck might not be a staff member. The schmuck can also be a board member, a key volunteer, or an organizational partner. And a schmuck in any of these roles can dramatically derail your...


Ep 40 - Finding Pro Bono Legal Counsel With Rachel Spears

This week we spoke with Rachel Spears, Executive Director of Pro Bono Partnership Atlanta. Our conversation highlights included: • The dangers of relying on your board member who is an attorney for advice on all your legal matters • The three greatest legal issues that nonprofits face today • Why organizations should secure legal counsel instead of navigating legal matters alone • How organizations outside of Georgia can find pro bono legal counsel • How to be a pro bono client that...


Ep 39 - Preparing For Your Capital Campaign With Andrea Kihlstedt

Featured Conversation with Andrea Kihlstedt, author of Capital Campaigns: Strategies That Work. We discuss getting your organization ready to conduct a capital campaign. Andrea is among the most respected capital campaign specialists in the country. In addition to authoring this book and several others, she has helped dozens of organizations conduct capital campaigns and co-developed the Capital Campaign course for the Fundraising school in Indiana.


Ep 38 - Planning For Fundraising Success With Heather Yandow

Everything you need to know about creating a simple fundraising plan.


Ep 37 - Smart Fundraising Strategies With Ellen Bristol

Get more return on our fundraising efforts! Ellen Bristol shares effective ways to identify, qualify, cultivate, and solicit donors.


Ep 36 - Good Advice for Your Board With Boyd And Lysakowski

Practical, no-nonsense advice for building and strengthening your board.


Ep 35 -Making Fundraising Events Fun and Profitable with Abra Annes

Imagine an event where your donors are excited to buy a ticket, tell all their friends they are going, post it on Facebook and get even more pleasure from bidding competitively at the auction and giving generously to the solicitation. Abra Annes tells us how to make this event a reality.


BB5 - 31 Fundraising Ideas for Board Members

31 proven fundraising ideas for your board members (in less than 13 minutes)!


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