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051 - Stephen Petith: Go Beyond Borders

Stephen Petith is an Internationalization Architect, working to create Internationalized Businesses and Lifestyles for his clients. He has start- ed, sold, and operates businesses around the world. Stephen is using his skills to help others internationalize their Businesses and Lifestyles that take advantage of the opportunities available in the new and ever changing 21st century economy. He was the campaign manager for a Parliamentary representa- tive’s elections. A er the successful...

Duration: 00:31:16

050 - Laura Pearman: Why Headshots are important

I met Laura a few months ago at a presentation she was doing explaining the importance of headshots and she was talking about how Hitler created his brand, I found it really interesting and just had to get her on the show. Laura is a Professional Headshots Photographer. She loves to work with clients to express their unique brand through the images created. Always on Location, All around the World. Guest Recommendations: Book: Worth Every Penny - Sarah PettyLucky Bitch - Denise Thomas...

Duration: 00:57:52

049 - Tim Sanders: Love is the Killer App

Tim Sanders spent most of his early career on the cutting edge of innovation and change. He was an early stage member of Mark Cuban’s Broad-, which had the largest opening day IPO in history. After Yahoo acquired the company, Tim was tapped to lead their ValueLab, and by 2001, he rose to Chief Solutions Officer. In 2005, he founded Deeper Media, which provides consulting services for leading brands. Today, he is one of the top-rated speakers on the lecture circuit. Tim is the...

Duration: 00:47:23

048 - Bob Stromberg: Mastering the Craft of Creativity

Bob Stromberg travels continually performing his very unique blend of original story, stand up and shtick. His work has lead lasting impressions on Fortune 500 companies, raised multi millions for nonprofits, garnered literary and theater awards and broken box office records in the US and Europe. The London Times said, “ He’s a genuinely funny man”. The Chicago Sun Times called him, “... a mesmerizing physical comedian.” Most impressively, Bob has joined a very small group of elite...

Duration: 00:45:52

048 - Teresa McCloy: Stop being Productive and Do what Matters

Business Productivity Coach Teresa McCloy partners with her clients to stop being productive and do what matters. A recovering workaholic who was addicted to all the latest apps, software, and best-selling books on productivity, is now passionate about helping business leaders and entrepreneurs to assess their habits and execute an Individualized Productivity System (IPS) for doing more of what matters. Teresa is a founding trainer and coach with the 12 Week Year™ system, and uses tools...

Duration: 00:49:27

046 - Jackie Barnett: Clarity, Confidence and Communication

With over 20 years of international senior management and leadership experience with global brands such as Nike and Clarks Shoes, Jackie is passionate about women having a stronger voice in the world: - Being heard - Being respected - Having influence and impact She devotes herself to transforming women’s impact, enabling them to have clarity and confidence to truly connect with others, be heard and achieve their personal and business goals With an intuitive knack for getting to the...

Duration: 00:39:04

045 - Cort Dial: The Power of Self-Leadership

Cort Dial believes the only leader who needs to change is you. He has spent the last 30 years in a variety of environments ranging from corporate skyscrapers to South American jungles. Cort has honed a unique approach to developing coaches and business leaders founded in the core conviction: “Leaders reach the summit of leadership when they can create extraordinary business performance while caring for people.” Cort calls this new breed of 21st-century hero the All-InTM Leader. Today,...

Duration: 00:38:45

044 - Sharon Spano: The Pursuit of Time and Money

Sharon Spano has a PhD in Human and Organizational Systems. She is an author, corporate business strategist, work-force expert, professional speaker and former radio host of WorkSmart Live. Sharon empowers business leaders and entrepreneurs to maximize performance, improve employee engagement, and increase bottom-line results. She is also a Certified Professional Coach dedicated to helping others adopt new paradigms about time and money so that they can step into radical abundance in...

Duration: 00:40:30

043 - Melanie Curtis: A Skydivers Approach to Life

Melanie Curtis is a coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and professional skydiver. Melanie’s clients are like her… intense Type-A personalities, vibrant in their energy, fierce in their values, impeccable in their integrity, human and lovely in their emotions, working to contribute positively to the world, and willing to do whatever it takes… As a lover of both nature and NYC, Melanie splits her time between the two to nurture her personal network and entrepreneurial pursuits. Melanie...

Duration: 00:51:02

042 - Jeff McMahon: Your Online Virtual Health Coaching

Jeff has been a trainer for a decade working with over 700 people; and now taking his talents to the online world training no other than JLD, Pat Flynn, Rich Brooks, Trivinia Barber, Jadah Sellner, etc. Jeff has a degree is in pre-med/pre-pharm and is dual certified in exercise science and sports medicine. Jeff is also an orthopedic rehab specialist and a black belt in tae kwon do. He has a huge passion for helping people and helping them transform their lives mentally, physically,...

Duration: 00:42:09

041 - Lonnie Ogulnik: Unlocking Your Inner Beast

Lonnie Ogulnik gets up every morning at 4:30 to take a bath. Full of ice. He follows that up with a gruelling boot camp workout till his body reaches full exhaustion. Then he heads to work. Is he a professional athlete, or just a masochist? Neither. He’s actually a wealth advisor and an author. In Lonnie’s book, The Heart of a Beast, he details his views on business as war and the need for high performers to push their bodies and minds to their limits in order to succeed. Lonnie Ogulnick...

Duration: 00:38:27

040 - Matt Miller - From Airforce Pilot to Entrepreneur

Matt Miller spent the first 9 years of his career as an Air Force pilot, before entering the private sector to work in both the medical device and advertising industries. While a top performer in the corporate world, his long-term desire was to be his own boss. A good friend one day mentioned the gumball machines he and his young daughters owned, and that conversation began a 10-year business quest that has brought Matt’s company, School Spirit Vending, to the cutting edge of both the...

Duration: 00:39:49

039 - Karim Bishay: Becoming Insanely Efficient

Karim Bishay helps companies become insanely efficient. His purpose at Living Orgs is to empower organizations towards a clear, agile structure and stronger purpose. He is an industry leading consultant in the areas of Holacracy and building Adaptive Organizations. Karim blends a variety of approaches such as Holacracy, GTD, OKR’s, and Emotional Intelligence to help companies find a system that works well for them. Over the past few years, Karim has helped over 20 companies restructure...

Duration: 00:40:27

038 - Tom Schwab: Using Podcasts to Grow your Business

Tom Schwab knows how to build an online business. Marketing at its heart is starting a conversation with someone who could be an ideal customer. To helps small business owners, entrepreneurs and soloprenuers get featured on leading podcasts their prospects are already listening to. Then he shows them how to turn listeners into customers. Guest Recommendations 12 Week YearRev Transcription Service Special Bonus material is available just click on the link

Duration: 00:36:53

037 - Rosie Aiello: Productivity Boosters

Rosie is an award-winning entrepreneur, bestselling author, speaker, and founder of ClearVista Consulting International, Rosie Aiello champions entrepreneurs and professionals from all over the world to realise their dreams and vision with clarity and focus. She loves defeating productivity black holes and small business overwhelm. With her proven programs, Rosie empowers her clients to organise and value their time, resulting in higher profits, less stress, and more freedom to enjoy...

Duration: 00:47:29

036 - Pamela Gold: Find more Strength

Pamela Gold grew up on her family’s apple farm in upstate New York, graduated from Yale University, and then entered the business world in NYC where she was the point person on an IPO at the age of 24. Leaving the workforce to start a family, she co-founded West Village Parents and went on to pursue her passion for fitness and wellness. It was through this pursuit that she discovered yoga, which connected her love of philosophy, science, psychology, and wellness and eventually led her to...

Duration: 00:49:27

035 - Pascal Fintoni: How to share your story with Video

Pascal Fintoni is a professional trainer and speaker specialising in helping business owners get more enquiries from the Web. He started his career in 1994 in London working for a well known holiday company creating campaigns for TV, radio, newspapers and of course the Internet. Pascal quickly developed a passion and unrivalled knowledge for digital content leading to his appointment as the Chief Executive Officer at The Centre for eBusiness in 2009. Pascal now runs his own agency -...

Duration: 01:06:25

034 - Richard Tubb: The Power of Being Vinerable

Richard Tubb is probably the most well-known face within the British IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) community. His track record speaks for itself, as he launched and sold his own IT P business before creating a leading blog and consultancy practice. Richard understands the challenges business owners face every day and helps them to regain control and make more money. The author of the book "The IT Business Owner’s Survival Guide" and writer of the award-winning blog...

Duration: 00:39:29

033 - Ali McGil: Creating Customer Experiences

Alasdair McGill has been in business for over 25 years, running design-led, customer focused businesses in a variety of sectors. From the initial setup to the running and growing of these businesses, he has gained a wealth of experience and uses this insight to help business owners create better organisations. Through his consultancy, Ashton McGill, he shares his wisdom in areas such as customer experience, service design and employee experience, offering practical tips and strategies to...

Duration: 00:53:26

032 -Mike Morrison: The Power of Membership Sites

Mike Morrison is one-half of The Membership Guys, and along with his partner, Callie Willows has spent years guiding the growth of memberships, e-learning businesses and online communities. Now they run the Member Site Academy, where they teach small business owners and entrepreneurs the skills and strategies they need to build and grow their own successful membership website. Guest Recommendation: Go it Alone by Geoff Birch Join the facebook group and be...

Duration: 00:52:30

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