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OMG! Now I'm in BED With GOOGLE!

Another side to the disatrous dating world! Just when I think I've hit the bottom - having no patience anymore... I find THIS OUT!! Listen and see! Google my ASS!

Duration: 00:26:50

Survivor Part Two: Lemons to Lemonade

I've decided to rerelease this series every Thursday because this is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Please listen carefully, as I can tell you first hand what I went through, and what YOU need to watch out for! None of us are Superwoman! Please understand, that everything in this series is 100% True. I have survived Ovarian Cancer and have chosen to tell you about it. I feel, in some way, I was meant to survive so that maybe I can play a part in helping to save another woman–you may be...

Duration: 00:25:54

Rembering 9-11. Do You?

Living on Long Island, while supposed to have been going to work in NYC on that fateful day, is something I can never shake. It's under my skin, like a thin residue of memory, running through my veins. Were you there? Did you know someone who was?Take a minute, ... think of them.

Duration: 00:13:42

Ovarian Cancer Month-Survivor Part One: Lemons to Lemonade

I ran this series back in May, and this happens to be Ovarian Cancer Month. Many things have Changed, with regard to cures! Chemo is not always the way to go, now! The FDA has approved "pills" that cause many less symptoms! It's so very important to go to your Dr and have your yearly physical. Even if you drag your wife by the hair- GET HER THERE! Be Proactive! I encountered it Twice, followed the rules, and still got hit. If you'd just listen to this 6 part series that I'm sharing on...

Duration: 00:17:13


Have you ever been in love with a married man? Have you seen "the highs," and felt "the lows?" Such a sad place to be for both women: one who wants the other's place, and one who wishes she knew what the fix was? Sad for him too, as he has to live two lives and lies. No one winds up the winner. The shrapnel from the colateral damage is sharp and deadly. If you know the feeling, share it here. Write me at and plese Do subscribe to the Sugar Mom Podcast...

Duration: 00:58:43

He Wants Me to WHAT??

Here's the scenerio: I was asked out on a date to see a show! Guy seemed nice enough... pictures were ok,... in shape... but still no sparks. Wait until you hear what happened NEXT! OMG.

Duration: 00:22:51


Wow... just when we think we know it all about Men on Dating sites, there's yet another perspective! Joe, has it down pat, it seems. Although there were a couple stumbles, which are what we look for, Intently - as it shows he is human, listen and learn about what He's looking for! He just may be YOUR GUY!

Duration: 00:25:44

YOU Pulled the Trigger - But HE LOADED the GUN!

Another discussion with a woman who's been forced to turn her life around, due to infidelity and mistrust. I'll say it again: We Must Talk to each other, in order to Fix the Madness! If you're unhappy in your marriage- open your mouth and SAY SO!!! Try the fix, ... and if it doesn't work, it's really OK, to call it quits! FREEDOM from a life that's made you unhappy offers you the ability to keep what you WANT, but GROW!!

Duration: 00:34:53


Some of you may or may not have heard this one before.. consider it a "Best of," while my studio is being Fixed!! How frustrating!! This is about our daughters, and how they feel about US having SEX!! Let's be real: We didn't like knowing OUR MOMS were having sex? Some things just never change!

Duration: 00:14:34


I bet you thought I lived "happily ever after," didn't you! Well... in a way I did, but with much more to be grateful for than before! I let a bit of time go by, before I decided to continue with this saga, because I wanted to be known as "the woman who beat it!" Not necessarily the woman who beat it TWICE. Please join me in listening to what I HOPE will be the Last of the Lemons to Lemonade series!

Duration: 00:31:33

I Just Know What I DON'T Want!

I'm back with Val, the woman we shared such pain with last time. I wanted to see how she was holding up. If you missed that podcast, go to iTunes and download it for free. As we continue on, she said something Very Profound: "I don't even Know what I want... I just know what I DON'T Want." Take a listen and see if you can relate to her, as I did. Leave us a comment about your own marriage. Your name is not necessary unless you'd like to write me, at

Duration: 00:31:20

Just let me go Quietly, PLEASE.

When you've reached the end of the rope... you've got one knot to hold on to, before you know you've got to let go... that feeling of despair where life is about to turn due to YOUR decision. It's scary, and it's So Real, but if you Don't make the right choice you may as well wear those cement shoes for the rest of your life. A #SuigarMom: Taking risks, making changes, and making it work.

Duration: 00:36:35

That's what HE Said!

Finally I've decided to grab the inside scoop from a man's perspective! I found him on a dating site, texted back and forth for about 15 min, liked his attitude and asked if he'd be interested in sharing HIS perspective of "dating sites" from the man's point of view! WOW! He made me stop and think - and he made me laugh out loud! I'm sure he'll do the same for YOU!

Duration: 00:24:23

SURVIVOR- Part 5 Lemons to Lemonade

The story of how even a #SugarMom can be struck by cancer, continues in this Fifth episode. You can be the epitome of "in shape" and "eating well," and this disease can sneak up out of nowhere! Ovarian Cancer is non detectable. You have to feel that something's just not right- and always keep your yearly physicals! Next episode will tell you about my second round - but you Know- I Lived to Tell!

Duration: 00:31:33

Sugar Mom vs Perfect Mom

The #SugarMom mantra has always been, " don't forget about ME TIME!" When we're with our kids, somehow we seem to slip back into the Perfect Mom role... and we lose ourselves once again! When do our kids reach the age where we are no longer their "go to person" for all of life's dilemmas? Lastly, do we ever want to STOP being that person? Which is better: being a Sugar Mom or a Perfect Mom?

Duration: 00:29:34

What's In the Attic?? OMG!

The hardest part about being single... is dealing with bugs, rodents, fixing appliances, ... sometimes these even Trump missing SEX!!

Duration: 00:29:36

Survival Part Three: Lemons to Lemonade

What would you do, if faced with the potential of losing everything? Your house, your comfort, your insurance policies? To protect your children, from financial demise could you have sex for money? If you decide that “Yes, you’d do anything to protect your kids,” and then the unexpected happens: you have cancer. It’s suddenly very clear: Sex is not the cure for everything. I’m Robin Marshall, America’s # 1 Sugar Mom, and I’ve lived through that moment of “getting the call” everyone fears....

Duration: 00:30:08

Our Parent's Messy Heads!

For all the good they did, have you ever looked at the Bad? How much did your parents mess with your head? Also, another crazy antic with me and bug- my life is just a roller coaster, and finally -7 Tips for your guy to make a Date better! SOMEONE needs to tell them already!

Duration: 00:21:35

Survivor Part Two: Lemons to Lemonade

Please understand, that everything in this series is 100% True. I have survived Ovarian Cancer and have chosen to tell you about it. I feel, in some way, I was meant to survive so that maybe I can play a part in helping to save another woman–you may be the one. Go to your doctor and get your physical, you owe it to yourself. XO

Duration: 00:25:58