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SUMMER RAYNE OAKES Conversations is a weekly video and audio podcast series that discusses what matters most with the cool people around the world progressing humanity forward.






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From Building Relationships to Building Lives: Cameron Sinclair

Cameron Sinclaircurrently works for the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Previously Sinclair co-founded and ran Architecture for Humanity, a charitable organization which builds architecture and design solutions to humanitarian crises. During his 14 year tenure the organization worked in forty eight countries and raised over $50M for humanitarian initiatives. Projects ranged from schools, health clinics, affordable housing and long term sustainable reconstruction after natural and man-made...

Duration: 01:14:45

Andy Isaacson: My experience on psychedelic ayahuasca - Aug 28,2013

Sometimes the most insightful, most personal discussions on "SRO Conversations" comes in the after hours and this conversation with journalist Andy Isaacson in the 18th Episode is no exception. Summer Rayne Oakes, Andy Isaacson, and Paul America talk about Andys unique experience with a shamans psychedelic truth serum called ayahuasca - a brew of various psychoactive infusions or concoctions prepared with the Banisteriopsis caapi vine of the Amazon. To view the rest of this conversation,...

Duration: 00:49:14

Andy Isaacson: Bacpacking Asia & tracking gibbons - Aug 21,2013

Jetsetting journalist Andy Isaacson may have invented a new sushi-style dessert while trekking through Laos and traversed across Thailand to see gibbons, but thats only half of the adventures that hes about to share on the 18th episode of "SRO Conversations." On this episode, Andy, Summer Rayne and Paul talk about the world of journalism, intellectual ADD, generalizing vs. specializing, having powerful experiences in nature, and being wildly open to new experiences. To view all...

Duration: 01:59:09

Perspectives from a sustainable fashion designer - Jul 24,2013

An Ecco Domani award-winning fashion designer, Tara St. James, thrives on constantly challenging her own preconceptions about design. Though fairly vocal about her choice to use sustainable and ethical design principles for her label STUDY NY, Tara attests that she "want(s) to be judged the same way other designers are judged," which means ostensibly for her design. In the 14th episode of "SRO Conversations," Tara talks about what her life is like as a fashion designer, building her...

Duration: 01:19:52

Seeing the world through a different lens with Joey L. - May 09,2013

Very few young commercial photographers have received as much attention and acclaim as Joey L. A professional photographer by age 16, Joeys career began shooting his friends bands and evolved into shooting well-known television and movie ads as well as celebrity portratiture - all of which we would recognize today even if the "Joey L." name doesnt register with us. However, perhaps his greatest work to this day is not his commercial pursuits - but his pursuits in filming indigenous peoples...

Duration: 01:59:58

How to fix our food chain with Sanjay Rawal - Apr 24,2013

Though abolished in the United States in 1865 by the Thirteenth Amendment, slavery in its modern-day context still exists. Sanjay Rawal, director of FOOD CHAINS (Executive produced by Eva Longoria | produced by Smriti Keshari) shares with Summer Rayne Oakes and Paul America in the first episode of SUMMER RAYNE OAKES Conversations how he uncovered slavery in the U.S. agricultural industry, why it exists, and how farmers, supermarkets and consumers can work together to abolish it. Rawal...

Duration: 01:30:21