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From Summitcast.net come explore amazing stories of outdoor adventures, extreme sports, wilderness travel, camping and just getting outside with this bi-monthly podcast. Discover tales from Mount Everest to the Appalachian Trail and hear from both experts and enthusiasts on the outdoors. Get ahead of the curve with tips on climbing gear, hiking clothes and other outdoor gear. Plan a trip through the Appalachian Mountains, over Colorado 14ers or other Rocky Mountains and valleys. Whether you're through hiking the PCT or just heading out for a weekend in the White Mountains, Smokies, or Colorado Mountains, listen up. If you want to climb the mountain, go for a hike in the wilderness, find hiking trails or just love outdoor adventure travel - we've got you covered. Traveling the world to hear about adventure sports and actions sports can now happen right between your ears!




Ep 003: Avalanche on Everest Part 3

The Story In our previous episodes, Alex told us that on the morning of April 25th, 2015 his team had set out into the Kumbu Icefall for a few days of acclimatizing. Alex was near the top of the icefall when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck. This set off hundreds of avalanches around the country including several on and around Mt. Everest. Listen to Alex describing the avalanche that was coming at him near camp 1. To find out more about Alex & his Epic 7 Challenge visit his...

Duration: 00:19:40

Ep 002: Avalanche on Everest Part 2

On the Nepal side of Mt Everest, just above basecamp at (17,600ft) on the South Col Route lies the Khumbu glacier. At the head of this massive field of ice is an area known as the Khumbu Icefall. Often regarded as one of the most dangerous parts of the Southeast route this waterfall of giant blocks of ice (some as big as buses or even houses) is constantly moving. And surrounding these gigantic shifting blocks of ice are seracs and crevases that go down hundreds of feet into the glacier.We...

Duration: 00:13:54

Ep 001: Avalanche on Everest Part 1

There’s one mountain though that universally captures our imaginations. Everest.It'snot the hardest mountain out there to climb, it’s not the longest either. But for over 90 years thousands of individuals have made it their obsession to reach its crown.In this episode we meet Alex. After struggling through epilepsy as a child he got bit by the Everest bug. We follow his story as he became witness to two of the worst disasters in the mountain's history. THANKS FOR LISTENING! Thanks for...

Duration: 00:15:58

Ep 000: The SUMMIT Podcast Trailer

What happens when we leave the safety of the everyday & hit the trail, climb a peak, or go to the wild? When we find ourselves exposed – what then?Welcome to the first episode of SUMMITa show for those who explore, climb, and endure - we'll share the stories, skills, and tools that experts use to survive & thrive. Check out the trailer for the show and get ready for adventure.LIKE WHAT YOU'VE HEARD?If so, please join over 1,500 people who receive exclusive weekly podcast bonuses, gear...

Duration: 00:03:24