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Separating the Signal from the Noise in Recruiting with Chris Turzo (Ep 075)

Welcome to Episode 75 of Suncast! Did you check out the last Suncast episode? It's with Scott Sullivan! Listen to it here! While networking is a natural part of the career advancement process, there is another key element that is often overlooked - recruitment. Today, we're going to have a closer look at the process of building your ideal team or career with the help of one of the best recruiters I know in the solar industry, Chris Turzo. Tune-in as we discuss these topics: For resources...


Memory tricks for Networking & Life with Scott Sullivan (Ep 074)

Welcome to Episode 74 of Suncast! Did you check out the last Suncast episode? It's with Adam Gerza of Energy Toolbase. Listen to it here! Today on SunCast, I'm taking a deep dive into the power of your network with one of the most connected people in the solar business, Scott Sullivan has built a career on leveraging the value of his connections and honing the skills of sales and relationship building. Tune-in as we discuss these topics: For resources from today's episode, head over to...


A Sales Platform for Solar and Energy Storage projects (Ep 073)

Welcome to Episode 73 of Suncast! Did you check out the last Suncast episode? It's all about Blockchain, Electrification of the Vehicle Industry, Distributed Storage & A Nationwide Carbon Tax. Listen to it here! Today's guest, Adam Gerza, is the COO of the fast-growing SAAS company, Energy Toolbase, which I know many of my listeners use. Today I get the chance to look under the hood and hear why over 1500 solar companies trust the most critical piece of their sales process to this barely...


Blockchain, Electrification of the Vehicle Industry, Distributed Storage & A Nationwide Carbon Tax (Ep 072)

Welcome to Episode 72 of Suncast! Did you check out Tuesday's episode yet with Mike Grunow of Vizn Energy? Listen to it here! You have told me over & over again that you love the Hot or Hype segment of the show, so we took some time to compile some of the more interesting answers to what I consider some of the more interesting questions. Today, I decided to focus on just 4 questions - it was actually harder than it might appear - what became apparent is that I actually DON't ask the...


Power vs Energy, the battleground for storage (Ep 071)

Welcome to Episode 71 of SunCast! I hope you enjoyed the last episode with Brian Patterson of Emerge Alliance. In Episode 59, Mike Grunow and I discussed an awful lot of excellent topics around the ins and outs of developing and even selling energy storage products. But it was his answer to one question in particular that set the stage for this Tactical Tuesday. Mike is the VP of Marketing for Vizn Energy, a Flow Battery manufacturer. Tune in Today as we Discuss Topics Such As: Why...


Creating the "Enernet", Microgrids, DC Power - Brian Patterson of Emerge Alliance (Ep 070)

Welcome to Episode 70 of SunCast! I hope you enjoyed the last episode with James Pagonis, the Head of Product at PowerHub. I met Brian at SPI 2017 last year after asking around a bit about the microgrid they had built to power an entire section of this enormous tradeshow. Brian gave me a clinic on the history of microgrids, and if you're at all interested in the evolution and indeed renaissance of DC-powered systems, stick around for today's discussion. Tune in Today as we Discuss...


"Technology is Consistent, People Aren't." with James Pagonis of PowerHub (Ep 069)

Welcome to Episode 69 of SunCast! I hope you enjoyed the last episode with Farid Dibachi, the Cofounder & CEO of JLM Energy. On today's episode, I sit down with James Pagonis, the Head of Product at PowerHub. James is one of the early drivers behind the development and launch of PowerHub: a simple, cloud-based Asset Management solution designed to help renewable energy asset owners manage their projects. When I met James last Fall on travel to Chile together, it became clear to me that...


Rooftop energy storage ready for prime-time (Ep 068)

Welcome to Episode 68 of SunCast! I hope you enjoyed my last episode with Chris Thompson, the Principal at Ipsum Power on the key differences between the solar and storage markets. Today is another Tactical Tuesday episode! This week we have Farid Dibachi, the Cofounder & CEO of JLM Energy. I became aware of JLM at last year's SPI where I was on a mission to better understand the innovation coming to market for C&I storage applications. When I heard what JLM is doing, I knew I'd have...


The Sun is Setting on Gas Peaker Plants (Ep 067)

Welcome to Episode 67 of SunCast! I hope you enjoyed my last episode with Mark McLanahan where we discussed Asset Management + O&M. Today on SunCast, we continue our Solar + Storage series with an industry executive, Chris Thompson, who's spent quite a bit of time running power conditioning companies - names you've heard of like Xantrex, AE, First Solar and Eaton. Tune in Today as we Discuss Topics Such As: How Xantrex pivoted their power business post-Enron.Key Differences between the...


Best practices from the No.1 O&M service provider in N. America (Ep 066)

Welcome to Episode 66 of SunCast! I hope you enjoyed my last episode with Etienne Lecompte where we discussed the use of software to maximize solar assets. Thanks for joining me today for a new Suncast Soundbyte a drop of sunlight to get you through the workweek. On today's episode of SunCast, we're going to continue the theme of Asset Management + O&M by hopping into my time machine and teleporting back to SPI 2017 again. I had the chance there to sit down with my friend Mark...


Etienne Lecompte: Using Software to Maximize Solar Assets (Ep 065)

Welcome to Episode 65 of SunCast! I hope you learned a lot during this week's ultra-nerdy Tactical Tuesday with Hongbin Fang of LONGi Solar. On today's episode, I speak with Etienne Lecompte. Etienne is a leader and entrepreneur in renewable energy, software development and regulatory compliance. Etienne's companies and products have set the standard for developers, financiers and equity providers investing in renewable energy assets in Canada and now throughout North America. He...


Tactical Tuesday: PERC & Bifacial solar modules (Ep 064)

Welcome to Episode 64 of SunCast! Welcome to Tactical Tuesdays, a short-form conversation with subject-matter experts to give you the edge in building your solar business and brand. Hongbin Fang is Director of Product Marketing at LONGi Solar, a leading dedicated monocrystalline solar cell and module manufacturer. With the resurgence of Bifacial Modules & the rapid rise of the PERC cell technology, I thought it would be good to bring in an expert on the subject to help us understand the...


A true Innovation Machine (Ep 063)

Welcome to Episode 63 of SunCast! I hope you enjoyed the last week's episode with Oleg pushing the envelope on commercial finance. Today's episode is going to plumb the depths of the entrepreneurial journey with a CEO of a US-based solar module manufacturer who's had his share of failure and success, and most certainly understands how to cross the chasm. I had the incredible pleasure of sitting down with Suvi Sharma, CEO of Solaria Corporation. Suvi joined Solaria in 2003 and...


Braggawatt (Ep062)

Welcome to Episode 62 of SunCast! In today's episode of SunCast, I speak to Oleg Popovsky of Braggawatt Solar. We talk about a project they announced that week at SPI. On the surface, it would appear a rather innocuous, perhaps insignificant achievement, but I think Oleg does a great job explaining exactly why this announcement had my ears perked. If you've been curious to look under the hood a wee bit to see what this SunEdison spinoff is up to, this episode is for you. It's a great...


Oh, the Places You'll Go! (Ep061)

Happy New Year. I've got some exciting episodes and community planning coming, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this timeless story. - Thanks again for setting aside THIS time in your day. Enjoy this New Years episode of SunCast.


Tied with Elon Musk - Jigar Shah (Ep060)

Welcome to Episode 60 of SunCast! In today's episode of SunCast, I speak to Jigar Shah, an icon in the solar industry. From founding SunEdison to leading the Carbon War Room as its first CEO, Jigar has been innovating on business models in the energy and infrastructure arenas for more than 2 decades. Currently, Jigar is the co-founder and President of specialty finance company, Generate Capital, investing in infrastructure assets in what they refer to as the world's critical resources,...


Flow vs Lithium - next in Solar + Storage - Mike Grunow of ViZn Energy (Ep 059)

Welcome to Episode 59 of SunCast! This is installment #2 in the Solar+Storage series. Today on SunCast, I get to interview one of the guys who's had a massive impact on my own personal career, Mike Grunow, the VP of Marketing at Vizn Energy Systems. Tune in today as we discuss: IF you missed the first in this Solar+Storage series, be sure to check out Travis Simpkins Episode as well #56. And for resources (and a hilarious yet informative video) from today's episode, head over to...


Funding Commercial Solar with Bryan Birsic (Ep 058)

Welcome to Episode 58 of SunCast! Today on SunCast, we are digging into the inner workings of a company (Wunder Capital) many of you have probably begun to work with, and who has clearly done a great job of gaining traction since it's founding back in 2013. For you entrepreneurs out there, I ask Bryan a ton of questions specifically about the who/what/how/when/why of starting and growing his business. Bryan Birsic and his co-founders have grown Wunder Capital to be one of the...


Dan Shugar, Part 2 - Solar Pioneer Series (Ep 057)

Welcome to Episode 57 of SunCast, and episode #5 in the Solar Pioneers series. Today is the much-anticipated Part 2 of Episode 39 with Dan Shugar! As founder and CEO, Dan Shugar helped build NEXTracker into one of the fastest growing cleantech companies in the U.S. Dan was responsible for spinning NEXTracker out of Solaria Corp. where he also served as CEO, and then merging with FLEX almost 2 years ago. Nextracker has become the largest tracker company in the world by volume shipped,...


Dr. Travis Simpkins on the Future of Microgrids (Ep 056)

Welcome to Episode 56 of SunCast. Today I talk to Dr. Travis Simpkins, based on a recommendation from one of our amazing listeners! Travis is the founder and CEO of muGrid Analytics. muGrid Analytics are the nerds of the renewable energy world. Analyzing potential or existing projects to help you make sound data driven decisions and get the most out of our renewable energy investments. Travis provides techno-economic analysis of renewable energy and energy storage projects to developers,...


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