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A noes by any other name

Parliament's language is sometimes archaic and often confusing. Can you tell your assent from your noes? Try our quiz.

Duration: 00:14:10

The House for 1035pm Fri 15 Dec

The latest from the House

Duration: 00:05:58

The House gets personal

A bill allowing terminally ill New Zealanders to choose euthanasia passed its first reading with MPs voting based on their personal beliefs.

Duration: 00:09:57

A day of tit for tat

MPs spent some time pointing the finger at the other side of the House over education and tax changes.

Duration: 00:09:36

Urgency before Christmas

The House will sit under urgency this week to move through tax legislation. Phil Smith catches up with the Leader of the House to find out what that entails.

Duration: 00:08:23

Feedback from 10 December

Listeners' feedback about the show from Sunday Morning with Wallace Chapman.

Duration: 00:07:20

Artist Dame Robin White: Life and Influences

Dame Robin White was one of five artists to recently receive a Laureate award from the Arts Foundation. You may know her works - bold crisp, lines and flat blocks of colour, depicting scenes of small-town Kiwi life. Flat-bed trucks and chip shops "A Buzzy Bee For Siulolovao", "Sam Hunt, Bottle Creek". She is a painter, printmaker and in more recent years has worked with other forms such as tapa with her artistic eye moving toward the Pacific Islands.

Duration: 00:55:04

Chicago Smokeshop back singing the blues

Bluesman Darren Watson is best known as the frontman to 1980s rhythm and blues band Chicago Smokeshop. They had hits such as "Mind on My Sleeve", "I Can't Live Without Your Love", and "You Want Another Man". Now Watson's working on an all-acoustic album - due for release early 2018. And he's getting the band back together - Chicago Smokeshop will play on 6 January at Nelson's Out of the Blue Festival as well as pairing up with Paul Ubana Jones at the Playhouse theatre in Mapua on 2 and 3...

Duration: 00:25:13

Rob Beaglehole: the sugar needs to stop

The number of children having rotting teeth surgically removed has doubled in the past 10 years, costing the taxpayer $4000 a pop. Many dentists say it's all down to sugar, especially sugary drinks. Calls for a tax on sugary drinks are mounting, but the previous government wouldn't entertain the idea. New health minister David Clark says he wants better access to more affordable dental care, less sugar in food and better labelling. Dental Association spokesman Dr Rob Beaglehole sees the...

Duration: 00:22:42

Ryan Tate: 'Terrorism organisations in Africa are being funded by the illegal wildlife trade'

Ryan Tate is a US veteran who served in Iraq post 9/11 Five years ago he saw a documentary about the poaching of African wildlife and learned about Robert Mande who runs an anti-poaching conservation operation in Tanzania, where the poaching of East African elephants is rife. Ryan Tate founded VetPaw - Veterans Empowered to Protect African Wildlife. The veterans use their skills to help train African park rangers and track poachers. Tate's work features in the documentary series Blood...

Duration: 00:21:51

Mediawatch for 10 December 2017

Does China hold sway over media here?; fair dinkum kwaussie news; PR push highlights the glass ceiling; making plans for Leighton

Duration: 00:30:45

Damon Salesa: our Pacific future

'As you read, Auckland and New Zealand are becoming more Pacific by the hour' is the opening line of Damon Salesa's new book Island Time, NZ's Pacific Futures. The associate professor of Pacific Studies at the University of Auckland presents some blunt challenges, including residential segregation in Auckland and the lack of home ownership among Pacific people.

Duration: 00:22:36

Insight: MMP - Democracy or Power?

Under NZ's MMP system, the highest polling party is not leading government. Former RNZ political editor Brent Edwards investigates if MMP is still the right option.

Duration: 00:27:21

The impact of Mt Agung's eruption on the Balinese

Mt Agung has erupted again in the past 24 hours, raining volcanic ash down the slopes of Bali's tallest volcano and sending massive plumes into the sky. It's a clear sign of the ongoing threat posed by the 3000 metre mountain ... that has locals fearing a repeat of 1963's eruption that killed around 2000 people. The volcanic alert for the mountain is still at level 4, the highest, and around 70,000 locals have had to evacuate a 10 kilometre zone around the crater. Graeme MacRae a senior...

Duration: 00:11:42

Sustainable Coastlines clean-up nets masses of rubbish

Environmental charity Sustainable Coastlines hit West Auckland beaches for four hours on Saturday. It was an event tied up with singer Jack Johnson's visit - his "All At Once" community is a social action network that encourages people to make a positive change in the world, including cleaning up beaches. Fletcher Sunde from Sustainable Coastlines joins explains what they found.

Duration: 00:04:50

Peter Beck on Rocket Lab's next launch

Monday is another big day for one of New Zealand's most innovative companies Rocket Lab. It could carry out its second test launch of its Electron Rocket from Mahia Peninsula, following on from the successful inaugural electron test back in May. Rocket Lab founder Peter Beck explains.

Duration: 00:04:42

CTV families protest over legal ruling

Families of those killed in the 2011 collapse of the CTV building are protesting today over news that a criminal prosecution has been rejected against the designers of the CTV building. Deputy Solicitor General Brendan Horsley said he considered the chances of a successful prosecution against Alan Reay and David Harding were too low. Maan Alkaisi whose wife Dr Maysoon Abbas was killed in the collapse, explains the next step.

Duration: 00:09:38

House acknowledges long-serving journalist

MPs took time to pay tribute to long-serving journalist Ian Templeton who has six decades of reporting experience under his belt.

Duration: 00:05:03

'We must do better' - water quality tops House agenda

A ministerial statement has been made in the House to draw attention to a report on Havelock North's drinking water.

Duration: 00:04:55

Spring cleaning the order paper

While the Government drafters busily crank the handle on new bills, the House has been tidying away the business left from the previous Parliament.

Duration: 00:04:45

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