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The Case for Automatic Voter Registration

Making the case for automatic voter registration and other ways we can make voting easier. Guest interviews with Susan Lerner, Executive Director of Common Cause New York and Stacey Abrams, a candidate for Governor in Georgia. FROM L. JOY'S DESK - 0:24 L. Joy reflects on a year of "the resistance" and features a clip of a panel discussion on the Brian Lehrer Show for their LIVE “A Year of Resistance” special. L. Joy talked about her mission to focus on civic education and how she inspires...


Taking Civic Action in 2018

L. Joy, June and Lurie give you the preview on 2018 elections including the latest threats and civic action opportunities in voting rights, education and the upcoming census. How Will you #TakeCivicAction in 2018? - 13:25 We share stories from listeners who plan to #TakeCivicAction in 2018 and our hosts share their own plans to get civically engaged this year. #CIVICDOCKET - 19:14 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow...


#BlackWomenLead and Grading Your Legislators

The growing political power of Black women, China ain't taking our...trash and L. Joy gives a civics lesson on how to grade your legislators. #CIVICDOCKET - 9:39 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here. NY Governor taking guns away from those convicted of domestic violence China no longer taking our trash Test your knowledge on #BillOfRightsDay and take this quick...


On the Couch and Uncensored – Episode 13

June and Lurie join L. Joy on her living room couch to talk about everything from net neutrality, the GOP tax bill, federal judicial nominees and more. TOPICS: 2:18 - Net Neutrality 9:57 - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 18:15 - Federal Judges (Elected and Appointed) 24:37 - Tax Bill 32:55 - Getting to know June, Lurie and L. Joy 49:50 - "If you don't see yourself, create it!" --- BECOME A CIVIC PATRON Help us continue to grow and spread civic education and engagement by becoming a...


Economic Equity: Struggling Toward a Better Economic Future- Episode 12

For this post Thanksgiving episode, L. Joy highlights those advocating for economic equity. Unless you are among the wealthy, you are probably feeling economically strained. The gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider and millions of us are struggling to make ends meet. You may be employed but living paycheck to paycheck and one emergency away from despair. Millions of others are experiencing homelessness, poverty and have trouble feeding themselves and their children on a daily...


Census 2020: Why Be Counted? – Episode 11

The 2020 seems far away but in this episode we discuss the many changes and issues complicating our preparedness for the upcoming census. Prof. John Flateau, PhD of the DuBois Bunche Center For Public Policy at Medgar Evers College, CUNY joins us to discuss the importance and long term political and economic effects of the census count. #CIVICDOCKET - 8:06 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag...


Equal Protection of the Laws – Episode 10

L. Joy, June and Lurie discuss the Hotep in their closet, an excerpt of Donna Brazile's upcoming book on the 2016 election, how a repeal of the Johnson Amendment would impact the separation of church and state and Esmeralda Simmons on the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. #CIVICDOCKET - 09:23 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here. GOP Tax Bill Would...


Policing the Police: A Citizen’s Guide to Police Reform – Episode 09

Police reform conversations are stuck on methods to improve community and police relations but are missing the point of accountability and transparency. On this episode, L. Joy, June and Lurie discuss advocacy efforts towards police reform and a citizen’s role in policing the police. Guests include Dr. Phill Goff, Co-Founder and President of the Center for Policing Equity and lifelong activist Lumumba Bandele. #CIVICDOCKET - 10:59 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show...


The Daily Assault of American Politics – Episode 08 - #SUNDAYCIVICS

L. Joy, June and Lurie discuss the consequences of free speech, why it's so easy to exploit racial animus in the United States and the daily assault of American politics. OPENING Audio excerpt of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. reading from his text "Letter from a Birmingham Jail". #CIVICDOCKET - 11:09 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag #CivicDocket on Twitter or view more here. Black Lawmakers Hold a...


No Constitutional Right to Vote- Episode 07 - #SUNDAYCIVICS

L. Joy and June are joined by Lurie Daniel Favors, Esq., General Counsel of the Center for Law and Social Justice at Medgar Evers College, CUNY to discuss voter registration in advance of National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 26th. We also chat with voting rights advocate Barbara Arnwine on how we vote links back to slavery, millennials vote potential, how the Supreme Court weakened the Voting Rights act and more. OPENING Excerpt from the Oral History Interview with Septima...


Fake News? The Role of Journalism in Democracy – Episode 06 - #SUNDAYCIVICS

Do you know the difference between media and journalism and do you know how to spot the “fake news” we are all exposed to? Jeff Ballou, President of the National Press Club and News Editor at Al Jazeera Media Network joins us to discuss the role of journalism in our society, the difference between media and journalism and how to spot “fake news”. #CIVICDOCKET - 02:20 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream media. Follow the hashtag...


Identity Politics…The New Political Buzzword – Episode 05 - #SUNDAYCIVICS

Can you put your identity aside to advance your political issues or is there an intersection between your identity and your politics? Dr. Christina Greer of Fordham University joins us to discuss the new political buzzword “identity politics”. We also give a mini lesson on gerrymandering, the decline in food prices and maybe the earth is trying to tell us something. #CIVICDOCKET - 05:20 A few of the civic related stories we discussed on the show that you may have missed in mainstream...


Episode 4 | Political Science vs. Civic Engagement - #SUNDAYCIVICS

L. Joy chats with the interns about their summer working on the show and teaches them about the 3 components of civic education. They continue the conversation with New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera and discuss the differences between government and political science in the classroom and everyday politics. Senator Rivera also gives some context to the ongoing healthcare debate and defines "single payer". Become a #CivicPatron and support the show Twitter: @sundaycivics | Facebook:...


First Civic Action: Senator Gustavo Rivera - #SUNDAYCIVICS

New York State Senator Gustavo Rivera shares his first civic action story. When Senator Rivera moved to New York to study political science, he decided he wanted to apply what he had learned in the classroom to real life and became involved in politics, working hard for progressive candidates and elected officials. Gustavo worked as a community organizer for several local and state candidates. In November 2010, Gustavo Rivera was elected State Senator for New York Senate District 33, which...


First Civic Action: Leslie Mac - #SUNDAYCIVICS

Leslie Mac, Co-Founder of Safety Pin Box shares her First Civic Action story. Leslie is a Brooklyn-born activist, organizer, and writer. Her work is dedicated to Black lives and liberation. She founded the Ferguson Response Network as a means of connecting activists nationwide, and is a Founding Lead Organizer for Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism (BLUU). Follow Leslie on Twitter Learn more about Safety Pin Box


Kriss: Editor-in-Chief of the MTR Network - #SUNDAYCIVICS

L. Joy chats with one of her favorite podcast hosts to talk about his first civic action. Kriss is the Editor-in-Chief of MovieTrailerReviews.Net and Host of Insanity Check Podcast, Character Corner, Comic Book Book Club and more.


Episode 3 | Understanding The Economy - #SUNDAYCIVICS

L. Joy sits down with two esteemed economists, Professor William E. Spriggs and Dr. Julianne Malveaux, to demystify our economy. During the discussion they explain unemployment, job creation, tax cuts, the federal budget and more. Dr. Julianne Malveaux is a Labor Economist, noted author and highly regarded commentator. Visit her website and check out her podcast “It's Personal with Dr. J” and follow on twitter @drjlastword Professor William E. Spriggs is a professor in...


Episode 02 – Public Education (The Panel) - #SUNDAYCIVICS

In the second episode, L. Joy follows up the first episode with a panel discussion on public education in front of a live studio audience. Panel Guests Brooklyn High School Students: Monifa Akowe Halsey & Nia Rainer Rafiq R. Kalam Id-Din II, Esq is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of Ember Charter School for Mindful Education (formerly TFOA Charter School) and Founder of the #BlackLedSchoolsMatter initiative. Rafiq, a resident, community leader, social entrepreneur, lawyer and teacher in...


Episode 01 – Public Education (The Interviews) - #SUNDAYCIVICS

On the inaugural episode #SundayCivics, L. Joy shares who and what inspired her to create the podcast and interviews three amazing educators on the history and role of education in our society. The current public education debate is centered around the pros and cons of charter schools, school choice, vouchers and the common core however majority of Americans don’t know the basics such as how schools are funded, how schools are managed or how we can effectively make change in public...


#SundayCivics – Show Teaser - #SUNDAYCIVICS

National political strategist L. Joy Williams introduces you to #SundayCivics, a podcast for the civically engaged. Through #SundayCivics, L. Joy and guests will teach practical and relevant civic education and inspire everyday citizens to take the reins of control from who and what governs them.