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Marry, Murder or ReSpawn with EA (Sony gives free money for your trophies, Star Wars announces a new trilogy and EA buys ReSpawn Studios) SCS: 56

Take the Upcoming Episode 56 Fan Favorites Poll! Joshua, Garrett and Johnnie discuss the new plan from Playstation that turns your earned trophies into actual currency!? Will this work as well as we hope or is it doomed to be a Playstation Home-like fail!? The Squad gets into the shocking news that EA will purchase Titanfall developer ReSpawn studios and what plans EA might have for the independent developer. And taking a trip into Star Wars news with the announcement of a brand new...

Duration: 02:21:02

You've Activated My Powerup Card! (GameStop becomes the new Blockbuster, Assassin's Creed: Origins review and Paris Games Week Review) SCS: 55

Take this Next Weeks Episode 56 Fan Favorites Poll! ( GameStop is going to become the new Blockbuster Video, and in a different way then you might think! The Super Co-op Squad reviews Assassin's Creed: Origins and chime in on all of the mechanics, rpg elements and stunning new locale! Plus Paris Games Week wraps up and Blizzcon is in full swing! Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show all about discussing gaming, comics and the movies and TV's show...

Duration: 03:44:53

Resident Review (Are game reviews flawed? How do gamers evolve as they grow older?) SCS: 54

Take the Fan Favorites Poll for Episode 54! Is the current review system for games flawed? The Super Co-op Squad sounds off on their thoughts on the 10 point game rating scale. Johnnie and the Squad also discuss how aging gamers deal with an industry that targets the same age demographic as they grow out of it and how the next generation will change the way that we game. Joshua gets salty for once and Garrett doesn't know who Danny Glover is. Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show all...

Duration: 03:55:32

Gaming & Gambling (Are Loot systems gambling? How to Revitalize a game franchise? Our 1-year anniverssary!) SCS: 52

Take the Fan Favorites Poll for Next Weeks Episode 53! Loot controversy continues as some countries begin to look at the micro transaction systems in gaming to determine if they qualify as a form of gambling. What does this mean for the gaming industry, how games are rateda and how developers can monetize systems in game. The Squad also talks about the best ways to revitalize a gaming franchise and why some franchises stand the test of time while others die a slow death. Plus we'll have...

Duration: 01:35:07

Zoinks! Microtransactions! (Pay to Win is here to Stay, & the games that just need to die.) SCS: 51

Episode 52 Fan Favorites Poll! With Star Battlefront II finishing its beta the Squad discussed Pay to Win systems in gaming and how it has and will affect the industry. The boys have some fun listing some of the games they wish would make a comeback and some of the franchise that just need to wither away and die. Garrett brings some meddling gamer trivia and fears the skunk in Name the Game. Joshua gets nostalgic in Fan Favorites and Johnnie fails at a Hangover quote. Super Co-op Squad...

Duration: 01:25:46

Capcom Outta Steam (Which Console won 2017? Is it fair for Steam to remove games from its store?) SCS: 50

Take Next Weeks Fan Favorties Poll, Ep. 51! As the holiday season approaches the Squad talks about which console is winniing 2017 and which is worth picking up this year if you're in the market. Steam gives over 200 games the boot from their online store and the Squad breakds down what games count as shovelware and why bloated online stores are bad for the quality games. Capcom announces an Arcade Edition of Street Fighter V and Joshua and Johnnie Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show...

Duration: 01:55:58

Cuphead Redemption (Cuphead Review, Red Dead 2 Trailer Breakdown, Free Games in October) SCS:49

Cuphead FINALLY releases and the Squad gives their thoughts on the 1930's styled run and gun indie title. Red Dead Redemption 2 gets its first full trailer and has tons of MPS (meat per second) to dissect and discuss. We also break down the Games with Gold and PS Plus free games for the month of October. One game in particular is definitely worth your time! Joshua isn't a fan of grammar police, Johnnie creates the worlds most annoying sudden death trivia question and Garrett believes that...

Duration: 01:45:05

What a Twist! (Why do video game movies suck?, How long does a spoiler require an alert? and PUBG whines like a baby) SCS: 48

Bluehole Studios (terrible name), the developer behind Player Unknown Battlegrounds (another terrible name), whines like a baby about copycat games and the Squad rips into them for it! Why do Video Game movies sucks so much? Johnnie, Garrett and Joshua each have very different ideas on why and how to fix them. And when are spoilers no longer spoilers? If you're Joshua that might mean forever. Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show all about discussing gaming, comics and the movies and...

Duration: 02:02:48

J.J. Abrams, I Choose you! (How Nintendo is Killing it, Is Abrams the right choice for Star War IX, What is the Golden Age of Pop Culture?) SCS: 47

Are we in the Golding Age of Pop Culture? The Super Co-op Squad discusses where Pop Culture Media is, where it should be and what they feel the Golden Age means for nerds and gamers. The squad also discusses the latest Nintendo Direct and all of the games and content that's coming to a Switch near you! The Squad is very divided on J.J. Abrams returning as the director of Star Wars Episode IX and the opinions may surprise you! Garrett goes waayy back for trivia, Joshua is a brokeback and...

Duration: 02:07:17

Destiny of Toys R' Us (Destiny 2 Review, Toys R' Us Closing down, and Star Wars IX loses its director) SCS: 46

Destiny 2 is finally here and the Super Co-op Squad gives there review and discusses there experiences playing the game. Toys R' Us owes $400 million and might be facing bankruptcy; is this the beginning of the end for the big box retailer and who fills its void? Star Wars IX loses its director; what's going on Disney/Lucasfilms? Joshua thinks playing the beta counts as experience playing a game, Garrett has some SUPER obscure titles in Name the Game and gets ripped on for it and Johnnie...

Duration: 01:55:14

Olympic Video Games?! (Should Esports be an Olympic Event? Nintendo gets sued and Loses big,.) SCS: 45

The Super Co-op Squad talks about the possibilities of E-sports in the Olympics and what it would do for the gaming industry and its major gaming communities. Nintendo loses a 5 year legal battle over a Wii patent infringement while a new lawsuit springs up against them. Are these mad grabs for free money or is Nintendo truly breaking patent laws? Johnnie and Garrett debate if an igloos entrance counts as an actual hallway, Joshua creates one of the most creative and comprehensive Fan...

Duration: 02:03:32

The Future is Meow! (Gamescom's Top games, Micrsoft & Sony Crossplay?, is DCEU going stand alone? ) SCS:44

Gamescom has come and gone and the SC Squad talks about all of the games they are most excited for! Will Microsoft and Sony finally move forward with crossplay between their consoles?! And some new announcements from DC with future films!Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show all about discussing gaming, comics and the movies and TV's show that spawn from them with unique perspective, from the minds of three very different gamers. SCS is a crew of three friends who love chopping it up...

Duration: 02:05:14

@Deadpool (Microsoft's worst holiday lineup every, Movie Pass & what it means for AMC) SCS: 43

Microsoft seems to be in for a rough and rocky holiday 2017 as the Squad discusses the paltry Xbox One lineup heading into October, Movie Pass has a HUGE price drop and we discuss just how important this COULD be for consumers, the film industry and everyone involved (plus we'll explain what Movie Pass is too!) Johnnie has some weird choices for his personal Loot Boxes, Joshua doesn't understand what a prequel is and Garrett thinks fluffy sheep are scary.Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk...

Duration: 02:04:34

Disney & Chill (Xbox revamps its achievement system, Disney starts its own streaming service & Online Privacy; does it exist?) SCS: 42

The Super Co-op Squad discusses Microsofts plans to upgrade and enhance Xbox Live Achievements. Disney announces its own streaming service! What does this mean for Netflix and other streaming services and the most magical company on earth enters into its own content hosting? The Super Co-op Squad also tackles Online Privacy. When do companies go too far in selling and compiling our personal data? Garrett brings some FRESH gamer trivia to the show this week and we learn that Joshua needs...

Duration: 01:50:15

Media Back(F)lash (Media/Fan involvement in game development, Sony buys Funimation) SCS:41

Is media and fan feedback during game development a good idea for game creators to implement? How much change is too much or too little during a beta? The Super Co-op Squad breakd down this recent development trend and also talk about Sony purchasing Funimation. The Squad has a lot of fun with an all new fan favorites, Total Recast, where we pick the best actors who have played the same roles. Joshua breaks out some speedy trivia that takes forever, Garrett isn't a fan of Kermit The Frog...

Duration: 03:55:00

League of Extraordinary Gaming(Is Pro Gaming as a career a reality? How to prioritize all your media)SCS:40

Is professional gaming a reality now? Blizzard gives hard numbers regarding the the Overwatch League and the contracts for its players and team and the squad discusses just how monumental for gaming this move is. We also break down August 2017's Games with Golds and PS Plus free games! If you ever wanted to play Snake on PS4, now is your chance! And in this world bursting at the seams with media and entertainment we discuss some of the best tips to prioritize your gaming, viewing and...

Duration: 02:54:50

Zero to Hero (Is Online multipalyer Building or Tearing Down Social Gaming? How to get involved in Local Gaming Communities and Why!)SCS: 39

The Super Co-op Squad is joined by long time supporter and good friend of the podcast, Chanlder Saenz! This week we talk about choices in gaming and the fine line between getting it right and getting it wrong. We also have a round table discussion about online gaming and how that might be positively or negatively affecting our social habits during our gaming sessions. Johnnie, Garrett and Chandler makes Super Co-op Squad history in the Gamer Trivia and Joshua returns from his brief hiatus...

Duration: 02:15:44

Spidey, & Vulture & Disney, Oh My! (Spider-Man: Homecoming Review, Disney Dominated the Box Office and Sony/Marvel partnership?) SCS: 38

The Super Co-op Squad subs in a special guest as Joshua is on assignment at EVO 2017. Breigh joins the podcast this week and we take a break from game talk to discuss movies, Spider-Man and Disney. We have some laughs in a very interesting Fan Favorites where there are no right answers and a ton of fun in the Speed Run. Garrett brings out some blast from the past trivia, Johnnie argues the validity of Wonder Woman passing her powers to male proginey and Breigh exclaims her desire to have...

Duration: 01:49:12

DLC Ya Later! (How does DLC afffect game longevity and completion, Are games more or less challenging now or then?, MCU Discussion) SCS: 37

The Super Co-op Squad takes a look at some deeper topics for gaming discussion as Garrett, Joshua and Johnnie Mac discuss how DLC content is evolving how many titles gamers play in a year and how many sequels are handled when developers only need to update their current game. The Squad also takes a look at gaming difficulty and talk about different eras in gaming and how the challenges that games provide has changed. Joshua brings some awesome Name The Game clues, and Garrett drops Gaming...

Duration: 03:34:48

Battle of the Scalpers: (Is the SNES Classic worth it? July Games w/ Gold & PS Plus Freebies, Sony launches Indie Filmmakers program) SCS: 36

The Squad talks about the SNES Classic and how likely the scalpers will be selling these for double or triple the price and what exactly is Nintendo's goal in releasing these Retros in such controlled quantities. The gang reviews the free July Games w/ Gold and PS Plus freebies have been announced and Garrett, Joshua and Johnnie talk about there favorite games on the list. It's a weird one this week as Joshua plays Nex Machina and laments his lack of friends, Garrett can't spell Ouya and...

Duration: 01:56:06

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