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Ep. 141: Xbox One X Preorders; Top 5 Games We Want in E-Sports

This week we’ve got Xbox One X Preorder news, Pennywise the Clown will haunt your head movies in the new "It" VR game, and we list our Top 5 Games we Want in E-Sports! Subscribe to us on iTunes! bit.ly/SuperHappyNerdTime Music from: Madisons; Reverend Horton Heat

Duration: 01:12:49

Ep. 140: Top 5 Rick & Morty Side Characters; Overwatch's DOOMFIST; Super Troopers 2

On this week’s episode, Overwatch introduces Doomfist, who promptly fists everyone, Super Troopers 2 is finally ready(Right meow!), and we celebrate the long-awaited return of Rick & Morty with our Top 5 Favorite Rick & Morty Side Characters! Subscribe to us on iTunes! http://bit.ly/SuperHappyNerdTime Songs from: Anderson Paak, Smash Mouth

Duration: 01:11:53

Ep. 139: Top 5 Films of 2017, So Far; Destiny 2; Deadpool 2

This week on Super Happy Nerd Time, the Destiny 2 beta is upon us, Bioware’s Aaryn Flynn quits amid the Mass Effect Andromeda fiasco, and we have our Top 5 Favorite Films of 2017... so far. Music from: Avenged Sevenfold; Passion Pit.

Duration: 01:15:48

Ep. 138: Top 5 Favorite Game of Thrones Characters; Overwatch E-Sports

Blizzard tells e-sports “Whateva, I do what I want!” by starting their own Overwatch league; Nintendo reveals the SNES Classic (and it's crazy sexy game lineup); and we celebrate the return of Game of Thrones with our Top 5 Favorite Game of Thrones characters EVER. Music from: Post Malone; Weezer

Duration: 01:03:25

Ep. 137: Top 5 Favorite Heist Movie Moments Ever; Crash Bandicoot Returns

Rick & Morty season 3 announcements! Crash Bandicoot makes a triumphant return to PS4; we celebrate the release of Edgar Wright's epically musical heist caper, Baby Driver, with our Top 5 Favorite Heist Movie Moments Ever! Music from: Nina Simone; The Fratellis

Duration: 01:04:42

Ep. 136: Rick & Morty; Han Solo film troubles; Top 5 Moments of E3 2017

E3 has come and gone, and left us with raging nerd boners. What games are you most excited about? We couldn't hold back, so we put together a list our Top 5 Favorite Moments of this year's E3 (both the good AND the bad).

Duration: 01:18:47

Ep. 135: Top 5 Female Superheroes Ever (w/ guests Rachel Novak & Nicole Taylor)

The long-awaited Wonder Woman movie is finally upon us! To celebrate, we brought in two former Rooster Teeth-ers and experts on female superheroes, Rachel Novak & Nicole Taylor!

Duration: 01:10:53

Ep. 134: Top 5 Space Movies; Alien Covenant; Witcher heads to Netflix

DC Heroes meet Mortal Kombat with Injustice 2; Netflix announces a show based on The Witcher; we celebrate the release of Alien Covenant with our Top 5 Space Movies Ever (featuring our very special guest, Rachel)

Duration: 01:18:05

Ep. 133: Injustice 2; Worst 5 Marvel Movies Ever

Blizzard brings Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm together, the Sims is coming to mobile (FOR FREE), and what if Bruce Jenner, not Bruce Banner, were The Incredible Hulk? Could be hot! This and more when we list our 5 Worst Marvel Movies Ever!

Duration: 01:09:22

[Review] Free Fire: Best action movie of 2017 (That nobody will see)

Set in 1970s Boston. A smart-mouth, gangster film in the vein of Martin Scorsese and Guy Ritchie. This is the best action film of 2017 that nobody will see.

Duration: 00:48:42

Ep. 132: Silicon Valley; Guardians of the Galaxy 2; Top 5 TV Nerds Ever!

Digital game sales are at an all-time, leaving Gamestop to cry in its oatmeal; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will have 5 post-credit scenes; new trailers for Kingsman and Krypton! We celebrate the return of Silicon Valley with our Top 5 Favorite TV Nerds Ever.

Duration: 01:04:39

[REVIEW] Fate of the Furious: Hackers, manlove & white girl dreads

The 8th installment of the over-the-top Fast & Furious franchise is finally here! Dom Toretto and the gang are back to save the world from street racers... or whatever. Who cares? THE ROCK CATCHES A TORPEDO WITH HIS BARE HANDS! Anyway, check out our review and let us know what you thought of the movie!

Duration: 01:13:26

Ep. 131: Top 5 Most Insane Fast & Furious Moments; Deadpool 2; Overwatch updates

Jude Law goes from Young Pope to Young Dumbledore, Josh Brolin is set to play Cable in Deadpool 2, and we get 2 Fast 2 Furious with our Top 5 Most Insane Fast & Furious moments ever! Music from: Don Omar; Young Thug; 2 Chainz; Wiz Khalifa; Ludacris.

Duration: 01:16:58

Ep. 130: Top 5 Rick & Morty Episodes; Xbox Scorpio; Alien Covenant

Rick & Morty Season 3 is here, so we list our Top 5 Favorite Rick & Morty episodes ever! Plus, the new Alien Covenant trailer, Attack on Titan season 2, and Microsoft teases Xbox Scorpio. Music from: J. Cole, Too $hort, Rednex, Chris Stapleton.

Duration: 01:15:13

Ep. 129: Top 5 Chappelle's Show Sketches Ever; Destiny 2; Valerian & It trailers

After a week off, we're back with some heavy-hitting nerd madness. Destiny 2 teases us in all the right way, "Valerian" & "It" drop new trailers, and we've got a sweet Nintendo Switch mod. Since Dave Chappelle is making his triumphant return with 2 Netflix specials, we list our Top 5 Favorite Chappelle’s Show sketches ever!

Duration: 01:12:37

Ep. 128: SXSW Takeover, Top 5 Weirdest Disney Moments

This week, South by Southwest has taken over Austin! Seriously, the gaming, film, interactive and music conference has engulfed Shawn's life... so not any different than usual. Also, Battlefield 1 updates! And we celebrate the release of Beauty & the Beast with our Top 5 Weirdest Disney moments! Music from: Marky Mark, hed P.E., DGAF, Jimmy Eat World

Duration: 01:08:00

Ep. 127: Kong Skull Island, Nintendo Switch Review, Top 5 Favorite Movie Monsters

This week, we talk about the emotional roller-coaster that is "Logan," Shawn reviews the Nintendo Switch, and with Kong: Skull Island coming out this weekend, we list our Top 5 favorite movie monsters ever! Music from: The Aquabats, Marshmello, Aer, Daft Punk.

Duration: 01:09:29

Ep. 126: Hugh Jackman's old man abs; Top 5 Game We Want To See On Nintendo Switch

We Say "Bye Bye" to Wolverine and Hugh Jackman’s old-man abs as Logan drops this weekend, Overwatch Season 4's map creator goes full Super Mario Maker, and we list the Top 5 Games we want to see on Nintendo Switch. Music from: Drapht, Griz, Lupe Fiasco, At the Drive-In.

Duration: 01:15:47

Ep. 125: Stoners Welcome Planet Earth II; Top 5 Most Badass Superpowers

On this week's podcast, Brandon has quit life to play Halo Wars 2, stoners rejoice the return of the Planet Earth series, and we create the greatest superheroes of all time with our Top 5 Most Badass Superpowers! Music from: Prince, Tinie Tempah feat. Jess Glynne, Dirty Heads, Shawn Wasabi

Duration: 01:19:52

Ep. 124: Valentine's Day Special - Top 5 Most F*cked Up Movie Couples

This week on the Super Happy Nerd Time Valentine’s Day Special… treat your special someone to a romantic evening of bludgeoning your enemies to death in For Honor, Overwatch makes Harambe... I mean, Winston... harder to kill, and Google tests new AI in inevitable Skynet takeover Heat up the romance with songs from: The Vandals, Alanis Morissette, Eamon, Cake.

Duration: 01:28:25

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