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To picture the Super Pee Pee Time comedy podcast by Jeff Mac and Cade Chilcoat, first imagine the majestic eagle. Now imagine a regular eagle. How about an acorn? Can you imagine an acorn? Good. Very good. Now imagine a raisin and an elk huddled close together but without affection. And finally imagine the Super Pee Pee Time comedy podcast. Of all the things you've imagined, this podcast is most like that last thing. It is a comedy podcast. It just is one.




115: The Craft Ladies, or The Legend of Old Dirty Hamburger Man

Welcome back, friends, to another episode of Super Pee Pee Time. This week, Jeannie and Charlotte (aka The Craft Ladies) explore making your own makeup, wind chimes, and smells. There are leftover measles, an old monster reading a pork paper, an Enchilada Choir, tomboy juice, a chainlink god, and so much less. If you enjoyed this, please, lord, come to twitter and tell us what is wrong with you. We're so lonely without you.

Duration: 00:45:21

114: Bait Shop, or The First Everlasting Artichoke Rocket

We've got a couple of delights for you this week. There's music, there's the bait shop that Mama frequents, much to Beatrice's chagrin. There's a hobo-rejecting lemon shark. There's some Lobster Shoe Stew Casserole. A support sock made of corn. A bowl of raisins with the raisins on the side. A helicopter hospital. There's just a whole lot. And it's all for you. For free! Please enjoy the show, and do remember that our show is not to be undulated without purpose. So, you know, don't do that.

Duration: 00:42:53

113: The Submarine, or Neptune's Hateful Grimace

Ahoy, swabbies! Are you ready for a ride on a submarine? Are you ready for Grandma and Grandpa from last year's Thanksgiving episode? Are you ready for Cade to nearly choke to death from laughter? How about a funeral for a cough drop being held by an otter and a walrus? Or a hatful of chamber mice? A lion that's wrinkled from having been kept in a bag? Goalie juice? Are you ready for it? Can't really imagine anyone is ever truly ready for all of those things. But you're gonna get them....

Duration: 00:43:27

112: The Imps, or Long Ago, When Sweat Was a Baby

Guys, we don't know if you remember way back to Episode 66 (66: The Lost Tragedy of King Madregon and the Irradiated Wonderpants) but there were two mystical imps in an enchanted forest, imparting strange knowledge which, like literally everything, is void where prohibited. You can't do it where you can't do it. Or something. And they're back! The imps. They have come through some sort of portal to tell a lady and an overly sensitive guy who is holding a radio, "Say Anything" style, over...

Duration: 00:43:32

111: The Jury, or That Slobbery, Stupid Baby

Order in the courtroom! It's time for what was intended to be a sort of "12 Angry Men" kind of a deal, but kind of went another way. Longtime listeners of our show will be shocked by that fact, but hopefully you'll recover in time for this very fun episode. Everyone on the jury hates babies, one of them has a fighting maneuver he calls "underwear pie" which he learned from his gopher. But they can't agree on a verdict. And then...I mean...something happens. They end up in the forest with a...

Duration: 00:44:41

110: Wrap A Brick In The Corpse Of A Mouse

Hey, you look like you could use a nice spa day. No? Well, how about a really weird spa day where you talk a lot about what kinds of careers you see for your butt, and you talk a lot about E.T. and what he did when the gay circus came to town? Sound better? Great! Come on in! If you enjoyed your time at our spa, why not leave us a lovely review over at iTunes? Or just tell a friend? Or just come see us on twitter and say hi. Regardless, just remember: fire is more afraid of you than you...

Duration: 00:43:29

109: Holy Hamburgers Video Tapes and DVDs

Are you ready for a chillagriating, tortallious journey into the world of volumes of things? Tarleton and Wilter are, and they're not alone. Not only are Mama & Beatrice with them, but there's a horse named Trudy, know...some other people of some kind. And they will be exploring the bottom halves of various dinosaurs, including some fossils that will make you forget about ice tea. If you're into that. So if you've ever wanted to know about dinosaurs, fossils, bulging out of...

Duration: 00:44:05

108: Hula Hoop Restriction Day

Ho there, now. Just whoa down your horses and other whoa-able items and sundries. I honestly don't know why I whoa'd you. I apologize. Everyone deserves to continue through life, unwhoa'd by anyone. Not unlike this here text description, this episode kind of wanders off and doesn't really come back, exactly. We were going to do a Law & Order type thing, but at least one of us didn't seem to know what Law & Order goes like. So it was different. And it was brought to you by a slew of...

Duration: 00:35:48

107: Give Our Best To Elbow!

It's our first new-new episode of our 3rd year, and it's off to the frontier! Pioneers on their homestead, making horrible foods and polishing their ghost areas. We think you'll enjoy a nice bowl of uncle corn, and some Elmer pie. And just remember, ice skating is falling down, but on purpose! If you likey, why not subscribe? Do it now. There's no good reason not to. I mean, unless someone booby trapped your computer and you click the "subscribe" button in whatever program you use for...

Duration: 00:40:39

106: Charley Horseman Of The Apocalypse-2nd Anniversary Clip Show Pt 2

So, you thought we'd celebrate our second anniversary with just one clip show? Have you met us? Anything that's with doing is worth doing for far too long. And so, here we are with the thrilling conclusion to our clip show to end all clip shows... We've got an adult wearing a bathing suit that's really for a child, an operating manual for an open faced tomato holder, Ebenezer Scrooge, and several truly spectacular charley horses. Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening!

Duration: 00:43:16

105: This Is Humiliating, I Love It, Go Ahead! - 2nd Anniversary Clip Show Pt. 1

Happy Anniversary to us! Yes, it's been TWO YEARS of this nonsense, and we decided to celebrate with some of our favorite clips. In a sane universe, this would be a "blooper reel." But of course we don't cut out the bloopers because we don't live in a sane universe. This week's episode is the early stuff, right from the very first episode. You'll hear all about a gangsta rap, the reason Uncle Sasquatch is named Uncle Sasquatch, a shame nozzle, and Captain Peanut Butter on the Lake of...

Duration: 00:45:11

104: A Dagwood, A Velamint, And A Leave Me Alone Sandwich

An outbreak of LooDoos disease is rampaging through a hospital. Only two doctors can stop it. And they feel like talking about other things, so, you know, get off their backs, OK? You'll hear all about poorly selling transformers, various symptoms, a legal-themed pizza parlor for children, a dagwood, a velamint, and so much more. And in this, the last episode of year two, we have a first: a guest star! Glory, Cade's daughter, graciously decided to come on the show as Matilda, the brave...

Duration: 00:40:52

103: The GeraldBurger Dream Of Nana Gumballs

How on earth is GeraldBurger going to get the right kind of ideas for their theme park: GeraldBurgerWorld? Let's go to the phones! You'll hear all the standard ideas, of course. Whispered recipes for ice cubes. The Moistened Milk Covered Cat Creature Parade. A button to press in case of oregano. But that's not all. There's more. I can't remember what more, but I know there's more, it's like 40 minutes of stuff. Enjoy! And if you DO enjoy, tell a friend, tell a stranger. Tell a tree that...

Duration: 00:42:59

102: First, Give Up On The History Of Humanity

Well, we're pretty sure that our fives of loyal fans noticed a few folks were missing from our EPISODE 100 extravaganza that was so extravaganzant, it lasted through EPISODE 101. And STILL we didn't get everybody in there. Two of the missing were: The Gianetti Brothers. The restauranteurs of the Super Pee Pee Time universe had been dealing with legal troubles, but that's all behind them, and they're ready to reveal their fanciest restaurant yet: Benu. They don't know how to pronounce it,...

Duration: 00:43:10

101: Pork License Plate

We're back for part two of the big 100 episodes extravaganza! We'll be talking with a few more of our favorite characters. We didn't get to everybody. The Gianetti brothers aren't in there, they'll have an episode next week. But we've got a bunch of our faves, including Jack and a sentient Shovel, especially for our superfan, Andy. This episode has it all. Nighttime bears. A waterslide made of living crabs. A honeydew sorcerer. An ungrateful evil shoeshark. You name it, really. And if you...

Duration: 00:48:22

EPISODE 100: Let's Get Scared Of Things!

Well, well, well. Looks like we've all made it to EPISODE 100. And to commemorate it, we've done a couple episodes of interviews with some of our pals from throughout these past couple of years, to get their thoughts on a HUNDRED episodes. There is also possibly the most epic of all possible charley horses near the end. I mean, it was a god damned hundredth episode miracle, we have to tell you. And if you've ever happened to be curious (and somehow didn't figure it out) here's who is who:...

Duration: 00:44:43

99: Sergeant, Give Yourself A Treat

You know, sometimes we create these elaborate outlines of what we're going to do. Sometimes we just wing it. But sometimes we put together a nice, simple, short outline. Easy to remember, no problems at all. And then we chuck them within minutes because, I mean, come on. We start off with what was to be a 50's-style Sci Fi movie. Wonderful. But then we made the fatal mistake of going to commercial...and we just kind of never came back. It's not even clear what the commercial was for. But...

Duration: 00:42:54

98: Elderly Grand-honky

Mac on stay-cation means he doesn't want to get up early on Thursday. And what does that mean? EARLY EPISODE! First up, get ready for some QVC home shopping magnificence. We'll be showing you jewelry, housery, filthery, and milkery. A hand that is brought to life using voodoo, a little bony whistle flute, and a snowguck which ends up being just what it sounds like, basically. And's a musical about a marathon. We didn't know we were going to do a musical. And we almost succeeded...

Duration: 00:43:07

97: Squirrel Face Stew

Are you unready for episode 97? We thought you'd never not ask! First, it's a space launch. But it's one that requires Ted the Lifecoach AND Carol. So you know it's going well. So put Peachnuts on the phone, prepare your forward elbow, and give yourself a trophy for sliding on dry cereal. Let's go! And then, we go back in time to a couple of gents trying to get off of work early to get to their bowling tournament. So listen, enjoy, and invest in ravioli, or my swarm will activate. If you...

Duration: 00:44:49

96: Grandpa Worked At The Abandoned Yo-Yo Factory

This episode...we thought it was going to be about something. And it ended up mostly being about a lot of other things. And ultimately, it was about the Radishes for Joy, a box of warm handles, and a wedding that breaks out in your shorts. Or something else. We start with a couple of friends trying to decide what to watch on TV. They decide on a documentary...which is interrupted by many, many commercials. For a credit union that will loan you money to buy more money. For an energy drink...

Duration: 00:40:50

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