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Episode 56: Chicago Ripper Crew

Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 56: Chicago Ripper Crew Topics include: - Merry Christmas! Buon Natale! Feliz Navidad! Wesołych Świąt! Frohliche Weihnachten! Рождество́м! メリークリスマス عيد ميلاد مجيد Joyeux Noel! Nollaig Shona Dhuit! We'd like to wish all of our loyal listeners a joyous holiday season and a happy New Year! Thank you for your continued support! - Feedback to: - WARNING: This episode is not for the faint of heart or the squeamish....


Episode 55: BIG NEWS and Recap of Nevada Extraterrestrial & Ghost Odyssey Episodes

- Sorry if this episode is late. iTunes is being a pain in the ass. Working hard to correct the issue. - The SOS-Radio Podcast is now THE SUPERNATURAL OCCURRENCE STUDIES PODCAST! Same on location reporting. Same spooky topics. Same crazy hosts. Just a re-branding to help us reach an even larger audience. Make sure and update your podcast catchers and tell all of your friends! - is no longer. New website is: More streamlined and easier to...


Episode 54: Mysterious Shrine In the Nevada Desert

The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast episode 54: Mysterious Shrine In the Nevada Desert Topics include: - WARNING - Rough audio but worth a listen! - BONUS final episode from our Nevada Extraterrestrial and Ghost Odyssey - About 3/4 miles behind the Sunset View Inn in Alamo, Nevada (, where we stayed during this trip, rests a mysterious shrine dedicated to... - Music for this episode: Talking Heads - Psycho Killer...


Episode 53: LIVE from Rhyolite Ghost Town - Beatty, Nevada

The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast Episode 53: LIVE from Rhyolite Ghost Town - Beatty, Nevada Topics include: WARNING - Audio is choppy during this episode. Recording outside, in the desert, among ruins of an old ghost town, does not produce the best audio quality. Apologies to the listener. - Part 6 of 6 of our Nevada Extraterrestrial and Ghost Odyssey - To view photos that coincide with this episode, visit our photos page on ( and select MEDIA -...


Episode 52: LIVE from Little A'Le'Inn - Rachel, Nevada

SOS-RADIO Podcast Episode 52: LIVE from Little A'Le'Inn - Rachel, Nevada Topics include: - Part 5 of 6 of our Nevada Extraterrestrial and Ghost Odyssey - We report from WORLD FAMOUS Little A'Le'Inn (, an EXCELLENT restaurant and watering hole, and the only public facility in Rachel, Nevada, the closest populated town to top secret Area 51. - We interview Connie Nash, co-owner of Little A'Le'Inn, and daughter of founders Pat and Joe Travis - Connie talks about her...


Episode 51: Dial 5-1 For Galaxy Operator

SOS-Radio Podcast Episode 51: Dial 5-1 for Galaxy Operator Topics include: - Part 4 of 6 of our Nevada Extraterrestrial and Ghost Odyssey - About 10-miles off of Extraterrestrial Highway, deep in the Nevada desert, we report from the closest spot civilians can get to top secret Area 51. LIVE from Area 51 Back Gate just outside Rachel, Nevada - We describe what we encounter at the Back Gate and the security checkpoint that greeted us - We discuss legends and rumors surrounding Area 51’s...


Mystery Desert Bonus Episode

SOS-RADIO Podcast Mystery Bonus Episode Topics include: ?????????????????? - Supernatural Occurrence Studies T-shirts are here! Order yours today and support the show! Hurry! They're selling fast! Click here ( and click on SHOP to order - To access ultra exclusive content, like signed ghostly photographs, stickers, early podcast releases, chat sessions with the hosts and MORE, join our Patreon community ( -...


Episode 50: X-Rated LIVE from Dennis Hof's Alien Cathouse

SOS-RADIO Podcast Episode 50: LIVE from Dennis Hof's Alien Cathouse (WARNING Explicit Content) Topics include: - Part 3 of 6 of our Nevada Extraterrestrial and Ghost Odyssey - WARNING EXPLICIT A milestone episode for the SOS-RADIO Podcast! THE BIG 50! We wanted to celebrate this episode by doing something completely different, a first for podcasting...reporting from a famous, functioning brothel! - Dennis Hof's Alien Cathouse ( opened their doors to the...


Episode 49: Live from Area 51 and Interview with Alien Expert Kenneth Langley "Agent 0051"

Episode 49: Live from Area 51 and Interview with Alien Expert Kenneth Langley "Agent 0051" Topics include: - Part 2 of 6 of our Nevada Extraterrestrial and Ghost Odyssey - The "People Over the Hill" (Area 51) had us under surveillance while we were conducting this interview - Hold onto your hats! Listen to an enthralling interview with Mr. Kenneth Langley, "Agent 0051", Rachel, NV resident, abductee and alien expert - Area 51, Area 51 cemetery, Area 52, Roswell Incident, aliens, UFOs, ET...


Episode 47: The Big Tease

Topics include: - The Supernatural Occurrence Studies Podcast "Nevada Extraterrestrial & Ghost Odyssey" begins! Listen to the next 7 releases for "out of this world" adventures! - Where are we going? What are we doing? Who are we talking to? What did we experience? Here's a taste of what to expect in our upcoming shows - Be sure to watch videos from our Nevada adventure on Chicago's Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies YouTube channel: - Supernatural Occurrence...


Episode 46: Reading The Signs

Topics include: - He's back! Renowned Psychic Medium, Dylan Bell, gives his feedback and insight on the amazing readings he provided the SOS-RADIO Podcast crew in episode 37 (listen to episode 37 here: Dylan blew our minds! Hear what he had to say about it - Dylan Bell gives SOS-Radio Podcast host, Jason Nhyte, an on air reading - Music for this episode: Adele - Hello - Psychic Dylan Bell is available for readings! If you are local to Indianapolis, IN, stop by and...


Episode 45: Jason's Genesis - A Mother's Story

Topics include: - When people find out what we do as members of Chicago's Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies, the most common question asked is, "What got you into that?" This episode is dedicated to Jason Nhyte's inspiration: his mother - Meet Sue Nhyte - mother, inspiration and hell of a cool woman - Listen as Sue Nhyte details frightening events that happened throughout Jason's childhood, which would ignite the spark that fed the fire that created Chicago's Own: Supernatural...


Episode 44: LIVE Hunting the Beast of Bray Road

Topics include: - SOS-RADIO Podcast takes the show on the road to hunt the elusive, frightening, Beast of Bray Road - What is the Beast of Bray Road? A werewolf? Bear-wolf hybrid? Dire wolf? Something else? - Learn about history and people's heart stopping encounters with the Beast. - Podcast hosts venture out to Elkhorn, WI, the epicenter of mysterious sightings and encounters with the Beast. What did they find? - Dave Black, Joe Erie and Oscar Spectir visit the Sports Page Barr, an...


Episode 43: Boos and Booze

Topics include: - The crew is complete! Joe Erie, Dave Black, Oscar Spectir and Jason Nhyte drink and discuss various paranormal topics...and politics (unfortunately) - Listener feedback from Debbie W. from Troy, IL - Theories on aliens, meditation, dreams, conspiracy, the media, ghosts and vampires - MORE recent Mothman sightings in Chicago, IL - Music for this episode: Slayer - Raining Blood ( - Supernatural Occurrence Studies T-shirts are...


Episode 42: LIVE From HAUNTED American Airlines Flight 191 Crash Site

Topics include: - On May 25, 1979, on Touhy Avenue between Mt. Prospect Rd. and Elmhurst Rd. in Des Plaines, IL, American Airlines Flight 191 crashed approximately 30-seconds after takeoff and 5,000 feet from O'Hare International Airport Runway 32R, killing all 271 people on board and 2 people on the ground. - Jason Nhyte recites a story detailing the cause of the horrific crash and resulting paranormal activity. - Jason Nhyte and Dave Black visit the haunted crash location on May 25, 2017...


Episode 41: Area 51 Recap and Recent Mothman Sighting In Chicago, IL

Topics include: - Recap of Podcast Episode 40: LIVE From Area 51 and ET Highway. What happened behind the scenes? (Episode 40 available here: - Mothman, the notorious harbinger of calamity, was sighted in Chicago, IL between 10 p.m. - 2 a.m. April 15-16, 2017. What do we make of it? - Outtakes (WARNING: Explicit) - Music for this episode: Steve Miller Band - Threshold ( - Supernatural Occurrence Studies T-shirts are here!...


Episode 40: LIVE From Area 51 and ET Highway

Topics include: - Live podcast from the Extraterrestrial mecca...ET Highway and Rachel, Nevada - the closest populated area to top secret Area 51 - Travel with Jason Nhyte and guest, Randy Tucker, owner/operator of and alien expert - Visit The Alien Research Center, a quirky, alien themed gift shop on ET Highway, and listen to a fascinating interview with shop worker, Desiree - Ride shotgun as we drive ET Highway at night, scanning the skies for signs of ET...


Episode 39: Discussing Satanism with Guest Minister Sal

Topics include: - NOTE: The views expressed in this episode are not intended to reflect the views of the Podcast hosts - Welcome back Minister Sal, official member of the Satanic Temple and ancient religion enthusiast. Listeners may remember Minister Sal from SOS-Radio Podcast Episode 5: Holiday Edition: The Infamous Morseland Music Room and Pagan Holiday Traditions. Listen here - The 11 Satanic rules of the Earth by Anton Szandor Levey - Who is Satan/the...


Episode 38: Psychic Recap and Wisconsin Wanderings

Topics include: - Recap of SOS-Radio Podcast Episode 37 ( and the time we spent with psychic Dylan Bell ( - Video of Dylan Bell reading Podcast hosts available here: - Join us on our impromptu road trip to Kenosha, WI as we try to discover haunted locations "on the fly" using only Dave Black's and Joe Erie's hightened senses - Listen as we stumble upon the notorious Kemper Center, Heritage House Inn,...


Episode 37: LIVE with Renowned Psychic Dylan Bell

Topics include: NOTE: What happens during this episode is nothing short of amazing. This was NOT prearranged. Dylan Bell was NOT fed information before hand. Dylan Bell was NOT paid to appear on this show. Everything you hear is REAL. - Chicago's Own: Supernatural Occurrence Studies is live in studio with Dylan Bell, renowned Psychic Medium, Clairvoyant and Clairaudient, - Meet Psychic Medium Dylan Bell and learn how he came to discover and hone his amazing abilities (and trust us, his...


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