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The 3PL Role in Global Supply Chain Transformation

The race to digitally transform is on. 3PLs play a vital role in helping their customers run supply chains by providing scale, services and technology at the global and local level. Companies now prioritize IT capabilities from their partners. In this episode, Ron Park and Greg Kefer talk about how 3PLs have evolved to meet their customer’s digital expectations and how the added value services make a difference.


The Great AI Debate

Artificial intelligence is the new black. Or so it would seem. But will AI reinvent the way the world does business, or is it merely a buzzworthy topic that's captured the minds of consumers and technologists alike? Guy Courtin joins Matt Gunn to discuss the rise of the machines and debate whether this growing technology will change business in the years ahead.


Are Logistics Providers an Endangered Species?

There's a lot of inefficiency in the supply chain, and no lack of ideas on how to streamline global logistics. For many shippers, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) play a vital role in connecting shippers to transportation and warehousing services in order to keep the supply chain running smoothly. But as emerging technologies and new entrants all look for a slice of this nearly $1 billion global industry, are 3PLs at risk of becoming a commodity? Live from the 2018 RILA Retail Supply...


The Case for Transformative Leadership in Supply Chain

The pace of digital change accelerating. Particularly in the retail industry, where high consumer expectations have a direct impact on sourcing and fulfillment. In this episode, Jess Dankert, Vice President of Supply Chain at the Retail Industry Leaders Association joins Matt Gunn to discuss the effect of digital transformation, and why supply chain leadership is vital if businesses hope to survive.


When IoT and Supply Chain Visibility Meet

The explosion of connected devices has immense potential to transform the way companies monitor and control supply chains. Real time, always-on information from devices and 3rd party sources can enrich the supply chain picture, but real value comes when it’s tied to inventory and orders. In this episode, Greg Kefer and John Nadvornik discuss how companies are weaving both public and device level information into their innovation strategies.


The Consumer Product Supply Chain Conundrum

Consumer products manufacturers want a supply chain you can set your watch to. They rely on strong forecasting and consistent operations to protect margins and make sure their products are always available on store shelves. But new business models and e-commerce giants like Amazon have begun to change the relationship with these manufacturers and end consumers. Brittany Brown joins Matt Gunn to discuss how the consumer products supply chain is transforming to meet the need.


Why Modern Fulfillment Strategies Depend on Supply Chain Visibility

The retail industry is in a state of massive change and supply chain innovation is a critical piece of the strategy keep up with elevated consumer expectations. As part of our ongoing series on supply chain visibility, Greg Kefer and John Nadvornik talk about how retailers are leveraging network based visibility systems to modify their global fulfillment strategies, to be agile, and to keep costs under control.


Why Great Customer Experiences Start in the Supply Chain

The retail industry is transforming before our eyes. But it's the things that take place behind the scenes that really matter most -- especially in supply chain. Matt Gunn and Guy Courtin discuss how the changes we see at stores or online are only just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to providing great customer experiences and a path to sustainable business growth in the age of ambient commerce.


Can demand management evolve for changing consumer needs?

Consumers are a fickle bunch. And planning to meet their needs, and get the right products in the right place wherever there's demand is a science as much as it's an art. But many organizations still rely on outdated technologies and spreadsheets to get the job done. With consumers increasingly expecting more personalized products and services, can today's methodologies truly meet the need? Matt Jones joins Guy Courtin and Matt Gunn to discuss how machine learning and networked technology...


SapientRazorfish's Jon Reily on AI, convergence, and the science behind Amazon's prosperous private labels

Business models collide! As retailers turn to private labels and manufacturers go direct-to-consumer, both industries are repositioning their supply chains to serve an increasingly influential customer base. An industry veteran who founded two e-commerce companies and helped Amazon build its billion-dollar Kindle brand, Jon Reily knows a thing or two about creating compelling consumer experiences. Live from the NRF 2018 podcast studio at Retail's Big Show in New York, Jon joins Matt Gunn...


Applying Visibility with Purpose: How you can actually fix your major supply chain issues

We all value visibility as an ideal. The more you see, the better informed you are. But what supply chain issues can we tangibly fix by seeing better? In this episode of Supply Chain Radio, Greg Kefer and John Nadvornik discuss the applications of visibility, from reducing transportation costs, to in-transit inventory, to making better commitments to customers.


Redefining Visibility in the Supply Chain

Frequently discussed and often misunderstood, companies have been trying to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility for decades. However, many still struggle to define exactly what that means. In part one of our new series on supply chain visibility, Greg Kefer and Jon Nadvornik discuss why companies still struggle to get real-time information on their inventory, and how networked, cloud technology is paving the road toward a brighter, more connected future.


What's on Santa's supply chain wish list?

When you can deliver toys to an entire planet full of girls and boys in just one night, odds are you've got a pretty good supply chain. But even the jolliest of elves knows there's room for continuous improvement. So what's on Santa's wish list this year? Matt Gunn, Brittany Brown, Suhas Sreedhar, and Jen Susa read St. Nick's list and check it twice to see which suppliers are naughty or nice.


2018 Outlook: Predicting the technology that will shape supply chain's not-too-distant future

Guy Courtin and Matt Gunn look into the crystal ball and predict the technologies and business challenges that will shape the year ahead. Will we see more consolidation or increased competition? Are AR and VR finally ready for prime time? Which industries are ripe for disruption? And when will 3D printing and additive manufacturing finally bring us those cool in-home replicators we saw on Star Trek? Find the answers to all of these questions and more in this week's episode of Supply Chain...


Blockchain, IoT, and the Supply Chain Tech Hype Cycle

These days it seems you can't go to a supply chain conference without hearing about blockchain. The hype is real, but the evidence of success is still scarce. But that's not so uncommon with new and emerging technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) was in a similar place a couple years ago - all hype, little action. But today it's taking off, and having a direct impact on supply chain. In this episode we explore the hype cycle of new technology, and how to identify the difference between...


Get Ready for Contracting Season: The Most Dreadful Time of the Year

In this episode, Brittany Brown, Matt Gunn, and Suhas Sreedhar discuss the most dreadful time of the supply chain year: contracting season. As we look ahead to early 2018, the ordeal of negotiating transportation contracts for the year looms large. But is there a way for shippers and carriers to ease the anxiety and the pain?


Black Friday and the Everywhere Consumer are Challenging Supply Chains

It used to be that Black Friday was the biggest shopping event of the year. But the growth of e-commerce and mobile gave shoppers more power to choose when, where and how they wanted to shop for the holidays, and today the holiday deals run from late October all the way through the New Year. In this episode, we discuss how the evolving shopping season puts a strain on supply chain, and how businesses can get smarter about seasonal demand.


Cut me some Slack How Modern Communication Tools Reshape Supply Chain

Communications tools like Slack have transformed the way teams collaborate within a business. But can that same type of connectivity and interaction also apply to the worlds of operations and supply chain? Or are we doomed to rely on the age-old techniques of phone calls, faxes and emails? Find out, as Guy Courtin and Eric Johnson of American Shipper explore the power of communication in this episode of Supply Chain Radio.


The Role of 3PLs in a Digital Supply Chain World

Whether you think digitization is a buzzword or a new way of doing business, it's hard to argue that new technology is transforming the supply chain. But what does it mean for the world's largest carriers? Mike Riegler offers perspective on how digital technology is transforming the industry, and how 3PLs are positioned to connect new business models with real-world results.


Supply Chain Horror Story III: The Abandoned Factory

All across the world, they serve as haunting reminders of the fleeting nature of prosperity. In this spooky, special episode of Supply Chain Radio we explore the ruins of the Packard Automotive Plant in Detroit, Michigan. What truths from its demise continue to haunt automakers today?


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