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The SwarmCast podcast is hosted by SIGM 2012 Jon Maness, and features a variety of guests talking about gaming, fandom tropes, and more.

The SwarmCast podcast is hosted by SIGM 2012 Jon Maness, and features a variety of guests talking about gaming, fandom tropes, and more.
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The SwarmCast podcast is hosted by SIGM 2012 Jon Maness, and features a variety of guests talking about gaming, fandom tropes, and more.






Season 5, Episode 11: SCARAB 2018 part 1

This epsisode contains recordings from con goers at SCARAB Gaming Con from Januaray 2018. Intro Escape Romo Reviews -Eco Escape Room -Christmas Escape Room Tell Me About Your Game -Starfinder Society with Chris -Pathfinder Society with Brent GFAW - Cold and Dark Quick Draw - Fragged Empire Ad: The Swarm at GnomeCon Guest - Dan Machado and Gravity Warfare The RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge at SCARAB 2018 Ad: Shush Con Board Game Reviews -Gavity Warfare -Dominion Exit Ending...


Season 5, Episode 10: A Wild Tangent Appears!

Toast is still missing! Jon finds the last (lost?) episode for 2017! It’s all here! [Toast, come back! The show really needs you!!] On this episode: Intro Guest: Robert from Crit Games Tell Me About Your Games -Prizes at SCARAB! -Tim talks about Sybaroum -Internation Gaming Table at SCARAB with the Soda Dragons Gaming Society Quick Draw: Era the Consortium Quickstart The RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge GFAW: Wade with Fragged Empire SC/PC Board Game Reviews -Total Rickall -Square...


Season 5, Episode 9: Jon Talks to a Wizard

Toast nromally usually types this up. Where is he? If you see him, call us at 803-470-4439. On this episode: Intro Bruce Voge, Social Media Wizard with North Star Games —Vote for Happy Salmon for TOTY! Tell Us About Your Games at SCARAB 2018 for a chance to win Prizes! Quick Draw - Conan the RPG quick start on Drive Thru RPG RPG Pharaoh’s Challenge at SCARAB 2018 GFAW: Tenra Bansho Zero —Indie Press [...]


Season 5, Episode 8: TTTTTT

Tim takes command, and things get very interesting. He and Jon talk about PA Games (You’ll just have to listen to find out what that’s about). Jon and Ruby discuss a one GM, one player RPG Quickstart. Ed from Shades of Vengeance joins us to talk about a new Era Kickstarter about to end soon. All this, plus board game reviews, magic dice, emo puppet music and more! Note: Time stamping the notes hasn’t been very accurate of late for all sorts of reasons (kobolds), so until this gets...


Season 5, Episode Meow: Meow Meow Meow, Cats

Greetings, meow! In this epsiode, we talk a lot about… cats! Jon may also have been sick and drinking a lot a cough syrup… we’re not entirely sure… Intro [0sec] RT: Cats In Gaming [2min, 26sec] Quick Draw: Laser Cats! [40min, 18sec] GFAW: Drinking Quest - Liquor Before Honor [47min, 15sec] Board Game Reviews [1hr, 9min, 58sec] GFAW: Ryuutama [1hr, 26min, 38sec] Outro [2hr, 6min, 30sec] Ending Song - MC Lars - Schrodinger’s Cat [2hr, 7min, 38sec]


Season 5, Episode 5: Out Out Danged Gamer!

On this epsiode, we take a serious look at our experiences on coming out as gamers. We give advice, and share some rather shocking stories. You’d think we turned into a serious podcast or something. Also, our standard bag of segments and the return of Jon making a fool of himself. This should be a good one. [00] Intro [2:42] Round Table: Coming Out as a Gamer (Part 1) [36:41] Quick Draw: Alternity [52:15] LMTYAMG: Space Pirates the Musical RPG [56:15] Music: King of Spain [1:01:04]...


Season 5, Episode 4: The Lost Episode!

Every show needs a lost episode, and this one is ours! Intro [00:00:00] Podcast Mania [00:04:38] Quick Draw: Neomancer [00:26:00] LMTYAMG: 13th Age [00:42:59] The DROiDS - Obstacle [00:50:01] More Mania! [00:54:01] GFAW: Faith Sci Fi RPG [01:18:56] Board Game Reviews [01:48:13] Fast Track Munchkin Panic Red Dragon Inn Exit [02:06:39]


Season 5, Episode 3: Take Your Supplements!

In this episode, we talk about game supplements and expansions. Wade from Fragged Empire joins us again to talk about their newest KickStarter for Fragged Empire Expanded. Matthew Sprange of Mongoose publishing joins us for GFAW to talk about [REDACTED] Paranoia! Join us as we review the 2017 Free RPG Day QuickStart offering of Rune Quest by Chaosium. All this, plus Board Game Reviews, and Jon talking about some stuff. Intro [00:00:00] RT: Expansions and Supplements [00:01:47] Fragile...


Season 5, Episode 1: Pew Pew Pew!

The first episode out of Gravy Jones’ Locker! In this episode, we introduce some new segments, some new musical friends, and a new SwarmCast Hotline! Drop us a line some time at (803) 470-4439. Intro [00:00:00] Round Table: The Quickstart Exchange [00:03:11] LMTYAMG: Dragon Quest Builders [00:39:34] Music: The DROiDs - All I’ve Got [00:42:30] GFAW: Fragged Empire [00:46:20] here Board Game Reviews [01 [...]


Season 4, Episode 14 colon The End

In this episode we talk about the importance of min/maxing your characters, answers tons of listener emails and questions, plus: a new co-host? All this plus game reviews and interviews with two of the hottest new game designers out there! [00:00] Intro [02:35] Min/Max to the Max (or Min?) [35:15] Listener Mail-Bag! [45:00] Guest Co-Host Gerard Way [58:01] Game Reviews - Monkey Fight XTreme, Throwin’ Donkeys, Plus+Minus [01:15:25] Interviews - Special Guests! [2:00:15] Outro - Be on...


Season 4, Episode 8: Spooky Campfire Tales

Grab some marshmallows and sticks; it’s time to roast up some spooky, scariness! Intro [00:00] Upside-Down Interview [04:20] Game Reviews Intro [09:52] Zombicide: Black Plague [10:59] The Village Crone [21:06] A Spooky Interlude [32:53] Gamer Mash ft. Toast [33:33] Spooky Story Interlude [36:47] Tales of the SCARAB Presents: Dream in the Death-Bad [37:40] Outro [46:11] The Tell-Tale


Season 4, Episode 6: Gimme Some Soup

Toast brings Jon some soup as he recovers from Con Crud, Andrew Christian the Co-VC from MN stops by to Report, and… cake pops? Plus, game reviews! Intro [00:00:00] Game Reviews [00:03:21] Danger Danger Dinosaurs [00:03:35] Epic Card Game [00:06:46] The Refuge [00:11:40] Game Days [00:17:34]


Season 3, Episode 10: Gaming at King Con and Gamer Food

Seasons Greetings! Sit back and enjoy this short and very sweet episode. We talk to some folks at King Con, then sit down to talk about some of our favorite gaming food and give out some tasty recipes to bring to the gaming table. Intro [00:00] King Con 2015 [03:13] Food, Glorious Food! [10:22] Exit [19:01] MC Lars - If I Were A Jedi [20:15] Intro music by Midnight Syndicate from their new haunted Yuletide-inspired album, “Christmas: A Ghostly Gathering.”


Season 3, Episode 9: SCARAB 2016 Tracks!

In this episode, Mary and Clay join Ruby and I to discuss the Open RPG Gaming Track at SCARAB 2016… then Del shows up and starts talking about Pathfinder Society, makes a few announcements, talks about SCARAB’s PFS, Board Game, Miniatures, LARP, Widows’, and Kid’s tracks… then Ruby talks about the Media Room track… heck! I jump on board as well. I guess this is the episode to listen to for you SCARAB 2016 preview-y goodness! Intro [00:00:00] Open RPG Track [00:01:10] Mail Time...


Season 3, Episode 8: SCARAB Gaming Tomb of Horror! Spooky!

Oooh! It’s a spooky, spooky night! Just listen to this show of spine-chillingness! Intro [00:00] Tales of the SCARAB [02:50] Sound… Bites! [09:51] Del in GA [12:22] SCARAB News! (Scary News!) [16:22] Listener Mail [20:47] Game Review - Eldritch Horror [24:32] Exit into the Darkness! (Mwu-haha!) [34:00] Never Afraid by MC Lars [35:58]


Season 3, Episode 7: Music, Gaming, and Zombie Dinosaurs!

We dig into music and gaming with me, Ruby, Doug, and Matthew. We discuss what works about using music, give some specific examples, and talk about games that already have and/or use music. We use clips from the following sources in this episode: Midnight Syndicate, I Fight Dragons, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly OST, Escape Curse of the Temple, Deadlands OST, Diablo II OST, Bolt Thrower, Final Fantasy (IX and X2), Team Teamwork, The Neverhood OST, Tetris (by way of IFD), Warrior Nun...


Season 3, Episode 6: Gen Con 2016 Wrap-Up, Finally!

Anybody can put out a podcast two to three weeks after Gen Con. It takes real guts, though… ok, fine… I was busy… Anyway, here is the Gen Con Wrap Up from three of the SCARAB Swarm that worked our butts off @ GenCon 2015. Intro [00:00] Our Gen Con Jobs [01:24] Fun Times / Fun Stuff [09:50] People We Encountered @ GenCon 2015 [22:15] Best / Worst XP [28:09] What Did We Learn? [38:57] Exit Stuff [45:18] Triforce by MC Lars [46:31]


Season 3, Episode 5: Clean it up in Toast (or Lemons from Lemonade)

In this episode, Jon, Clayton, Cristin, and Jason recorded some stuff about Free RPG Day, Game Days, and a Quickstart review of Night’s Black Agents. And then Toast had to try and edit the whole thing…. no easy task when Frank Zappa stops by to narrate. Oh, and there’s a surprise post credit ending of Ant Man and Wasp beating up Ultron or something. Stick around, it’s pretty “cool.” See… I put quotes in there… Navigation Intro [00:00:00] Toast Edits A Show [00:01:04] Round Table...


Season 3, Episode 3: Friends, Live from XCon and Con Carolinas

In this mammoth episode, Ruby and I catch up with SCARAB fans Jo and Sarah at XCon, having just seen them at Gnome Con. I then sit down with Clay at Con Carolinas, where we are joined by Hayden (his son), and con guests Nick and Jenn. Topics range from gaming, Muppets, Star Trek NG re-casts, to what our favorite Friends episode is. A few surprise guests stop by to talk about Death Staxxx and pork chop sandwiches. Also mentioned in this episode: various random contests, the SCARAB Iron GM...


SCORPION 2015 Day 3

Con zombies at a camp! Fish will be hurt and some frogs may die.


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