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Swenglanese - talking the language of business in the UAE

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Episode 35 - David Cook Project Partners

This week on the podcast we had the pleasure of speaking with David Cook who is the founder and Managing Director of Project Partners here on the ground in the UAE. Project Partners is the current iteration of the company and David's journey so far is very interesting. He gives a lot of insight and advice on how to build a growing thriving business on the ground in the UAE and what it takes to make it work. He's a very interesting entrepreneur and as many entrepreneurs sees so many...


Episode 34 - Barry Cummings Snr talks cross cultural leadership

This week is a special episode of Swenglanese as it's very much a family affair! Barry Lee has his dad, Dr Barry James in the studio with him and Oskar talking leadership, cultural sensitivity and business here in the UAE. Dr Barry has been in the UAE for over 22 years, is originally from Leeds, speaks fluent Arabic and has his doctorate in the comparison of expatriates and local Emirati's in the private and public sectors. Culture has a variety of meanings for many and his own experiences...


Episode 33 - Barry & The Importance of Online Reputation

This week Barry and Oskar have a chat about online reputation. What it is and how big a part of life it will play in the near future. The value of your own personal online reputation and that of the brand you represent - are you consciously thinking about what you are posting on your social media accounts. They explore the idea of personal and professional social media. Does this exist or are they one and the same thing? Listen in to find out how you can start to consciously take...


Episode 32 - Nadine Du Toit Glory Girl Fit

This week Barry and Oskar had the pleasure of speaking with a very popular young lady here in the UAE and further afield. Nadine is a super hero wannabe, 7 times cover girl, Ahlan magazine personality of the year and Stylish Mag's Social Media Star. She's also human and sometimes things aren't always great. But how we deal with those times is testament to who we are and how we succeed. Nadine's story is inspiration, motivational and just full of boundless energy!


Episode 31 - Dr Anna is Up and Running

This week on Swenglanese Barry was away in Ghana training their telecommunications provider on social media strategy and so Oskar managed to sneak another fellow Swede onto the show. He had the pleasure of speaking with Dr Anna who brought Dubai the sports medicine clinic up and running. A really inspiring journey and step back in time to when Dubai really was an oasis in the desert. Sheikh Zayed road was a two lane dust road and the Chicago Beach Hotel and villas still existed. Listen...


Episode 30 - Inside Insydo with Tanaz Dizadji

This week Barry was lucky enough to get some time in Tanaz's diary to learn a little more about her journey from idea to successful business here in the UAE. Insydo was born from a need for recommendations on what to do in the city, but not hundreds of recommendations when asking one question, but more like a trusted friend who would give you one, or maybe 2 ideas about where to go and why. Tanaz is a true entrepreneur with a number of irons in the fire and takes the time to give her...


Episode 29 - Strategic Tech Coaching

This week Oskar and Barry have a chat about the impact of technology in our world. There is no doubt that technology is changing our world. Is it a good thing, is it a bad thing? The discussion goes from wearable tech, to machine learning, to artificial intelligence to the workplace. Have a listen and let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you.


Episode 28 - Jill E Fagan - The Power of Your Story

This week on Swenglanese we had the pleasure of Jill E. Fagan`s company in the studio. Jill shared how powerful your own story can be. By sharing those everyday things about you, you show that you are human and at the end of the day, when it comes to business, people by from people. Listen in to find out how Jill and her husband, who are raising 9 children, also have time to run super successful businesses!


Episode 27 - Martin Rosocha - General Manager Caparol

Martin Rosocha is the general manager of Caparol on the ground in Dubai. He has taken a team of many nations and got them running in true German style, as optimally as possible. This isn`t something that has happened overnight and Martin gives some insight into his approach and how is vast and varied experience in the business world has been implemented in the Dubai operation with great success.


Episode 26 - Bhavik Haria - The importance of video in marketing today

This week on Swenglanese we had the pleasure of chatting to Bhavik Haria, the founder of a video production company called Cincera. Bhavik is an inspirational young entrepreneur who is setting a blazing trail in the world of video creation. He is passionate about video and content creation and has been from a very young age. He has taken his passion and turned it into a thriving business. Listen to Bhavik`s story and why video is so important in the marketing mix going forwards.


Episode 25 - Muhammad Salman - Turn your car into a classroom

On this episode of Swenglanese we sat down with Muhammad Salman, a Dubai-based coach and trainer. He share's his story on how he went looking for fulfillment from the family business. Not all journeys into entrepreneurship are because something is necessarily wrong but in Muhammad's case, it was about looking for something more. We particularly like his idea of turning your car into a classroom.


Episode 24 - Moustafa Hamwi - The Passionpreneur

To start the new year we thought the topic of passion might be a good one. With that in mind, Oskar tracked down the passionpreneur, Mr Moustafa Hamwi to have a discussion about how to build more passion into your life and more importantly discussing what really matters!


Episode 23 - Swenglanese year end roundup

Barry and Oskar discuss the "Swenglanese" year. What was some of the common threads among all the successful entrepreneurs they interviewed? Some of the lessons learned and some of the mistakes to avoid. They also discuss the difference between New Year resolutions and goals that you actually achieve. As we approach the end of 2016 lots of people start talking about new years resolutions, but so many are made and so few are attained. Why is that?


Episode 22 - Lavandel - Boutique Branding Consultancy - Rosie Kropp

This week's episode comes from Sweden where Oskar got to sit down with Rosie Kropp - the CEO and Senior Advisor at Lavandel who have offices in the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Turkey. Rosie and Oskar discuss the broad subject of branding - what it is, who does it well, education, brand ambassadors and promise. Rosie then delivers some great tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, SME's and start ups.


Episode 21 - Beat The Cyberbully - Digital Safety

This week on Swenglanese Oskar interviews Barry about the not for profit initiative he setup with Wayne Denner. As an owner of a digital marketing agency, Barry is online all day every day, helping companies to optimise their digital presence. In doing so he identified a big gap that needs to get smaller. That is the gap between parents and children and the digital environment. Listen in to find out about cyberbullying, cybersafety, online reputation and how we can all help to make all...


Episode 20 - The Procrastinator Eliminator

On this weeks episode Barry and Oskar discuss procrastination. The art of mastering it for good and not letting it stifle your creative self from moving forwards with projects you want to undertake. Oskar has been researching this topic as part of his continual self development and professional coaching and wants to help business owners get a hold of this thing that sometimes gets in the way of greatness!


Episode 19 - Hellochef - Eating Well Made Easy

This week on Swenglanese we have the pleasure of speaking with Olivia and Ahmed from a great company that's trying to help us all eat good food and make it easy for us to do so. Olivia and Ahmed have a contagious passion that will see go from strength to strength. Their biggest learning point. Keep It Simple. Usually the simplest solutions are the most effective.


Episode 18 - Munchbox in the UAE

This week on Swenglanese we had the pleasure of Mahmoud Adham's company.Mahmoud is the owner and managing director of Munchbox. His story and insight from idea to successful company is one that we certainly learnt from and would like other aspiring entrepreneurs or business owners on the ground here in the UAE to learn from. The major take away? Don't get to caught up on what your original idea is, get it out there and adapt once it's out there!


Episode 17 - Aron Anderson

This week Oskar had the pleasure of speaking with a pretty impressive fellow Swede whilst he was in the UAE to take part in Wings For Life World Run. Aron Anderson is a Swedish adventurer and motivational speaker. He's a 4 time cancer survivor. The result of one bout at a very young age left him wheel chair bound. Business is often about over coming obstacles and Aron aside from being an adventurer and motivational speaker also runs a business. Listen to Aron explain how overcoming...


Episode 16 - The Box with Wadih Haddad

We had the absolute pleasure of speaking with The Box owner Wadih Haddad and we think you'll agree that his story and insight into starting a business is something we can all learn something from. Wadih is a serial learner, constantly updating himself and furthering his knowledge in his chosen focus area. Calm, collected but fiercely driven. Enjoy.


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