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Episode 22: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #20 - Scorpion

Spidey's stalker is revealed! and boy, it's not a surprise at all as to the identity of his boss! A new villain also appears after cash is chucked at a morally ambigious project. Pete's life? Could be better. Business as usual


Episode 21: The Amazing Spider-Man #19 - Tiny Man, Big Heart

Spider-Man is back, the Enforcers are back, and the Sandman is back. Oh, and we're back with our 21st episode taking you through issue 19 of The Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. Spidey has a lot to deal with as his rival, The Human Torch is captured by the Sandman, who is working with the Enforcers to defeat Spider-Man. How will Spidey save the day? And can he actually work with the Torch for once? We'll see


Episode 20: The Amazing Spider-Man #18 - Spidey No More?

You can't give up on what you love, but what if you must give up on what you love, to save who you love? That's the question facing Peter Parker after an outing from hell last time out. The city revels in the wake that Spidey is a coward, and Spider-Man doubles down on his cowardice during an impromptu skirmish with the Sandman. Yep - life isn't getting much better for Spidey, and we're bringing you issue 18 of The Amazing Spider-Man, as we read it for the first time.


Episode 19: The Amazing Spider-Man #17 - Number One Fan

We've finally escaped from the two-part bondage of the incredible Amazing Spider-Man Annual, which brought us into a battle with the Sinister Six! Now? We're back reading the original Amazing Spider-Man line of comics- and so is the Green Goblin (back, not reading). He's been stalking Spidey from the background, but our webbed hero is too busy engaged with other things - namely trying to deal with Flash Thompson and his new Spider-Man fan club. Oh, and Peter Parker's life genuinely falls...


Episode 18: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 - Part Two: 10/10 Kidnap Me Again!

Woah - so you're telling me that four Spider-Man villains tried to stop him and the webhead blew right through them? Hard to believe, based on what we know - but ok! And it's the truth, Spider-Man is on a rampage, and with just the Vulture and Doctor Octopus in the way, there's not much left to stop him as he endeavours to rescue his Aunt May, and his girlfriend, Betty Brant. Still, Doc Ock has a number of things up his sleeve! Join James and Brad as they tackle the final pages of the...


Episode 17: The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 - Part One: The Sinister Six

If you can't beat them, join them. Well, if you can't beat someone, join a gang and then beat up that someone! James and Brad are here to break down the first Spider-Man annual, and it's a doozy! After various failed schemes - Doctor Octopus has gathered five criminals to join together and form THE SINISTER SIX - to take down Spider-Man once and for all! The cronies? Electro, the Vulture, Sandman, Mysterio and Kraven the Hunter! Oh. And Spider-Man loses his powers. Oh dear.


Episode 16: The Amazing Spider-Man #16 - Circus of Doom!

Blind - but he's a massive threat to the ne'er-do-wells of Hells Kitchen, New York. The Daredevil meets Spider-Man and even gets in a fight with our hero. Sort of. Our story continues with an quick visit to a circus, where the dastardly Ringmaster has planned a hypnotising ploy. It's issue 16 of Stan Lee's Amazing Spider-Man series and we are loving it! Find out what happens by tuning in. Next week, we'll be back with the Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 and we can't wait. Until then, keep it...


Episode 15: The Amazing Spider-Man #15 - The Thrill of the Hunt!

Another episode, another villain! Last time out we met the Green Goblin and this week we are delighted to meet a new big hitter - Kraven The Hunter. After the returning Chameleon is foiled once more, he hires a professional to get the job done for him - there are antics and there are twists - but what are you going to expect from The Amazing Spider-Man saga. Once more - our music is by the fantastic RUSTY NAILS!


Episode 14: The Amazing Spider-Man #14 - Green Goblin

We're back with our journey through The Amazing Spider-Man saga. Fourteen episodes in, we're granted the honour of meeting another Spider-Man big hitter: The Green Goblin. The Green Goblin is actually very nice (mostly) to our Spidey, and with big money on the line, Spidey puts his life at risk! Hey, do it for that green. And there's a lot of green on offer in this one, as we also meet The Incredible Hulk - for some reason. Music by the fantastic RUSTY NAILS!


Episode 13: The Amazing Spider-Man #13 - Fishbowl Frenzy

It's new villain day on the podcast as James and Brad meet Mysterio for the first time! Who is he? Why is Spider-Man now committing crimes? What's Liz Allen's deal? What's Betty's deal? WHAT IS EVERYONE'S DEAL?! Pete has a breakdown, Spider-Man gets beat up, Mysterio finds himself the toast of New York City. It's a zany one. Once again, thank you for all of your support.


Episode 12: The Amazing Spider-Man #12 - Ock Week/Part Two

He's still at large! Oh, no - that was not a fat joke. He's genuinely still running wild. After his escape in Philly, Doctor Octopus is on a mad one. Yep - we're still going and we are reading through the twelfth issue of The Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man swings in to deal with his nemesis, but not before his a new enemy encounters him - the flu! Also, there are plenty of animals in this episode. A varmint-friendly edition of our humble podcast. Thank you for your support!


Episode 11: The Amazing Spider-Man #11 - Ock Week/Part One

The boys are back in town, and by boys we mean Doctor Octopus and all of his arms! After a light jail term, Ock is back on the streets - and while Peter demands his term be extended, the plot takes some pretty bizarre twists. Oh. It's roadtrip time again! On The Podcast Doc Ock gets off LIGHT Betty is in cahoots with a Villain Blackie? It's not what you think. Really. Phew. Brad makes references to porn


Episode 10: The Amazing Spider-Man #10 - I'm Ron Burgundy?

Another week, another good one. James and Brad read through issue ten of The Amazing Spider-Man and meet The Big Man - as well as the little man, Fancy Dan. There's also something a bit.. Scooby-Doo about this episode... Is Jonah Jameson behind all of this, will the crime ever end? And how is Betty getting on? Find out in our tenth episode! In This Episode: Jameson has it out for Spidey Brad threatens Marvel Comics Brad ruins James' jokes Spider-Man fights three idiots Someone ACTUALLY...


Episode 9: The Amazing Spider-Man #9 - Enter Electro!

We're buzzing to bring you this week's episode. Why? Because it's simply shocking. An electrifying tale! Spider-Man faces off with Electro, a man capable of blasting electric currents - while his Aunt's health fades in hospital. He's also getting close to someone.. oooh! So yeah - we'll try not to fry your brains in this one. In This Episode: Aunt May almost dies Peter ruins his relationship with Betty, almost Betty ruins her relationship with Peter, almost We represent the minimum wage...


Episode 8: The Amazing Spider-Man #8 - Brains!

And we're back. Thanks for bearing with us during our short festive break! It feels good to be back! Our first episode of 2018 brings us a new character - The Living Brain. Also, it all comes to a violent clash between Flash Thompson and Peter Parker. What's more, he's getting up to his old tricks of being strange again! Oh man - Peter knocks him OUT! As for the rest? You'll have to listen to Brad and James to find out! In This Episode: Peter puts Flash on his ass, twice A teacher is wierd...


Episode 7: The Amazing Spider-Man #7 - Vulture Retire, Bitch

The Vulture is back on his bullshit and so are we! James and Brad dive into issue seven of The Amazing Spider-Man and really enjoy this issue - with Adrian Toomes flying back into there lives. Will Spider-Man survive his second encounter with the oldest villain alive? How can the Vulture keep his jowels together, and seriously, where does he put that gun when he isn't using it? You'll have to tune in to find out!


Episode 6: The Amazing Spider-Man #6 - Lizard Brain

David Icke's favourite issue is up - the one with the Lizard and boy does this one get going fast! Join James and Brad as they journey with Spider-Man to Florida, where he faces a human-turned-lizard, in a very heartwarming story - of sorts.


Episode 5: The Amazing Spider-Man #4 & #5 - Sand. Everywhere.

We are back with the fourth and fifth issues of The Amazing Spider-Man and the villains won't stop arriving! The Sandman is here and no - like Brad guessed, he doesn't make you sleepy! At all. Flint Marko - damaged by radiation (a first in this comic...) - has become the Sandman. Banks beware! Will Spider-Man stop him? Of course! Also in this episode: Peter is force-fed soupPeter ruins a dateWe ruin our recap of issue #5


Episode 4: The Amazing Spider-Man #3 - FOUR LIMBS OF PAIN!

It's another big one, already! Doctor Octopus makes himself known in this episode and can you guess what his power is? Apart from his poor eyesight and portly body - it's his four robotic arms and his belief in being the 'supreme being'. How will Spider-Man deal with this one? Spoiler alert - barely. Thank you once more for your continued support. It means the world to us.


Episode 3: The Amazing Spider-Man #2 - That Crooked Vulture!

In this episode, James and Brad delve from the heights as the vicious Vulture makes his debut. Yep - a bald old man in a suit is Spider-Man's first serious foe. However, we might all laugh, but this is a serious turning point for old Spidey, and we were kind of shocked to see everything go down in the manner it did! Can Spider-Man get out of a bathtub? Will he ever get a job? How did he get one over on the Vulture? Find out within! Oh, and another thing - thank you so much. We're taking...


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