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Sydney Atheists Podcast Episode 11 - Addressing Our Critics

Since episodes 9 and 10 appeared, a couple of critics have emerged to question the team. So in this episode, we discuss and respond to our critics. Download episode 11 here First, jokes: What constitutes acceptable subject matter for a joke? An anglican minister from Neutral Bay takes exception to a joke posted on twitter by Jason, and the whole team respond, with hilarious results Second, nuclear medicine: Are the Australian greens pro or anti-nuclear medicine? Does their policy mean...

Duration: 00:46:12

Sydney Atheists Podcast Episode 9 - The Atheists' Reading List

Download the episode here Hosted By Dave The Happy Singer, with Jason Brown and Ian Woolf Produced by Jason Brown Many of the books mentioned in this episode can be purchased from Embiggen Books Books we mentioned and topics we discussed in this episode: The God Delusion (Dawkins) God Is Not Great...

Duration: 00:40:54

Sydney Atheists Podcast #8 - dragged from the archives

A podcast from the archives while we re-engineer the show: Alan Conradi, Ian Woolf, Fleur Dickinson, Jason Brown and Dave the Happy Singer discuss Jesus All About Life and the NSW Chaplains programme. Download the show here Show notes/links: Jesus All About Life: Not Being Silenced By JAAL: Skeptics Annotated Bible: Ramadan Salami Sandwich:...

Duration: 00:30:37

Sydney Atheists podcast #7: neurotheology and Western Sydney Freethinkers

Download the show here Ian Woolf discusses research into the neurology of religious faith, Alan Conradi describes the Western Sydney Freethinkers, Wise thoughts from Jason Brown, Hosted by Dave the Happy Singer, produced by Ian Woolf Show Notes: "God is in the Wattles" by Peter Watts Western Sydney Freethinkers Ian Woolf Alan Conradi Dave The Happy Singer Jason Brown

Duration: 00:33:19

Sydney Atheists Podcast: Jamie Kilstein interview

The Sydney Atheists Podcast is back, with a very special interview with comedian Jamie Kilstein. Download the show here Jamie is a stand-up comedian from New York who co-hosts the Citizen Radio podcast, featuring political comedy and stellar interviews. He is currently starring in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Sydney Atheists members often organise group trips to see Jamie's shows when he visits Sydney. This episode was recorded in Melbourne the day after Jamie's frenetic...

Duration: 00:42:04

Critical Mass Podcast #6

Critical Mass Podcast #6 is out! Hosted by Ian Woolf and featuring Jason Brown, Dave The Happy Singer and Anthony Englund. Topics include Plus theme music by Dave The Happy Singer and a music interlude from Baby Hammer Death. Show notes and links: Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras HREOC: Religion and belief in the 21st Century Papal Statement on Condoms and AIDS Pell...

Duration: 01:45:17

Critical Mass podcast #5

Critical Mass Podcast episode 5 is out! Hosted by Dave The Happy Singer, this hilarious episode features Ian Woolf, Jason Brown and special guest Fleur Dickinson. Topics include: Plus music from Dave The Happy Singer and Baby Hammer Death. Show notes and links Separation of church and state in Australia: Hillsong...

Duration: 01:26:25

Critical Mass podcast #4

Critical Mass podcast episode 4 is out now! This episode is hosted by Ian Woolf, with Alan Conradi, Jason Brown and Dave The Happy Singer. Topics include: Toongabbie Anglican Church on the existence of GodScientology Music from Dave The Happy Singer, Baby Hammer Death and Boxxy!

Duration: 01:53:22

Critical mass podcast #2

Alan Conradi, Rachel Macalpine, Dave the Happy Singer and Ian Woolf talk about religion and psychopathology. Atheist news about Newtown festival, Parody religions, Atheist advertising, and blessed oil. Critical Mass podcast #2

Duration: 00:57:02