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SynTalk (short for Synthesis Talk) is a freewheeling interdisciplinary talk show with a philosophical approach to understanding the world from a long term perspective.

SynTalk (short for Synthesis Talk) is a freewheeling interdisciplinary talk show with a philosophical approach to understanding the world from a long term perspective.
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SynTalk (short for Synthesis Talk) is a freewheeling interdisciplinary talk show with a philosophical approach to understanding the world from a long term perspective.




#TROI (The Role Of Interfaces) --- SynTalk

#TROI (The Role Of Interfaces) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:14:04

#TKOP (The Kinds Of Pain) --- SynTalk

Do you have a pain of 9? Do you malinger? 'Where' does it hurt, & when? Do you want to be admitted to a hospital? Do you want attention? Are you suffering from loneliness? Do you need morphine? Is pain subjective, & always multidimensional? Is the brain always a part of any pain experience? Is pain a disease? How can it be assessed? Can there be patients without diseases, and diseases without patients? Can groups experience pain? Is treating the pain different from treating the disease? Do...

Duration: 01:07:20

#TFOC (The Faces Of Connectedness) --- SynTalk

Are you very well known? Do you live in a ‘small world’? Can connectedness be measured? How did/do books, knowledge, money, voice, & commodities circulate? What is the topological structure of the internet? Is everything connected a network? Do we try to stabilize networks via protocols? Does internet have more ‘filters’ than ‘doors’? What are the effects of media? Is most economic value created via affective infrastructures by measuring & tapping the senses? Are there limits to how large...

Duration: 01:06:59

#TPAC (The Paradoxes And Contradictions) --- SynTalk

How does your tongue taste? What do you take for granted? Can you create randomness? Do you act in the continuum? Can you then reason about racing a tortoise ahead of you? Is there something common to most paradoxes? Can all paradoxes be ‘stated’? Do paradoxes owe something to the nature of Reality? Are dilemma, doubt, disbelief, paradoxes, & contradictions in the same class? Do we necessarily need faith before reasoning? Is there a reasoning process that does not lead to paradoxes? Why...

Duration: 01:11:45

#TPAV (The Price And Value) - - - SynTalk

Do people bet on horses when they bet on horses? What does money 'do'? Does money fundamentally deal with the future? Why don't we have a market in people anymore? Isn’t Market an elaborate barter system? How do different things commensurate with each other? Does price make value observable? Is the world created by labour? Can labour be the scale for pricing? Can Market solve ‘all’ problems? Is price always embedded in a broader system of values? Why is Copenhagen racing different from...

Duration: 01:18:12

#SynToy_World --- SynTalk

#SynToy_World --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 00:02:59

#TIIH (The Invisible Invisible Hand) --- SynTalk

#TIIH (The Invisible Invisible Hand) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:17:00

#TSAS (The Saying And Showing) --- SynTalk

#TSAS (The Saying And Showing) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:12:05

#TLGAG (The Local Global And Glocal) --- SynTalk

#TLGAG (The Local Global And Glocal) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:13:39

#TKAK (The Kith And Kin) --- SynTalk

#TKAK (The Kith And Kin) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:15:04

#TPOE (The Properties Of Events) --- SynTalk

Did H. M. lead an eventless life? How was your last beach holiday? How do languages make events granular? Can events in texts be ‘inferred’ computationally? Do events always occur in the past? Is evental time modal? Are events objects? Are places facts? Is a decaying apple evental? Are all events spatiotemporal? How do recent events become long term episodic memories or facts? Are events and facts stored in the same region? Are space and time encoded differently? What is the role of...

Duration: 01:13:04

#TSAP (The Separations And Partitions) --- SynTalk

#TSAP (The Separations And Partitions) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:12:19

#TCOE (The Conundrums Of Embodiment) --- SynTalk

Do you despise your body? Can the body be a source of transcendence? Can one, however, have nothing but only the body? Are we embedded in this world as bodies with other objects, texts, rituals, spectators, and bodies? Is everybody also a biological, physical, social, & political object? Do you see yourself through the eyes of others? Can there be The (disembodied) View from Nowhere? Is it possible to experience the body as the object and subject fused together? Why do we watch dance? Why...

Duration: 01:08:39

#THOE (The Habits Of Experience) --- SynTalk

#THOE (The Habits Of Experience) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:07:18

#TBOE (The Beginnings Of Ethics) --- SynTalk

Do you live without regrets? Do you spontaneously follow rules? How did we first know if something is right or wrong? Does moral reasoning always progress in stages? Is this process always culture-relative? Can ethics, then, ever be universal? Must all ethical dualities be collapsed? Does bad become good when slaves become masters? Does our resentment for those with power give us satisfaction? Can we buy goodness? Does morality need faith? Must we behave decently even if existence is...

Duration: 01:11:17

#TCOC (The Cusps Of Creativity) - - - SynTalk

#TCOC (The Cusps Of Creativity) - - - SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:12:30

#TPAD (The Patterns And Distributions) --- SynTalk

#TPAD (The Patterns And Distributions) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:09:30

#TMOM (The Magic Of Making) --- SynTalk

Is all making curating? Is the location of a maker a fiction? Are there always rules to making? Is any expression preceded by an act of repression? How, then, is black magic different from magic? Is alchemy possible? Why can’t every molecule be made? How are some isomers easier to make? Can experience be created without materials? Does architecture help us carve an address in this vast universe by housing rituals in space? Are films different because it is a temporal medium and does not...

Duration: 01:10:46

#TDAL (The Darkness Around Light) --- SynTalk

#TDAL (The Darkness Around Light) --- SynTalk by SynTalk

Duration: 01:05:04

#TDOG (The Decisions Of Groups) --- SynTalk

Do you have a default tendency to say: ‘Yes’? When do you abandon your own information and follow the herd? Can herds form because of individual selfish interests? How do bee colonies decide? Are all social animals herd animals? Is there no good way to ‘independently’ aggregate group preferences without a ‘dictator’? How does aggregation of preferences and information differ from each other? Must a jury consider everyone’s opinions? Does the nature of the problem (whether cognition,...

Duration: 01:05:07

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