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T3's weekly half-hour dose of tech. There's breaking news, incisive analysis, in-depth features, rambling digressions and what can only be described as "banter". We're serious about tech. But also funny about it.






T3 Podcast 228: No 4G this year in Blighty?

Coming up on this week's show; Everything 4G, Everywhere, this year? Not if Vodafone, O2 and Three have their way - we'll here from the Orange and T-Mobile side of the fence. It's Hot 100 time, we'll be having a sift through this year's hot contenders....

Duration: 00:35:49

T3 Podcast 227: Sad times for GAME but good times for Apple

Coming up on this week's show; Game is going...going...almost gone. The new iPad's been selling like hot cakes - but it's the heat it generates that's been worrying a few people and good news for Xbox 360 users - iPlayer has finally arrived all that p...

Duration: 00:38:50

T3 Podcast 224: Mobile World Congress and iPad 3 launch

Mobilephonestravaganza! This week we rake over the ashes of the Mobile World Conference, look ahead to the iPad 3 launch and ponder the rest of the week's tech newses.

Duration: 00:52:03

T3 Podcast 223: PlayStation Vita lands in the UK

The PlayStation Vita has finally arrived in the UK months after its Asian release, T3 delivers its verdict.

Duration: 00:39:50

T3 Podcast 221: iPad 3 coming in March but no Galaxy S3

Coming up on this week's show: iPad 3 rumours on release date, retina displays and improved camera; no press conference fromm Samsung at MWC but thank goodness for LG and FBI says Steve Jobs was a deceptive and complex but what do we think Steve Ballmer is?

T3 Podcast 220: Should you buy shares in Facebook?

Coming up on this week’s show: Facebook prepares to sell shares in itself – should you like this? Sony changes CEOs; Windows Phone 8 leaks online to give some a sneaky peak; Twitter is accused of censorship and we look at the very first issue of T3 as the magazine reaches its 200th issue.

T3 Podcast 219: O2 drops a clanger and MWC rumours

Coming up on this week's show; phone rumours abound ahead of Mobile World Congress; Apple announces record profits; O2 drops a clanger - passing on your phone number with every web page you visit. Plus we'll be looking at the biggest tech lies we all for for, such as the one about this podcast being on iTunes every Friday

T3 Podcast 218: Apple makes books sexy

Coming up on this week's show: sexy text books - yes Apple drags Tricolore and First Aid in English into the 21st century; Wikipedia goes offline, RIM boots out its two top execs and final confirmation of an Xbox 720. Sort of.

T3 Podcast 217: CES 2012 Live (sort of)

Celebrating its shiny new, five-star rating, the T3 Podcast goes live to Rhi in CES, hears Justin Timberlake try (and fail) to revive the Myspace brand single-handed and gives you the low-down on all the kit that's going to make 2012 much like 2011 but a bit better.

T3 Podcast 216: Our predictons for CES 2012 in Vegas

Coming up on this week's show; CES 2012, it's just around the corner so what can we look forward to? Those Apple iTV set rumours won't go away, now co-founder Steve Wozniak's wades in. Philips jumps on the iPod Touch bandwagon with an Android rival. And is Nike about to bring its Nike+ tech to football?

T3 Podcast 215: New Year special. Welcome to 2012

Coming up on this week's show - it's 2012. We'll hear from a man at LG who can predict the future, we'll be giving our predictions for the coming year and catching up with your best bits of 2011.

T3 Podcast 214: Christmas special

Coming up on this week's show - it's Christmas! We'll be reviewing the year that was with some choice chunks of 2011. Nothing says Christmas special like a best bits montage. We'll be finding out what you want for Christmas this year, world peace, no? Plus catching up with news of Timeline, the Christmas gaming number one and this year's top searches.

T3 Podcast 213: The new way to own a phone

Coming up on this week's show; O2's new lease-a-mobile venture, PS Vita goes on tour, MySpace drops out of the social network chart and Panasonic mobiles are back.

T3 Podcast 212: Zuckerberg exposed on Facebook

Coming up on this week's show; Zuckerberg exposed! Yes, the Facebook founder is undone by his own site's security flaws. GTA III makes its way to mobiles, rumours of a TV packing iMAC, and RIM renames BBX after legal wrangles. Plus, we've been embracing the new sexual revolution

T3 Podcast 211: Spotify apps and YouTube's new look

Coming up on this week's show; we try to get our heads around Carrier IQ; YouTube gets a refresh; Angry Birds get festive and we'll be looking at the worst tech revamps ever.

T3 Podcast 210: iPhone 4S woes

Coming up on this week's show; What's wrong with your iPhone 4S, now there are complaints about the SIM card reader; Sony unveils its PS Vita game line up; Retailers unveil their Black Friday deals and Samsung's ad team get naughty with a jibe at Apple, who else?

T3 Podcast 209: The Sound of Google Music

This week, live from BBC Media City, Salford, Dan and Dunc rap about Google Music, sing about iTunes Match and croon the news. Then they belt out your tweets, perform a tender ballad of apology to Samsung for getting something totally wrong about its Note smartphone/tablet thing and write an unfinished symphony about some unfinished games. Thank you Cleethorpes, you've been great. Drive home safely now.

T3 Podcast 208: Goodbye Adobe Flash and CES 2012

It's farewell Adobe Flash for mobile and farewell Adam "The Boy" Bunker from the T3 Podcast. Aww. Duncan has a few choice words for Apple, several of which have to be bleeped out, and we also cast our brains over the latest CES 2012 rumours and muse on whether cross-border sex is possible or desirable. And as a massive treat for you, we've got the world's first fingerprint-operated coffee maker... live in the studio!!

T3 Podcast 207: We listen live to the GTA V official trailer

Coming up on this weeks show: we've hit the studio early to be recording as the first trailer for Grand theft auto five is unleashed; Motorola XOOM 2 is imminent; Google unleashed the official Gmail client for iPhone and what on earth is this episode's gadget of the week? Tune in and find out.

T3 Podcast 206: Nokia World and Sony Ericsson becomes Sony

As one great union comes to an end, another is forged: Sony Ericsson is now just Sony, but with the launch of the Lumia, Nokia is now paired with Microsoft, possibly making Micokrosoft. Also this week: debate on the iPhone 4S battery life, corporate mergers we'd like to see, STOP – Hammer search engine time! Oh, and a "massive silicone appendage".
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