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TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 18 - Good Advice

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 18...Good Advice We share our top 10 "Moments of Zen" for new teachers in this weeks episode. From "Find Your Tribe" to "Find Your Balance" while "Not Forgetting to Play." Check out this inspiring article Danelle retweeted (curated) for more great ideas and inspiration. We would love to hear your best advice @tcapsloop. Danelle roles out not one, but two Tech Tools of the Week! 1. The award winning NWEA Student Assessment Engagement Tool 2....

Duration: 00:25:16

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 17 - Teachers and Their Brands

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 17...Teachers and Their Brands! It's the second week back and the Loop is already digging in. Danelle takes on the topic of Teachers and Personal Branding. The New York Times recently published this article questioning the efficacy of a Teacher creating and promoting themselves as a brand. This one gets thorny and we would love to get your input. Let us know what you're thinking concerning creating your own brand as an educator and how it can help you in the...

Duration: 00:24:04

Free Parking 2: Return of the "DAN"

Free Parking 2: Return of the "DAN" Free Parking with all the filler! Chris goes into detail regarding the "Blueprint" systems TCAPS will be focusing on this year Here are the quick video highlights of the riveting dialogue. And check out this weeks Free Parking Blog! Transcripts are still in the works...getting there. Enjoy the show! A bi-weekly...hopefully, podcast hosted by TCAPS Associate Superintendent, Chris Parker and a cast of thousands spreading the good word regarding...

Duration: 00:10:29

TCAPSLoop Weekly 16 - Back to School

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 16...Goes Back to School! It's the first week back at TCAPS and Danelle and I want to celebrate all the educators trying something new in their classroom to start the year. Tips on funding new classroom materials using DonorChoose. Using Interactive Thematic Instruction for classroom design. Contacting the local REMC for Maker's Kits (thanks Micheal George). Get playing in your classroom with Ozobots, Dash and Dot, Keva Planks, and Brushbots. If that wasn't...

Duration: 00:17:33

TCAPSLoop Weekly 15 - Welcome Back!

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 15...Welcome Back Danelle! Danelle is back and starting fires everywhere! We look back at #wiredtc and look forward to a possible mid-winter reboot. We touch on the District roll out of Power Teacher Pro and some of the new features for the classroom. Did you catch Common Sense Media on the Today Show? We discuss some new apps to monitor for your kids. Check out the segment here. Tips on getting awesome free PD and SCECH's through edupaths. And our...

Duration: 00:22:43

TCAPSLoop Weekly 14 - Tech Perseverance with Kim Prisk

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 14...We endeavor to persevere! I lied! Danelle will be off one more week but we have another TCAPSLoop Weekly retro edition in the hopper! The TechNollerGist, West Business Teacher, Kim Prisk, and I spent her lunchbreak discussing Tech Perseverance, Transitioning from Moodle to Google Classroom, Asking for Help and much more! Transcripts are still in the works...getting there. Enjoy the show! A weekly podcast hosted by Danelle Brostrom and Larry Burden and a...

Duration: 00:23:49

TCAPSLoop Weekly 13 - Google Classroom and Math with Jane Porath

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 13...Google Classroom and Math! It’s another TCAPSLoop Weekly retro edition! Danelle is recovering from her amazing job organizing WiredTC and will be coming back in a few weeks. Thank you for everyone involved with WiredTC and making it an amazing success. A Special Thanks to all the sponsors that made the conference possible and the TCAPS Tech Dept who worked tirelessly throughout the day. Now get back to work preparing over a thousand laptops for registration...

Duration: 00:23:53

TCAPS Loop Weekly Episode 12: Going Paperless with Andy Baumann and Brandi Reynolds

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 12...Breakout Boxes with Danelle and Bryan Kay WiredTC is almost here! I know it’s still summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t nerd out for a day. We look forward to you joining us Monday the 14th at West Senior High. TCAPSLoop Weekly will also be going LIVE from the conference Monday morning with the TechNollerGist, David Noller and a cast of thousands. Stay tuned to @tcapsloop and #wiredTC for more information. This episode of TCAPSLoop Weekly features Wired...

Duration: 00:24:10

TCAPS Loop Weekly Episode 11: Breakout Boxes with Bryan Kay

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 11...Breakout Boxes with Danelle and Bryan Kay Rock Stars Danelle and Brian discuss how to incorporate Breakout boxes and other methods to engage students while enhancing instruction. Transcripts are still in the works...getting there. Enjoy the show! Don't forget to register for #wiredtc! A weekly podcast hosted by Danelle Brostrom and Larry Burden spreading the good word regarding Traverse City Area Public Schools and Education Technology. Please subscribe...

Duration: 00:18:25

the Contrast Episode 1: Technology in the Performing Arts

Erich Wangeman, Choir Director at Traverse City West Senior High and Emerick Dee, Choir Instructor at TC west Middle School discuss how they've incorporated technology into their instruction. 00.47 - When did you start incorporating technology in your classroom? 02:20 - How has Technology changed your practice? 06:11 - What's the biggest hurdle you've faced using Technology? 09:30 - What's been most useful? 11:30 - What is the future for Technology in Performing Arts and has there...

Duration: 00:28:44

Free Parking Episode 1 - Driving Communications

TCAPS Associate Superintendent Chris Parker shares some thoughts on the MiExcel roll out, the Communications Drivers and What's Next. Check out the Free Parking Vodcast on the TCAPSLoop Youtube Channel. Driving Communications

Duration: 00:18:08

The Big Picture Podcast featuring Brandi Reynolds stops at East Middle School to discuss the Powerschool Public Portal and much more with 8th Grade Language Arts Teacher Clair Taglauer. Check out these additional Powerschool Videos on the TCAPSLoop Youtube Channel. Creating a custom Comment Bank by Clair Taglauer Fill Scores Gradebook The Big Picture Episode 1: Gradebook w Claire Vodcast

Duration: 00:21:27

HDnP Podcast: Episode 1 - Shelly VanderMeulen

Hanging with Danelle and a Phone Podcast spends some quality time with the Director of the TCAPS Elementary Materials Center (EMC) Shelly VanderMeulen.

Duration: 00:27:07

BiblioTech Vodcast - Episode 1: Brianne Farley

TCAPSLoop Contributor Stephie Luyt interviews Author and Illustrator Brienne Farley.

Duration: 00:58:53

BiblioTech Podcast

TCAPSLoop Contributor Stephie Luyt interviews Author and Illustrator Brienne Farley.

Duration: 00:58:53