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TCAPSLoop is the Traverse City Area Public Schools educational technologies hub!

TCAPSLoop is the Traverse City Area Public Schools educational technologies hub!
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TCAPSLoop is the Traverse City Area Public Schools educational technologies hub!






TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 42: Macul Marco Polo

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 42...Macul Marco Polo iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Stitcher MACUL 2018 Debrief Big Ideas/Old Ideas A lot of what we are still hearing is what we’ve been saying for years but we haven’t found an institutional method of making these things happen.The NOTS: Michigan eLibrary Unsplash - Google Presentations Add-On - access free HQ HD images for presentations. Mentimeter Tools Review - Still promoting kind of the same stuff... As tools become popular, they...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 41: EdTech Making Sense

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 41...EdTech Making Sense iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Stitcher Danelle unleashes the knowledge hounds while asking these questions. When does technology enhance instruction and truly impact learning? When is it just another thing taking us further away from our learning goals? Learning First, Technology SecondDr. Liz KolbTriple E FrameworkSAMR Model - Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything National Day of Unplugging sundown-to-sundown March 9-10 NEW Google...


BiblioTech Episode 3: Finding It All With MCAT

BiblioTech Podcast Episode 3...Finding It All With MCAT iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Stitcher After a long hiatus the BiblioTech Podcast has returned with Stephie Luyt at the helm. We talk MELCat, part of (Michigan eLibrary) that allows you to check out materials from over 400 libraries across the state which then get delivered to your local library (TADL). Stephie also brought in several of this years Caldecott Medal Winners for Children's Book Illustration. And the Winners...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 40: EdTech for the Littles

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 40...EdTech for the Little's iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Stitcher It's a special TechTool episode of the pod. Danelle references the Liz Kolb Book "Learning First, Technology Second" which uses the "Triple E" framework to help a teacher choose edtech which will be a value to student learning. Using the framework, Danelle picks several of her favorites to enhance instruction specifically for K-6 classrooms. SeesawMEL.orgGoogle ClassroomCommon Sense...


Baumann Certified Episode 3: Youtube Strikes Back

Baumann Certified Episode 3...Youtube Strikes Back iTunes SoundCloud Stitcher GooglePlay It was a dark time for Señor Baumann. Although the his family is all in good health, he's having to take Apple Cider Vinegar to drive back the pursuing germs. Evading the winter illness, Señor Baumann has established a pedagogy around the many uses of Youtube. Obsessed with finding new ways to engage his young students, he has dispatched docutube, flipgrid, google forms and edpuzzle with youtube videos...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 39: MITECS

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 39...MITECS iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Stitcher Special guest Brandi Reynolds, Director of TCAPS Technology, stops by to share the newly minted MITECS (Michigan Integrated Technology Competencies for Students). These competencies build supports for educators and provide on-ramps for including technology in your curriculum strategically using a handy checklist. The list closely resembles the ISTE standards we've reviewed in Episode 29 of the TCAPS Loop Weekly...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 38: Digital Parenting

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 38...Digital Parenting iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Parenting in the digital age is tricky and we could all use a little helpful advice. Danelle and Stephie have put together a slide show that they are presenting across the district that has some great tips to navigate the digital landscape with our children. All the information from today's show can be found at Other sites that were mentioned: Screenagers Tech Talk Tuesday...


the TechNollerGist Episode 2: Gamfication

the TechNollerGist Episode 2...Gamification iTunes Google Play SoundCloud The TechNollerGist is back and ready to have a good time! Gamification has been a term thrown around for awhile in education but @DavidNoller suggests moving past badges and leveling up to role-playing and using the family games we love as the sandbox in which to frame your lessons. David's Monopoly Game Chart: TEDtalks Game Playlist TEDed Lessons for the Gamification of Education TechNollerGist on Youtube...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 37: Create vs. Consume

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 37...Create vs. Consume iTunes Google Play SoundCloud We often fall back to the "Sit n' Git" model of education because it is what we grew up with. Danelle shares some strategies to move our students away from being solely consumers of content and towards being creators, makers and productive digital citizens. GoGuardian 2018 Benchmark Report: A Four Part Series The Art of Science and Teaching: Representing Knowledge Nonlinguistically Additional reading on...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 36: Failing to Fail

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 36...Failing to Fail iTunes Google Play SoundCloud "We are supposed to learn from our mistakes but how can we learn if we are not allowed to make them?" This weeks Pod takes on "Failure" and it's importance to helping our students learn and grow. Our systems are not structured to learn through failure and mistakes, trial and error, but a theoretically more efficient assembly line methodology. Danelle and I discuss why the old system may no longer be valid and...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 35: Tech Essentials

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 35...Tech Essentials iTunes Google Play SoundCloud Traverse City West Middle School will be featuring a new course next year that timely to say the least. Stephi and Danelle discuss the "Tech Essentials" course that will focus on giving our students the necessary skills and awareness to succeed in a digital world. This is not a keyboarding or programming class, but a class that discusses making the most of your smart tools and understanding how to take travel of...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 34: College Prep

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 34...College Prep iTunes Google Play SoundCloud We break in the new studio (closet with mics) with an important pod about making sure our kids have the fundamental skills to succeed in post-secondary education. Danelle and I are joined by Northwestern Michigan College Librarian, Ann Geht discussing necessary research skills for surviving that first year. This is a must listen for any parent, student or educator who knows someone that aspires to post-secondary...


Baumann Certified Episode 2: Return of FlipGrid

Baumann Certified Episode 2...Kids and Smartphones The long awaited Episode 2 of the Baumann Certified Podcast is in the books. The full Pod features Andy's take on "the Last Jedi", a review of the flipgrid app and a continuation of TCAPSLoop Weekly's discussion around Kids and Smartphones. Baumann Certified on Youtube! A monthly podcast hosted by Andy Baumann, Larry Burden and a cast of thousands spreading the good word regarding Traverse City Area Public Schools, Public Education and...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 33: Kids and Smartphones

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 33...Kids and Smartphones It's a big show this week as we tackle the current discussions around kids and digital device usage. We would love your feedback on this topic as opinion may vary on appropriate usage and practice. Danelle and I share our thoughts and a few strategies to help parents and teachers. Here are a few things to check out on the subject: We Need to Talk About Kids and Smartphones Large Shareholders Ask Apple To Help Wean Digital-Addicted...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 32: Resolutions

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 32...Resolutions What are you doing this New Years! Danelle and I share our 2018 New Years Resolutions including: Getting out into classrooms more often. I'm looking at you, Marie Willis, Amanda Engle, Ryan Schrock and the #TraverseHeights Launch Pad! Volunteering with local friend of the pod Norte - Check out this Big Traverse City Dig Out 9&10 News Story Sharing a Mindfulness practice at work (without being insufferable). See the Tech Tool of the Week for...

TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 31: Grade Wars

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 31...Grade Wars We are giving Danelle a well deserved show off from TCAPSLoop Weekly but fear not! The Force is strong with special guest, the #TechNollerGist, David Noller. High up in the West Senior High Auditorium light booth we discuss better ways to grade using Google Sheets add-on Doctopus and Goobric, as well as some less "Techie" strategies to give you more time to see, "Star Wars, the Last Jedi." David also shares some of his long running Star Wars takes....


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 30: Get Your SCECH

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 30...The Future of Tech Don't be like Danelle! And forget to make sure you have enough SCECH's when it's time to renew your Certification. She shares many great suggestions for filling up your SCECH requirements with some great PD offerings that are FREE and Online. Danelle also runs through some of the upcoming Edtech Conferences included this summer's WIREDTC. It's a SCECH Bonanza! Check on your SCECH and DPPD totals at the MOECS website: SCECH offerings: 4T...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 29: the Future of Tech

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 29...The Future of Tech What's new in Michigan #edtech? TCAPS Tech Director, Brandi Reynolds shares some updates on the Michigan Educational Technology Standards (METS). The METS are taking the lead from ISTE and are focusing more on implementation of ISTE and the networking of ideas. We also broke down every acronym used in Education...but it ended up on the cutting room floor. After 14 hours of recording we'd only got to the B's. TCAPSLoop Weekly on...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 28: STEM Gift Giving Guide

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 28...STEM Gift Giving Guide There are no snowflakes in the air yet but we are sporting the Glitter Beard for this festive TCAPSLoop pod. Stephie and Danelle share some great STEM related gift ideas. We don't sleep on the printed word either as Stephie helps you navigate the Children's Literature aisles with some great, age appropriate reading suggestions. Resources from today's podcast: Gifts Crazy BubblesOff BitsLittle Bits Droid InventorFat Brain...


TCAPSLoop Weekly Podcast Episode 27: Gratitude

TCAPSLoop Weekly Episode 27...Gratitude We step away from the usual format and topics to take time to share some Thanksgiving gratitude from our Traverse City Area Public Schools colleagues. Danelle and I would also like to thank all the readers and listeners of podcast and blog. We truly appreciate you getting in the "TCAPSLoop." TCAPSLoop Weekly on Youtube! The Eris Delta Desktop 3D Printer Check out the unboxing here: What's New in the Loop The TechNollerGist has a new tutorial to...


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