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"This is Home" with Jon Walthour

In this episode Jon Walthour, creator, producer, and host of the podcast TCK Tales, tells the story of moving from Nigeria to Ohio, and relates how his TCK experience has shaped the trajectory of his career path. In telling his story, Jon incorporates the humor inherent in living among worlds, the sadness that naturally accompanies loss, and the resilience exhibited by many a TCK. Particularly meaningful is Jon’s recounting of the discovering a sense of home. To learn more about Jon, click...


"Mother Care" with Susan Miller

Taking a detour from my regular schedule, the founder and president of Just Moved Ministry joins me for a Mother’s Day special to discuss one of the most important aspects of TCK care…TCK’s mothers. As Susan aptly mentions, the first step in caring for your children is caring for yourself. And so to honor the mothers of TCK’s everywhere Susan gives expert advice on recognizing the warning signs of burnout, offers steps to take to increase balance in life and maintain a positive outlook, and...


"Guiding the Grief" with Lauren Wells

Cultural Trainer and TCK Program Director of Culture Bound — an organization that specializes in providing language and culture training — and author of the blog TCK Training joins us in this week’s episode of TCK Care discussing the grieving process. Lauren discusses the value of setting an example in healthy grieving and gives specific strategies for processing grief both privately and publicly. Lauren is a skilled trainer whose work is influenced by both professional practice and personal...


"The Empty Space" with Omega Weisser

Omega spent much of her childhood with her siblings living continents apart. She joins us on the podcast to talk about her experience and share what it’s like to know your family from a distance. Omega shares the pain of living apart from loved ones as well as the hope that in time it gets easier to live with the empty space of their absence.


"Positive Repatriation" with Mary Larson

“You’re an American, but you don’t know how to be an American. And you are different but it doesn’t matter what culture you go to around the world, you’re different. But you seem to be able to handle that difference better than you handle the difference when you’re in the States.” In this episode Mary Larson talks about why repatriation and reentry is so hard for so many TCK’s and gives practical advice to parents and TCK care personnel for building up towards a positive repatriation...


"The Nature of Faith" with Gabe Meiers

“Ahora bien, la fe es la certeza de lo que se espera, la convicción de lo que no se ve.” (Hebreos 11:1). This week we hear the story of TCK, missionary, and pastor Gabe Meiers. Gabe shares his personal journey of faith and discusses the nature of faith and the importance of addressing existential questions with courage and honesty from a young age.


"Walls and Windows: Building Healthy Boundaries" with Luke Bostrom

Life requires balance. Boundaries are no exception. On the one extreme, unhealthy boundaries may mean that anyone has access to the deepest recesses of your soul and can cause irreparable harm. On the other hand, boundaries may be built so high and thick that no one is allowed into your life and you risk letting your heart grow cold. Joining me on the show is TCK educator Luke Bostrom. (Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash)


"Being Heard" with Hannah Mathews

“There is power in being heard” says Hannah Mathews, this week’s guest on TCK Care. Hannah shares how she has been able to poetically process her experience, and how art has brought TCK’s together in community on her website. To see more of Hannah’s art, as well as the amazing contributions of other TCK’s check out her website, To listen to the spoken word piece that Hannah shares in this episode, you can click this link. How have you processed your international...


"How to Tell a Story" with Donna Messenger

One of the questions I like to ask on the podcast is, “Where are you from?” It’s just good fun to let TCK’s grapple with that question, knowing that I completely understand what makes that question so hard. A backstory is so complex and layered that answering that question in particular can be incredibly difficult, even when you’ve done it for what feels like the millionth time. Today Donna Messenger is going to give simple, practical advice on how to tell your story so that people listen, a...

"Dorm Life" with Joo Hee Jung

What is it like to spend high school living in a dorm? Today we hear from a young lady who shares some of the ups and downs of dorm life and how her experience as a TCK has shaped her relationships with others, especially with her family. Whether you’re a TCK Care provider, you have TCK’s in your family, or you are a TCK, I hope this episode gives you more opportunity to share with the TCK community regarding this particular aspect of a somewhat common TCK experience.


"Harbor" with Michele Phoenix

Everybody needs people, and TCK’s are no exception. Growing up on the go can make this especially challenging as community tends to flux. TCK Care provider Michele Phoenix is actively supporting TCK’s and providing solutions to improve the quality of community available to TCK’s in transition. Listed below are links to resources mentioned in the podcast. is Michele’s website where you can find more information about the Harbor Project and sign up to be a harbor, or to...


"Taking Time in Transition" with Nat Becker

In this episode we hear the story of a young man who intentionally took extra time to work through a big adjustment in his life. Adjustments can be the source of a lot of stress, and the more adjustment that happens at the same time, the bigger the stress is likely to be. Moreover, people often place expectations upon themselves to handle life transitions and adjustments the same way as everybody else, which can be the recipe for disaster. Listen to the example of Nat, who did things...


"The Heart at the Heart of Ministry" with Bret Taylor

If you’re looking at getting into ministry as a family, or if you are already in ministry and have children, this episode is especially for you. Bret Taylor and I discuss what it means to do ministry in relationship with your children…paying attention to the heart at the heart of ministry. (Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash)


"The Life and Death of Friendships" with David Perhai

In this episode I speak with David Perhai, a TCK from the Ukraine, about the life and death of friendships for the TCK. As previously discussed on the podcast, TCK’s may experience more relational loss in the first 18 years of life than the average person does, ever. David speaks with authenticity and insight about what it’s like to make friends, experience family, and share life while growing up mobile and multicultural.


"What is a TCK?" with Michael Pollock

What is a TCK? 0:00 Introduction 10:45 The definition of a TCK 16:30 General ups and downs of being a TCK 19:35 Specific challenges 30:15 Benefits to being a TCK 41:00 Takeaways for parents of TCK’s 49:50 Book recommendation: Third Culture Kids 3rd Edition: Growing Up Among Worlds