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Wheres Neville? Jim The Wild Old Man Cornette | TEAMHEEL Podcast Episode 215

Episode 215 Steven is joined the returning Zach from TheDoubleZTV. Steven, and Zach gave their brief thoughts on WWE Hell in a Cell, thoughts on Neville walking out on RAW and his reasons behind it all. Jim Cornette vs Santino Marella continues after all these years. Thoughts on The Shield reuniting, Jimmy Jacobs being fired by WWE for taking a selfie with the Bullet Club, all of this and so much more. Enjoy.

Duration: 00:58:49


Episode 212 Walter, and Steven are joined by Levi, (AKA Thrashmaniac99) and Dave Sac. We kick off the show paying tribute in honoring the memory of WWE Hall of Famer Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. We also shared our memories of Bobby Heenan. We gave our WWE No Mercy 2017 predictions. Responding to the backlash of Jinder Mahal’s “Racist Promo” and how people are overreacting for no reason. WWE Bringing back Starrcade. Bound for Glory 2017 going to Canada, and GFW already over with? Thoughts on...

Duration: 01:47:37

All Over the Place & Mae Young | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.211

Chase, Walter, and Steven are back at it again and talked about numerous topics. Keep in mind we jumped around topics literally all over the place. We gave our thoughts on The Finale of The WWE Mae Young Classic, and how WWE dropped the ball. Some quick thoughts on Kevin Owens attacking Vince McMahon. Thoughts on The Global Wrestling Network, predictions on Canelo Alvarez vs Gennady Golovkin. This and so much more... enjoy.

Duration: 01:09:21

Pop Goes The Beach Ball | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep. 209

Episode 209 Steven, and Walter discuss WWE wanting to ban Beach Balls from all events moving forward. Some thoughts on the injury of Big Cass, and Enzo Amore going to 205 live. Thoughts on the random Smackdown Live debut of Bobby Roode. Asuka relinquishes NXT Women’s Title, and what it could mean for her arrival on the main roster. Rusev on his way out of WWE? Thoughts on Eli Drake winning the GFW World title, and the return of Taryn Terrell. Some fight predictions of Floyd Mayweather vs...

Duration: 01:14:17


Episode 208 Steven, and Walter recorded the episode at 3AM on Sunday literally hours after WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3. We were live from the apartment that we rented out in Brooklyn for Summerslam weekend. On this episode we reviewed and recapped everything that happened at WWE NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3. Including the big debut of Adam Cole, the faction formation of Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, and Kyle O'Reilly. Asuka retaining her NXT Women’s title. Also how the show as a whole surpassed...

Duration: 00:43:23

Enzo Amore vs. The Ugly Stripper | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.206

Episode 206 Walter, and Steven discuss the following- Brock Lesnar leaving WWE for UFC to Fight Jon Jones?- Thoughts on Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura at Summerslam- Enzo Amore is cheap and stingy at the strip club.- Eva Marie and WWE part ways and how geeks are celebrating it.- GFW Cancels a House Show.- All of this and so much more ENJOY!!!!

Duration: 01:12:08

Desperate Times Call For The Great Khali | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep. 205

Episode 205 Chase, Walter, and Steven get into the topics that follow[if !supportLists]-[endif]The continuation of how bad Battleground was[if !supportLists]-[endif]The Jinder Mahal Championship reign will never work[if !supportLists]-[endif]Update on The G1 Climax 27[if !supportLists]-[endif]Davey Richards leaves GFW to become a doctor[if !supportLists]- UFC 214 Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier talk all of this and so much more Enjoy!!!

Duration: 01:23:44

Kurt Angle is my Dad | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep. 204

Episode 204 Walter, and Steven discuss the following[if !supportLists]-[endif]The passing of Chester Bennington[if !supportLists]- Walter gives his thoughts on The MayMac World Tour[if !supportLists]- WWE BattleGround predictions[if !supportLists]-[endif]Jinder Mahal The WWE Back seat champion[if !supportLists]- Jason Jordan Kurt Angle is your Dad[if !supportLists]-[endif]Paige to be charged instead[if !supportLists]- Brock Lesnar back in the USADA Testing Pool... UFC Return?[if...

Duration: 01:17:45

Crazy Stupid Patron & Those Great Balls of Fire | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep. 202

Episode 202 we discuss the following- WWE Great Balls of Fire Predictions- GFW Slammiversary 2017 Review- Alberto Dumb Patron needing to shut upENJOY .... Perros LMAO

Duration: 01:33:22

The Ball Family Got the WWE Shook | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.201

Episode 201 Walter, and Steven give their thoughts on the whole LaMelo Ball WWE scandal, and how many people are over reacting for no reason. Some quick thoughts on GLOW, Cody Rhodes is the new ROH World champion, and how he can possibly make history if he also wins the IWGP world title. A quick look at IMPACT WRESTLING’s Slammiversary 2017 card. Dave Sac returns with another Unappreciated Special. Took some live calls and so much more.

Duration: 01:56:26

Who Wants Some #HEELSOUP ? | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.200

Finally 200 episodes!!!! On this episode we are joined by Anthony “Missionary” Thomas from Wrestling Soup. We reflect on the moments from previous episodes including the drunk episode from WrestleMania 32 weekend (Episode 140). Mauro Ranallo returns to WWE NXT, thoughts on the women’s money in the bank rematch coming up on Smackdown Live. Some thoughts on Big Cass heel turn. A Big return of The Unappreciated Segment from Dave Sac. Reby Hardy stoops a new low. Took some calls and so much...

Duration: 02:48:32


Episode 199 Steven, and Walter talk about the bi breaking news regarding Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor on August 26th, thoughts on Bray Wyatt, and wife filling for divorce, and how Jojo may be involved. Thoughts on the big rematch between Kenny Omega vs Kazuchika Okada from NJPW Dominion 2017. We give you our predictions for WWE Money in The Bank 2017. Impact Wrestling paying fans junk change to attend the TV tapings in India. All of this and so much more. This is our go home show to...

Duration: 01:03:01

"Can You Smell 200" | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.198

Episode 198 Walter, and Steven give thoughts on Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar at WWE Great Balls of Fire, and the segment between Samoa Joe and Paul Heyman. Quick thoughts on Austin Aries taking time off to recover from injuries. NXT already starting to plant the seeds for NXT Takeover Brooklyn 3. Thoughts on James Storm being inducted into the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame, all of this and so much more. Enjoy!!!

Duration: 00:53:35

"Not so Extreme Rules" | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.197

Episode 197 Steven, and Walter gives you their WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Predictions. A big announcement regarding TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.200 on June 23rd. Some thoughts on the announcement of the first ever women’s money in the bank ladder match. Reason to why Bayley’s main roster run so far is a fail. Ethering of YouTuber Trisha Paytas. All of this and more enjoy.

Duration: 01:26:57

"So Are You Feeling La Maharaja ?" | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.196

Episode 196 Conor, (OkayFabe) Chase, and Steven are all over the place. From roasting Sami Zayn, Finn Balor WWE Shop merchandise, to roasting Bayley WWE Main Roster run. Thoughts on Jinder Mahal WWE title run so far in week one. Quick thoughts on Impact Wrestling segment from this past week with Scott Steiner. More on the mayhem with Matt Hardy and family vs. Anthem. All of this and so much more enjoy.

Duration: 01:34:51

"DIVE into Backlash" | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.195

Episode 195 Walter and Steven Predict WWE NXT Takeover Chicago, and WWE Backlash 2017. Randy Orton takes a jab at independent wrestling and dives and the IWC goes Ape Shit. Some quick thoughts on ROH War of the Worlds 2017. Adam Cole being super kicked out of The Bullet Club, and being WWE bound real soon. Raw’s backup plan for number one contender for WWE Universal Championship. All of that and so much more. ENJOY!!!

Duration: 01:01:41

"You Got Questions We Got Answers"| TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.194

You all had questions so Walter, Conor, and Steven answered all of them. Episode 194 is our Q&A episode. We also gave some thoughts on Canelo Alvarez vs Chavez Jr fight that bombed and the announcement of Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin. Enjoy.

Duration: 01:23:05

"Oh Great Balls of Fire" | TEAMHEEL Podcast EP. 193

Episode 193 we give our thoughts on the horrendous WWE ppv name “Great Balls of Fire”. Quick review of WWE Payback. Some quick thoughts on the Sean Waltman scandal. Thoughts on Billy Corgan taking over NWA looking forward to what is to come of this in the upcoming year. Thoughts on Adam Cole Potentially being WWE bound sooner than later. Thoughts on Kazuchika Okada vs Kenny Omega 2 coming up at Dominion 2017, and so much more enjoy.

Duration: 01:04:49


Episode 192 is our WWE Payback 2017 predictions. Mauro Ranallo reaches settlement deal with WWE and claims it had nothing to do with JBL and how it makes Mauro look bad. Scott Steiner returns to Impact Wrestling. The Boom Period is over before it started Global Force Wrestling and Impact Wrestling merge to become one promotion. Took some live calls and so much more enjoy.

Duration: 01:29:00

"That was Some Superstar Shake up" | TEAMHEEL Podcast Ep.190

Episode 190 gives our thoughts on the WWE “Super Star Shake Up.” Our thoughts on the big United Scandal. Thoughts on the IWC obsession of Finn Balor, and Okada vs Shibata. We give some thoughts on the JBL bullying Mauro Ranallo Scandal, all this and so much more. Enjoy.

Duration: 01:11:10

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