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Triple Gem of the North is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study and practice of the teachings of the Buddha. Triple Gem sponsors meditation and Sutta study events, as well as meditation retreats. The teachings are given freely in the spirit of dana (selfless generosity). Those who wish may also practice dana by offering a donation so that the monks may continue their work. At the end of events and retreats, tax-deductible donations are also accepted for Triple Gem of the North. We are planning to build a retreat center where people can come to meditate for any period of time, supported by resident teachers of the dhamma. On a periodic basis, the center will sponsor meditation retreats lead by resident or visiting teachers. There will also be weekly meditation and Buddhist study classes. The center will operate on a dana basis there will be no charge to those who wish to practice. Donations received by Triple Gem of the North that exceed current operating expenses are set aside for the retreat center.



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